Paul Heyman Talks About Managing “The Best And The Beast”, Steaphanie McMahon & More

Paul Heyman recently spoke with to promote WrestleMania 29. Heyman said this year’s show has a special significance to him, since it’s taking place from the greater New York City area. “It means everything,” he said. “Who doesn’t want to perform in front of their hometown?”

The article refers to Heyman as a “brash genius” and “evil mastermind” – to phrases that seem like they were created to describe the man aligned with CM Punk and Brock Lesnar.  “I work with my best friends,” he said. “I like to call them the best and the beast.”

Regarding CM Punk’s match against The Undertaker and what kind of pressure Punk must be feeling headed into the match, Heyman said, “The pressure is not on CM Punk to defeat the streak. It’s on Undertaker to keep the streak.”

As for Brock Lesnar, Heyman describes him as a “once in a lifetime athlete.” With Triple H’s career on the line, he says that Brock Lesnar has a distinct advantage in this contest. “Not only is the New York area my turf, but this type of match is OUR turf.”

Both CM Punk and Brock Lesnar have made their WrestleMania feuds downright personal – with Lesnar [physically] attacking Triple H’s friends and family and CM Punk dishonoring the memory of Paul Bearer since his passing. Heyman says that his clients getting personal is lets the fans know exactly how serious these issues are. “There’s nothing people can relate to more than personal issues,” Heyman said. “Who can’t relate to standing up and fighting for your family?”

Heyman is excited to be ringside for both matches – but he’s hoping that he won’t have to see Stephanie McMahon at the show.  “I wish Stephanie would stay at home and watch the Pay-Per-View on TV,” Heyman said. Stephanie’s hand is no stranger to Heyman’s face – and he admitted, “When she hits me, it hurts.”

The article also talks about WWE helping with Hurricane Sandy relief and the terrible impact the storm had on the New York / New Jersey area last year.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • HHHmytime

    You, sir, are a genius!!! ’nuff said!

    Also, to an extent, what he says about Punk is true.. He is on a roll of great matches, and I guess there will be some pressure on the other guy about the high standards expected from a CM Punk match!

  • Seachai Chan

    I’m not ordering Wrestlemania this year until I see some fresh changes for the show. It will be a waste of my money if I have to see Cena win again this year and stay face afterwards.

    • valo

      yeah because cena won last year? and im not a fan of his…at all…

      • Seachai Chan

        The last eight years, all we have seen is cena win WWE title matches and then cut promos like he’s the good guy and then defends the crowd. We’ve seen enough of that already, it’s time Vince McMahon moves on with his life and stop living in the Hogan and 80s.

  • Misread

    I read that as: ‘The Best and The Beast’ Stephanie McMahon…

    • ozzie

      Do you mean, ”

    • Misread

      And I’ve just realised that they’re probably 2 of those generic commentary names on the WWE games…

    • Big Johnny

      You’re the breast Stephanie, eh eh eh I mean best.

  • raVen

    if there’s no follow up on Heyman?Punk/Lesnar/Sheild after mania i’m out..
    just once I want an answer to a ? in a wrestling show

  • cm2012

    The Best, the Beast, and the Breast