Paul Heyman To Undergo “Performance Review” On RAW By Vince McMahon

– Paul Heyman will undergo a “performance review” on tonight’s WWE RAW, conducted by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. has published a video of Vince talking about what’s in store for Heyman on RAW from Las Vegas. also has a video up featuring Paul Heyman’s reaction to CM Punk’s WWE title loss and the news that Vince McMahon will be evaluating (and possibly firing) him on RAW.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • ATLien

    NOOOOOO. Don’t fire the Walrus with twinkie tits!

  • Name Goes Here

    Looks like Punk’s on his own now… until Lesnar’s return.

    • Ramalama

      I think his return is very, very soon.


    heyman will rehire lesnar to take out vince mcmahon and vince will hire primo and it will be primo vs lesnar wrestlemania 29 last man standing, are your jimmies rustled ?

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    If i had a dollar for every performance review I watched on raw over the years.

    • Progress_Now

      years… wouldn’t need to keep changing your avatar like a hooker ad on Craigslist lol

  • SOBI

    Yay MR.VINMAN will get the Crap beat out of him By the Shield.

  • Pozessed

    Maybe a Nexus type invasion? Punk, Lesnar, Ambrose, Rollins, Reigns and Maddox all managed by Paul Heyman?

    • Not a cop

      omg <3

    • Adam Michael

      Too good to be true :(

    • Steve James

      Then Heyman and Lesnar eventully turn on them all, culminating in a handicap match between Lesnar and Punk/Ambrose/Reigns/Maddox. Which Lesnar would win, of course… Then Reigns would finally tire of working for the Shield, and he’d turn on them, too, and then go on to be a huge main-eventer. But luckily, Punk, Maddox, Ambrose, and Rollins stay a group, so they can help each other lift up the big guys for those powerbombs. That’s fuckin’ teamwork.

  • Aiii

    If Heyman is working for Punk/Lesnar, exactly how does Vince McMahon get to do a performance review on the guy?

    • Ramalama

      You make a good point.

    • rowdysk316

      Wondering the same thing. Logic means nothing to the kiddies, who compose the entire audience of WWE. Note: last part of that sentence was sarcasm.

    • Really?91

      WWE Logic

  • Progress_Now

    eh evaluate what? Heyman is just a manager, he ain’t in power. I think they’re using it as an excuse to re-introduce Lesnar. he’s about to be fired, Lesnar’s music hits, he gets in Vince’s face, then Motorhead music hits, HHH comes out and here we go again

    • Ramalama

      I hate that you’re right.

      • Progress_Now

        me too, I don’t wanna see HHH/Lesnar 2 either, first one was boring

  • Reality

    If you fire Heyman I’m gonna rape you in the mouth! I’m gonna f*****g rape you in your f*****g mouth!

    (chill out it’s from South Park)

  • Adam Michael

    Why does a manager need a performance review?
    He is the manager of the longest reigning champion in 25 years…. that isn’t the grounds of being fired, he should be fucking promoted!

  • Nelson Carvalho

    performance review on heyman.hmmmm
    what about wwe’s creative staff?!


    Cm punk will cut a promoshoot again!!!!!

  • Grey Avatar

    Vince should give himself a performance review, based on the garbage his company’s been putting out for years.