Photos: Seth Rollins’ New Ring Gear

Former Shield member Seth Rollins finally unveiled his new ring gear at Tuesday night’s WWE SmackDown tapings from Columbus, Ohio

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Oliver_Twisted

    Terrible. Is he a Power Ranger?

  • Cena Swallows

    Jesus Christ creative ! “Hey guys he needs new ring attire , I got it let’s get his current gear and wrap it in leather!” ….. It’s starting to get sad …

  • Undertaker316
    • Jay Strongbow

      Exactly right on the dot! Exactly.

    • essinodub


    • SeptimusHeap

      He looked like he stole Ryu Hayabusa’s ninja gear and dropped the mask and scarf

      • SeptimusHeap

        Here’s a pic.

        • raVen

          alright it’s instantly 30x cooler looking to me now.

      • Jus Sayin

        So True! lol I guess it’s only fitting since Seth is ninja like.

  • Issac Leunamme

    good lord this is just plain disaster

  • Tazz

    OMG worst attire ever…I mean look at Ambrose…simple. This looks like his shield attire but with spandex

  • JA_Media

    I kinda dig the new gear. I hope Ambrose sticks with the blue jeans

    • QuiteFrankly2k

      Just me or when people wear jeans they just look bigger and well built. compared to when they don’t.

      • I’ve Lost My Smile

        is that why cena has the dreaded Jorts still?

        • QuiteFrankly2k

          Cena is jacked for real tho. Ambrose looked alot bigger than usual on monday haha

          • I’ve Lost My Smile

            true, and i think we have to get used to them in different gear they have been in the shield gear for what 2 years now?

          • QuiteFrankly2k

            Yeah, gotta agree. It also looked a bit uncomfortable if you ask me man. To much going on the jackets..

        • The_Red_Singlet


    • Israel Collazo Jr.

      well what if ambrose keeps that as his ring gear the whole jeans black tank top thing I say that looks way better as a wrestling gear , well actually it depends on who it is c,… that can actually pull it off every week and each Raw and smackdown or where ever they at….

      you know :)

  • Issac Leunamme

    Seth has a black sweat shirt (long sleeve) attire beneath his shield gear, I remember him wearing those a couple or three times at RAW, they should have been used that.

  • Tazz

    Looks like he is auditioning to be in the new xmen movie. Add a X to it, he’ll look the part

  • Oni

    Snake Plissken?

  • Tazz

    If they had removed the top part, added some logos to the tights. It would like fine. But the fact that he is wearing a leather too is just bad

  • GodsLoyalSon

    Sometimes WWE does good with ring attire and sometimes they do something really questionable. This is one of those times

  • Brandon Randhawa

    I don’t understand why they couldn’t have done something like nxt.

  • PkmnChmp5

    He reminds me of Kamen Rider Ryuki Blank Form:

  • lowrider9398

    he looks like a dominatrix!

  • Co-Sign Ass Nigga

    no disrespect but this looks very homosexual

  • raVen

    Seth left shield to join the x-men

  • Louis Salera


  • Paul Kersey

    All he needs is a leather hat and he could be one of the Village People.

  • I’ve Lost My Smile

    What was wrong with this? (pic)

    • Ice

      He looked like CM Punk’s Twin when CM Punk had long hair.

      • I’ve Lost My Smile

        Jeff + Punk = Seth (pic)

        • Jose Mourinho

          Thanks for writing (pic)

        • satishwarne708

          but he’s better

    • TheLovableHuggableIndian

      Nothing at all. That actually looks really cool to me. Maybe it will look better when I see him in motion on Friday. Maybe.

      • I’ve Lost My Smile

        yeah I am hoping the same.

    • IKeepsit100

      It’s underwear…do you enjoy watching guys in underwear? i’d prefer not…i never agree’d with the underwear scene. If i were wrestling, i’d wear tights or shorts.

      • I’ve Lost My Smile

        I would guess that 95% of wrestlers wear “underwear” if you don’t ignore that they are basically in tighty whiteys then shouldn’t have ever started watching wrestling

      • heterosexual

        i do, ty for asking

      • Progressed_Now

        depends who it is ;)

        Bo Dallas makes me throw up in my mouth. he is HIDEOUS. Cody…..erm, Stardust on the other hand………*ahem*

        • Orestis


      • Your Future Baby’s Daddy

        Considering that more half of the wrestlers you really have a choice? On another from the beginning of time wrestlers wore underwear

      • Adam-Michael

        Do you enjoy watching guys in underwear?
        what a complete moron you are, along with the people who thumbed up your rediculous comment. IT IS WRESTLING the trunk look is the most traditional and overall best look. ALL the best wore the trunks. Hogan, MachoMan, Warrior. Stone Cold. Rock. Triple H. do you really think them in long tights would of looked half as good? NO. so shut up with such stupid homophobic-like comments.

        • Daniel Christopher Murphy

          actually macho man hulk hogan and hhh have all worn long tights before

          • Michael Carter

            Actually, Steve Austin AND Warrior too!

        • RCW E-FED

          Its really not that serious in my opinion.. It’s just the wrestling attire that you chose, If I were a wrestler I would wear tights or a singlet

        • Ouch

          In what way is that homophobic? He said he doesn’t like watching guys in underwear, I don’t think many people do, gay or straight.
          Wrestling tights are underwear, its like bikini’s being bra and panties, its basically the same thing but with a different material.

      • NewAgeOutlaw

        It depends on the person, I don’t like Matt Hardy in tights or trunks, the undertaker when he was Mean Mark Calloway wore trunks and it wasn’t a good look, John Cena looked better in short tights before wearing jorts, and Hogan looked better in trunks than tights.

    • Buzzard Follower

      looks to much like Justin Gabriel

      • Your Future Baby’s Daddy

        except Justin Gabriel’s isn’t leather or as tight and his is motorcross base….a lot cooler

        • Buzzard Follower

          just to be clear you know im talking about the pick posted by i lost my smile right

          • Your Future Baby’s Daddy

            oh my bad….lol

          • Your Future Baby’s Daddy

            Well Gabriel don’t even appear on the main roster anymore

    • satishwarne708

      nothing at all,he’ll eventually get back there

    • Stephen

      That incarnation of Rollins doesn’t exist in WWE, only in NXT.
      They likely don’t want to change his style too much at once. It needs to be gradual.

  • Matt Gallagher

    I actually dig this

  • insomniacreviewer

    Get Rollins a new uniform, he looks like a gay power ranger.

    • I’ve Lost My Smile

      eddie murphy disagrees with you (pic)

      • insomniacreviewer

        Eddie Murphy is a great comedian and actor but yeah he looks gay there.

  • David Stephenson

    Seth Rollins’ new ring gear looks almost like the X-Men uniforms from the movies with the sleeves cut off.

  • The_Red_Singlet

    It’s not that bad.

  • Triple God

    Please Triple H bury this kid.

  • Marshall Mathers

    looks ok

  • Celtic Bird

    Look at him……… LOOK AT HIM!

    • LethalDrifter

      Am I the only one who got the Vince reference?

      • Celtic Bird

        THANK YOU!

  • Donny Octave

    I look at the comments and all I see is complaining … Get over it, at least he’s not pulling a Damien Sandow, coming out in a new attire every week. Hell, i think this attire suits him fine, but come around by Wrestlemania 31, and he’ll probably have an upgrade for you guys to complain some more about!

    • I’ve Lost My Smile

      I didn’t like it at first until i saw a pic of Snake Plissken Escape from LA and it’s growing on me now but I still think I need to see it in action to judge better stills don’t show everything

  • guest

    looks sweet

  • LethalDrifter

    Why couldn’t he just wear elbow and knee pads with the trunks he had in NXT? Just keep it simple, come out to “Flesh it Out.”

  • I’ve Lost My Smile

    Seth channeling his inner Snake Plissken (pic)

  • TheLovableHuggableIndian

    Could be a hell of a lot better but I won’t hate. Looks decent in the pictures in the ring. I think Seth will find a way to make this look cool. No doubt.

  • Your Future Baby’s Daddy

    They’re ruining everyone involved with the shield itself for Roman….First Rollins turns on the Shield, gets horrible music then Dean has new theme music with no explanation and he’s wrestling in jeans and a tank top (mind as well join the Wyatts)……..Roman keeps everything from the Shield (pretty much) and gets into the championship ladder match at money in the bank…….Now Rollins get some incredibility bad ring gear…What’s next?

  • I’ve Lost My Smile

    another pic (from winc)

  • Ricky

    His ring gear looks gay as hell

    • I’ve Lost My Smile

      umm is this a complaint post about his ring gear? but you hate that people complain about stuff – you confuse me Ice

  • pvvnez

    God get a life people you complain about…everything I hate the internet.

    • Your Future Baby’s Daddy

      so why are you on/using it?

    • I’ve Lost My Smile

      are you complaining about people on the internet, about the internet?

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      A guy trolling someone else’s username talking about others getting a life. How ironic.

  • Your Future Baby’s Daddy

    I just don’t see this attire translating him into a “Mainevent Playa”……..It looks something like a midcard face would wear….someone like Glacier….but I want more from Rollins….I hope they don’t forget about Dean and Seth just for Reigns

    • memoryman00

      I know what you mean but they said the same about SCSA and his all black gear. He did alright out of that lol

      • Your Future Baby’s Daddy

        everyone wears black wrestling trunks though

  • Boogie Nights

    Look at all the crybabies upset cause Seth ain’t wrestling in a speedo so you can see his bulge. His attire suits him fine, he stands out and doesn’t look generic

  • partci

    Out of The Shield and into the X-Men.

  • B. T.

    so he’s a pirate now? Someone call Paul Burchill

  • David Coates

    I’m not normally the type to defend when people sh*t on something incredibly early on, but DAMN it isn’t that bad. They could have done way worse.

  • Buzzard Follower

    im sure women like my sister will appreciate the seth going shirtless but his ring gear aint that much different than his shield gear still though as long as he puts on great matches i dont care what he wears

  • torrwatt

    It looks like the wardrobe department got it from the nearest Adult Store… in the Wolverine fantasies section.

  • Orestis

    Looks like a super hero.Idk it looks badass imo.

  • Kirsty Bailey

    Not keen on the silver bits and the fake armour/muscle is a bit Shield reminiscent…. guess we’ll get used to it, may just take a while!

  • Key

    It’s leather boy !!!!

  • satishwarne708

    He looks cool kinda like those vigilante on the Arrow show.

  • RadicalRhys

    I’m gonna be the dime in the dozen here, but I actually like it?

  • omega riddler

    ditch the tip, we might have something to salvage

  • rapp122000

    I don’t know why seth mad …He know where he got that shirt from and it damn sure wasn’t from the mens department

  • ohfugg

    it looks fine. NBD.

  • RyanStewart2007

    calm down peeps. there still working on it

  • Hershey Maxwell Barber

    Looks like a gay version of the Shield.

  • Tazz

    I found out the top is removed before the match. They could’ve still do without it. Give him cool designs on the tights and he would’ve been fine not some super hero reject. Im serious, add a cape and some logo on the chest and it would be a super hero costume

  • ibeBrave

    My question is what will Ambrose wear?

  • brad

    I honestly don’t care for it, I thought htg one he wore on raw was better.

  • Jessica416

    He looks hot

  • Real Talk

    I don’t know how to feel about this….Like if I was a kid i’d be like “wow he looks cool like a superhero ninja” but as a grown a** man im like “The F***?”

  • Varsha

    I’m really glad he didn’t choose trunks as his outfits. But this!?!! It’s okay, but shiny is not cool. :| PS: I am a huge Seth Rollins fan.

  • bird in the rafters

    He’s Seth not the punisher, the batman, & the basham’s lost brother.

  • Big Daddy Kane

    Cool gear for rollins

  • Bill Visnosky

    This gear looks an aweful lot like sami callihan’s(Solomon Crowe’s) hacker gimmick gear