Photo: Jimmy Uso & Naomi Married

WWE stars Jimmy Uso and Naomi were married on Thursday. Footage of the wedding was taped for Total Divas. Congratulations to them!

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  • Walter White

    Congrats 2 Jimmy.She’s got 1 fine ass she does. XD

  • G.I.R.L.

    Them divas aspire to be married, don’t they; it’s as if they get in the biz exclusively in pursuit of a mate these days.

    Congrats to the newlyweds; season two of Total Divas will feature this and season 3 will feature Bri’s. Ugh too many weddings.

  • raVen

    poor Jimmy.

  • GodsLoyalSon

    I only wish them happiness and the best, great to see them get it done. Bryan and Bries wedding will no doubt be the center of season 2 though

  • Chris Welch

    congrats to jimmy and naomi

  • Buzzard Follower

    congrats to them

  • Marvin B.

    *falls on knees* whyyyyyy

  • Peer Pressure

    Good for them. They’re gonna have some pretty babies.

  • 10YearOldBoy

    “HAY YO” congrats.

  • Taiana Aubrey

    YESSSSS!!! I LOVE them as a couple :D Jimmy is so fine!!!

  • captaindaddy72

    Congrats to both parties they seem like they truly love each other, and nothing then true love finding each other and getting married lol

  • Vin

    He better keep her away from Batista..and defend their union if he tries to f#ck it up. Because Batista don’t give a sh#t, he’s done that before. Don’t end up a pu##y like John Morrison, handing her over like Morrison did Melina.

    • Matt Gallagher

      They’re still dating

  • niggerkiller

    a chimp and a baboon tie the knot, who cares?

    • G.I.R.L.

      I get four downvotes for being honest and this d!ck gets nothing? For shame, Sescoops.

    • Marvin B.

      You need a snickers dude

  • Aperture

    Those two are gonna have some athletic babies…

  • FabsTooth

    Dang, she could have done SOOOO much better. Atleast Cameron stopped messing with that Vinnie guy for Ray J.

  • Noach

    Wonder if she gave him the rear view on the honeymoon?