Paul Bearer’s Cause Of Death Revealed, Trish Stratus’ Hall Of Fame Inductor

– 2013 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee Trish Stratus recently appeared on MOS Radio, hosted by Chris Duke, Jamie Kennedy and Andrew Downs. When asked who she wants to induct her, she said, “Funnily enough, before I done this interview, I put a poll on my website, asking who would my fans like to see induct me into the Hall of Fame. Lita won with a landslide, I would say, I can’t disagree with that sentiment.”

– Paul Bearer’s son Michael Moody told that his father’s death certificate lists the cause of the heart attack as supraventricular tachycardia (SVT), which is a dangerously high heart rate. Moody said his father had been suffering from SVT symptoms (anxiety and heartburn) in the weeks leading up to his death.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Kris Mystery

    Headline is a bit misleading. I figured the story was going to tell us who was going to induct her… not who a poll suggested SHOULD induct her. That being said Lita would be a great choice.

    • Jeremy-County Roberts

      Who gives a fuck about Trish? The real story here is about Paul.

      • Seth Bob

        I know I don’t. She’s not actually HoF material, she’s just all they got to induct as far as females go because all of them are so terrible.

        • Craig DeBoard

          Let’s see, she’s won the WWE Women’s Championship multiple times, she’s managed tag team champions, she’s gone through tables, she’s been in matches with Jazz and Victoria (Tara in TNA) where she’s been busted open hard way….and yet she doesn’t deserve it…….but Owen Hart, a guy who never ever got past mid-card level, does simply because he died? Don’t get me wrong, I love Owen just as much as the next wrestling fan, but that’s just fucking dumb.

          • G.I.R.L.

            OFT. Replace Trish’s name with Macho Man or Owen and I can guarantee Mr. Roberts wouldn’t have written “The real story is about Paul”.

          • Seth Bob

            Again, all those accolades don’t impress me because that title got passed around to all the women because there aren’t enough of them. It doesn’t mean anything. So she’s taken hard bumps, that makes for HoF? Nope.

            Look around at my posts, I agree 100% on Owen Hart.

      • G.I.R.L.

        I don’t care for either. However, if you wanna get technical, it was already reported that Bearer died of “natural causes”, while we have yet to even receive one clue on who many of the HOF inductors will be. Don’t force what the “real” story is to you on someone who doesn’t share your sentiments.

      • G-man Krigbaum

        Man she is a hottie and a better wrestler/diva then u would ever be

    • Hitmaniac

      Welcome to SEScoops.

  • incaseoffireusestairs

    Well, I had assumed that it was (a heart attack.) It is sad no matter what the reason of the death would had been…but even sadder when it could had been prevented. But I’m not going to point fingers. A lot of people, including myself, just don’t go to the doctors as often, or even every time we SHOULD.


    I wonder if Punk, or the writers I should say, will add this some how to the story line. (and) mocking his heart attack…don’t see why they wouldn’t. It isn’t like they haven’t already done that.

    Again, I’m not offended by it…I just don’t think it is worth getting heat for, when there’s so many other ways a heel can get heat. (And) if they can’t, then maybe they aren’t that good at what they do…because OTHERS do CAN!

    • G.I.R.L.

      Punk is excellent at what he does. Orton did the same thing with Eddie’s death; it brings that unusual reality to a feud. WWE is doing a great job with the Punk/Taker angle.

  • IWCsucks2013

    Punk (on his own this time I assume) will do another heart attack angle most likely, like it not PG kiddies.

    “We want attitude era back”

    > Complain whenever anything Edgy happens.

    • Stranger

      Edgy and heartless aren’t the same thing. It’s sad how many people gave you a thumbs up without acknowledging this.

      • G.I.R.L.

        Life isn’t all flowers; after Eddie G. died, WWE had Orton do a work on his passing to fuel his feud with Rey. It’s not uncommon and it makes the match much more realistic. Now Taker has every right to not hold back. A heel is supposed to play the hated guy and Punk is doing a fantastic job.

        • Reality

          I agree. But his credibility to end the streak is lost in the process. Imo, last week’s segment was distasteful, yet well done. I would have prefered a more classic storyline, Punk in a quest for respect, claiming he’s God, gets an opportunity to immortality by Taker. It would have given Punk more credibility, and would have fit his actual gimmick a little better

        • Stranger

          There are other ways to act like the bad guy without exploiting someone who just recently passed away… by faking a heart attack on live television shortly afterwards. “Life isn’t all flowers” is true, but it has nothing to do with this. CM Punk and the WWE have the ability to control their actions, and they’re choosing to make real life deaths a part of their material. It is lazy and, in a way, sadistic.

          That’s why I mentioned that there’s a distinction between doing something edgy and taking advantage of someone’s death and using it for entertainment.

          • G.I.R.L.

            I felt it was entertaining, impromptu, and quick. It added realism to the story. Don’t agree with Punk’s segment? Great! More reason to root for the good guy in this, Taker; defending the legacy of his dear friend, Bearer.

            You’re correct that there are alternatives but none would’ve had the added touch of potentially touching home that the death of Bearer presented. The segment gave everyone watching an actual reason to want to see Taker come out on top; this is great, considering he may not come out on top which would make this feud even more interesting as he would not have been able to defend his friend’s name on the grandest stage while also ending his streak. Genius.

          • jim

            I’ve read some of his blogs and he is a real believer of the old kayfable, I thing he would have loved this angle


    Rest In Peace Paul Bearer *Undertaker voice*