Paul Roma Compares CM Punk To The Honky Tonk Man & Talks About Being A Horseman

“Glorious” on hosted by James Guttman and former Four Horsemen member Paul Roma returned this past week. Here are some highlights from Roma:

CM Punk: “He looks like somebody who was dragged out of the tattoo parlor – kicks his feet up and is just chain-smoking cigarettes. Not somebody that you want your son to look like.

“But, at the end of the day, you have to look at him and look at Honky Tonk Man. Honky Tonk was a guy who had no body, but had a great gimmick and people wanted to see him get beat. So when he went out there and beat all these ex-champions and champions-to-be like Tito Santana, people were saying, ‘How can that be? How can he beating Tito? How can he be beating this guy? How can he be beating that guy?’ And that’s what had you coming back. Again, it’s like Mike Tyson. You don’t have to like him, but you’re going to watch to see him get beat. If you do like him, you’re gonna watch to see him not get beat.

“And that’s the same thing with CM Punk. You said it. He doesn’t have a physique. He’ s just that less-than-average guy as far as physically looking at him and he goes out there and wins, wins, wins. And it drives the average Joe out in the audience, that looks like him, to say, ‘Oh, I can do that, man. CM Punk is doing it and he looks like s–t. I can do it.’ The other people out there, who are jacked and in better shape physically, are saying, ‘When’s this guy gonna get beat?’ That’s the philosophy that Vince is using with this dude.”

Being a Horsemen member: “I had friends – close friends – who said to me, ‘Don’t you understand? You’re a Horseman.’ I said, ‘Yeah. I got it, dude. I’m a Horseman.’ (They’d reply), ‘Oh dude! It’s an honor! Don’t you understand? There’s only been like a few people and blah, blah, blah.’ And I’m like, ‘Okay. Alright. I get it. I’m a Horseman. Big f–king deal. It’s not real. What are you not understanding? It’s not real.’ Take Brock Lesnar. He goes into the UFC. That’s real – as far as I know. That’s real. Those guys are fighting. He is controlling, for the most part, his own destiny. You go out there and get your a– kicked – not good. You go out there and win – that’s good. Wrestling’s not real. You go out there and they tell you if you’re gonna win or lose.”

Honey Boo Boo: “You’re telling the rest of the world that it’s okay to raise an ignorant child. An obese child. And your mother can be an absolute ignorant asshole. And this what you’re putting on TV because you’re trying to get ratings. Well, keep giving them money. They’ll keep jumping in pools of mud and keep feeding their daughter Twinkies till she explodes and keep her uneducated. Because, at the end of the day, you give them 20 bucks and they’ll do whatever you ask them to do. It’s 20 bucks more than they had and it’s really sad to see that that’s what everything’s turning into.”

* PICTURE of CM PUNK & AL BUNDY Training Jiu-Jitsu – YES! YES!

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • ImAPaulHeymanGuy

    honey boo boo mother feeds her twinkies?

  • DAX

    WHO is this guy? No really tell me cuz i dont know.

  • Dick Chipperson

    I see Paul “Moon Face” Roma is still talkin’ shit. Worst horseman ever!

  • Just FYI

    Paul Roma wasn’t much of anybody in the business, and was a footnote in Four horsemen history but he says the truth about Punk.

  • Peer Pressure

    “CM Punk is doing it and he looks like s–t.” LOL! This guy speaks the truth.

    By the way, who is he?

  • cm drunk

    okay Paul Roma,what do you have to say about punks mic skills?

    • currygoi

      or wrestling skills!

  • currygoi

    i kinda liked power and glory, by the way

    • aweCM1

      Am I the only one who found it odd he had the word “GLORY” written on his ass?

  • Junaid Bokhari

    What the hell did i just read?

  • ItsProgressNow

    Twinkies went outta business lol, Angry Grandpa was cryin about it, so what’s this one goin on about?

  • Lord Spliffmeister

    Why do ppl talk shit bout how Punk looks or how he dresses on some gay shit.If u watch his DVD u know he was & always will look like that.Money didn’t change this man he’s still the same kid that grew up in Chicago,he just happens 2 be at the top right now.

  • Johrdann Miller

    not one person on this fucking planet gives a fuck what that cunt thinks..

  • fan

    People who dont know Roma haven’t been watching wrestling a long time or are not serious fans. He is dead on about evertything he mentioned especailly honey boo boo!!


    if i can be serious here for a minute.. this guy is crazy. just because punk is the best in the world and the longest reigning wwe champion of the modern era with a less than attractive physique this guy goes nuts. People cheer punk even when he is heel what does that tell you ? Best talker, wrestler and technician in the wwe although i’d like him to start winning cleanly
    Forget the doyoueven tag this shit is serious

  • fireworks Ts

    Finally someone from the past not sucking Punk’s dick. Scrawny , sickly , weak CM Punk title reign has lasted too long. Like Roma said only social outcast like most of you losers who probably comment on here everyday and look @ Punk like a hero cause you think he and you are one in the same… hopes and prays he always keeps the title. Lmao , funny WWE still doesn’t give two shits about him that why dropping the title to a REAL legit superstar… #timesup

    • Mr Idol

      Punk has held onto the WWE title for over a year, but yes they “don’t give two shits” about him. Talking out of your ass must be your strong point. The Rock was a legit star but since he’s only a part timer, not so much anymore. Hey at least we know Punk can out wrestle Rock at any given time.

      • fireworks Ts

        ” Punk’s held the title for over a year ” who the fuck is there ? With a weak talent pool its not hard for the brownest turd to be seen… listen Punk-bitch , Punk’s wrestling skills are soooooo overrated , the last decent match he had was against Daniel Bryan , that Ryback TLC match was ass and you know it. Somebody’s mad cause I don’t drink your nerdy idol’s kool aid. Name a memorable punk promo that didn’t envolve him doing a shoot… go ahead I’m waiting. Punk got destroyed on the mic by Triple H , jericho and even Cena. Do yourself a favor nutsack , get a girlfriend(probably fat cause you suck) get a job that’s above minimum wage and miss a Monday night RAW once in a while.

        • Mr Idol

          WWE has had a weak talent pool for years so don’t even try and use that as an excuse. Wake up, moron, Punk is a very good wrestler and he’s proven that countless amount of times. You’re the type who thinks WWE puts on grade A quality matches, get real. Check out Punks matches from his days in ROH and tell me he isn’t a good wrestler. Samoa Joe vs Punk, Austin Aries vs Punk, do your homework and then come back and try and hold your own in a debate.

          By the way, that Ryback match was ass because of Ryback. He has yet to put on a decent 1 on 1 match and his promos put me to sleep. If you want to cream your pants when he yells “feed me more” go right ahead. Jericho and Punk both held their own during their feuds and Triple H didn’t destroy anyone. Cena? LOL! The last guy Cena destroyed on the mic was the Rock but you’ll probably disagree with that since you’re most likely a Rock fan who swings from his nuts. Face it, you’re just a hater and will spew bullshit “facts” to make yourself sound knowledgeable.

      • really need to

        Wtf does Rock gotta do with this comment; hop off his dick

    • Stoops Nic

      Amazing assessment genius. SO by that logic you sit at home and jerk it to a bunch of muscle bound steroid freaks that have zero personality and no in ring ability. That “scrawny, sickly and week man” could knock you stupid. Nice blanket insult about how anyone that likes Punk is a “social outcast” and a “loser.” I sure you stay up late thinking of those zingers.

      • fireworks Ts

        Wow your sure told me , I’ll never use my computer to comment on this board again… Punk-bitch , seems like I struck a nerve… high school wasn’t nice to ya ? Only pals are people who comment on SEScoops ? The world doesn’t understand ya ? Go cry somewhere misfit. How do you know Punk would kick my ass ? I’m 6’2 , 215lbs and I do crossfit everyday… Punk looks like he’s going kill over anyday now.

        • Stoops Nic

          6’2″, 215? Pretty much the same size as punk. And crossfit? Don’t make me laugh. If you want to sound tough at least say you are training in MMA or something. You’re right. I don’t know that Punk could take you in a fight but his martial arts training is a lot more impressive than crossfit. And no you didn’t strike a nerve. High School was very nice to me. Not a nerd or small frail man. Also not a fat bum that lives in his mothers basement. I just like to argue with people on here. Not mad atcha for your opinion. I understand your point.

          • Steve James

            Punk’s martial arts training is “impressive?” Are we talking about the shitty extension he displays on most of his kicks, or the wobbly, off-balance, arm-flailing delivery he demonstrates? Nevermind, I’m sure he just has an inner-ear disorder of something. OR maybe [insert random IWC/Punk justification here]

          • Stoops Nic

            Said it’s more impressive than crossfit. He trains with with the Gracie’s so clearly he knows a little something.

          • Steve James

            Yeah, but then again, so does Al “Four Touchdowns in a Single Game” Bundy.

      • BigManonCampus

        You think Phil Brooks cares about you defending him to some anonymous joe? Give me a break.. He doesn’t even give a shit about people talking shit on him. He’s too busy makin that paper and getting laid. Instead of fighting online like some geek loser with some random Joe, why don’t you ignore it like a normal person would. Defending a dude you don’t even know personally.. .lmao as if Phil was your best friend, a brother, or a cousin… I could give two shits who talks trash about him… he HIMSELF doesn’t care, so why should you? Knight in shining armor for some dude he doesn’t know.. Shit.. why don’t you just swing on his junk while you’re at it and kiss him right on his ass. I don’t like asskissing men like you man.. you disgust me. If you want to reply back, save it dude… I dont revisit pages.

        • Stoops Nic

          Says the guy that refers to him by his name like he’s your friend. I’m just having fun dude. I wasn’t actually defending Punk either. I don’t get upset about post that I don’t agree with. I like to argue with people. If you don’t care why are you even reading any of these posts? Don’t come off as some high class cat when you are just like the rest of us on here, reading articles and posting rants in response to others. But since you don’t revisit pages I’m sure you;ll never see this. Peace Coolest Dude alive.

  • TheKillingMoon

    Paul Roma. One of the horses’s shit alongside Mongo McMichael. Useless no talent hacked turds. A skidmark to the Horsemen’s legacy.

  • Steve James

    Man, Roma called THAT one. It does piss some people off that a skinny, greasy little dickbag is the Champion of anything more than an Arby’s bathroom. And then there are those who see Punk with angel’s wings and a god-like physique, who marvel and drool when he drops his “pipe bombs,” who will get all indignant and red-faced at Roma for having the nerve to speak the truth about their indie darling.

  • Stoops Nic

    Why is anyone interviewing this guy. Listening to him spew about the business with his so called knowledge is pointless. He’s not 1/8 the wrestler/entertainer that Punk is.

  • Rich

    CM Punk is fresh. He’s not cookie-cutter and that’s what is great about
    him. I mean it was nice for WWE to finally get behind someone who didn’t
    fit their idea of THE champion of their flagship show. He wasn’t a kid
    who just had the natural look or physique to be a HUGE star but his
    in-ring work ability and his promos are different and that’s what got
    him to where he is now. When he has a decent opponent and he’s not
    trying so hard to put himself over as a heel (by cheating), he has the
    most unique matches we have seen in quite sometimes. Now the Rock is
    gonna win on Sunday and I really think it’s complete BS seeing as though
    he’ll probably drop it to Cena at Wrestlemania in the Once in a
    Lifetime match part II and again we’ll have another Wrestlemania moment
    with Cena as the Champ AGAIN(like that hasn’t been overplayed). But I
    think Punk has made himself into a star without any real help from
    anyone and that makes him a self-made man and that you have to respect.