Paul Heyman On CM Punk’s Possession Of The WWE Title, Elimination Chamber Predictions has exclusive quotes from Paul Heyman, who talks about CM Punk’s possession of the WWE Championship as well as some storyline-driven accusations that The Rock and Vince McMahon have conspired together to get the belt off Punk.

– WWE personality Ricardo Rodriguez turns 27 years old today. He was born on February 17, 1986.

– New Orleans’ Times-Picayune newspaper published a preview of tonight’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. The article predicts that Dolph Ziggler will leave tonight’s event with the World Heavyweight Championship and Chris Jericho will win the Elimination Chamber match, setting up a WrestleMania showdown between the two men.

– WWE has released the following footage of R-Truth’s recent promotional tour of Qatar:

Brad Davis

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  • Jeff

    UNDERTAKER IS BACKSTAGE AT EC AND HAS HAIR!! Looks to be a photoshoot)

  • 9 year old boy

    I’m looking forward to tonight’s EC ppv. Let’s go Cena!

  • EdwartF

    dont have your jimmies rustled if the shield gets fed to ryback, cena and sheamus

  • Prophetless

    Hopefully The Rock brings out the new title tonight. Long overdue.

  • FMXTP199

    Its obvious. Vince said if the champ gets disqualified he looses the title right? Well everyone keeps saying why would he do that to the Rock? He isn’t. CM Punk claims to still be WWE champ so that means if there is a DQ then CM Punk looses the title not the Rock. I feel like this will defiantly come into play tonight.

    • Smith

      No idiot. The stipulation is if Rock gets himself DQ’d or counted out he loses the title. Keyword, ROCK. They have made this very clear on tv.

  • Jaydon

    I hope Ziggler cashes in tonight. If not, i’m perfectly fine with him cashing in at Wrestlemania.