Photo: TNA Live Event From A (Half Empty) High School Gym

Check out this photo from Friday night’s TNA live event from Bristol, Tennessee (Results). The ring announcer and the referee in the ring indicate that this is not one of those ‘photos taken before the show actually began.’


Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Mr 561

    As mother would say …

  • GN-0015

    Some ignorant TNA fan “it’s actually an indy show with the Impact Wrestling logos being Photoshopped!!”

  • Jj Vaness

    This looks like the arena pre-dark match. Take a picture of the main event and then show me how many people are there.

    • Mr 561

      Yes, this does ‘look like’ that…

    • Nicolai

      Even if it were PACKED, it’s a high school gym! Who cares if they sell out, so does the science fair.

      • Michael Carter

        Does Bristol, Tn even have a proper Arena? That’s probably the town’s entire population right there in that photo.

    • LaParkaXV

      Ya know i think this is all Vince McMahon’s doing….It’s a conspiracy i tells ya!

    • Timothy Billups

      While you make a valid point, it is still a High School Gymnasium, packed or not, those hold what, 300-500 people in them?

    • maverick

      This was no dark match. I was there.

  • NWO4Life

    TNA looks to be in really bad shape these days, they should do some DDP Yoga.

  • yrabadi

    What’s funniest about this is that the photo is taken by someone who is actually at the event – which means someone who has some kind of interest in the product. Then they turn around, snap a photo insulting the product, and send it to dirtsheet sites so that they can further make fun of the product.

    BE A STAR!

    • Fazzax

      Nobody ever said TNA had to abide by the guidelines of BA Star, much less the fans. Also, just because the person was there doesn’t mean they’re a fan – they probably started giving away free tickets or it could’ve been someone who works at the school who helped set it up etc, there are loads of reasons why the person might’ve been there.

      • yrabadi

        I was just making an observation. Just because something is free is no reason to take it. If you have no interest in something, why bother wasting your time with it? As for someone who helped set it up, etc… Sure, could have been. Again, was just making an observation.

  • Tommek

    Looks like before it began, because even at indie shows the light is somewhat darker and there are spots used. Just look at any houseshow video shown on youtube.

    • Mr 561

      They probably dimmed the lights eventually – in part to hide the lack of humans in attendance

  • Nicolai

    Nothing says pro wrestling like a basketball hoop above the entrance ramp.

    • Johnson


  • Nicolai

    I’ve been to tons of indie shows way bigger than this. How embarrassing.

  • DCee

    WOW. This is terrible for TNA. When you can’t fill a high school gym, the “house”, has to get in order ASAP before the land becomes condemned. TNA is sinking because it didn’t stay as an alternative. It tried to compete with the WWE (suicide), instead of having its own lane. I feel sorry for the wrestlers who have to put up with this. If TNA has to jump ship to the UK and make it over there, very well. It doesn’t look good here in the States AT ALL!

  • tony

    full or empty, why are they in a gym??

    • GN-0015

      That’s where indie promotions do shows.

    • Mr 561

      Because they’d lose too much money holding shows in real arenas

    • Nicolai

      When I was in highs school I would have gone bananas if nitro would have came and did a show in our gym. LOL

  • Mr 561


    • LaParkaXV


    • FOLEY_is_GOD

      Good job! You ripped that right off the top comment from the Reddit thread about this,

      • GhostOfRonnieMcDonnie

        Dude shuttup

        • FOLEY_is_GOD

          Just saying. I know he’s a subscriber to SquaredCircle (from Reddit) and he completely took the top comment from there and tried to be seen as clever here.

      • Norman Osborne

        hey guys that guy is a phony
        phony phony your a big phony

    • pwnez

      Although this is kind of funny, I find it more depressing then anything. TNA’s talent must be so embarrassed to be performing in a high school gym.

      • Donny Octave

        Yeah, i cant even imagine how some of those past WWE guys and well-established TNA stars competing in a f*cking high school gym that’s HALF EMPTY nonetheless.

  • King J aka “Kermit”

    TNA fans just don’t want to accept that by 2015 TNA will either be out of business or owned by WWE. This is not coming from a wwe fan, this is coming from a wrestling fan in general.

    • Peer Pressure

      They hate the truth.

    • Tom Shelton

      wwe will never buy tna it has nothing great even the library sucks

      • G.I.R.L.

        Nah, but I’m sure they’d purchase just to leave a message to other U.S.A. promotions in that they’re the monopoly.

      • Norman Osborne

        yes they will Vince is like the Braniac of the wrestling business

  • Dan Kincaid

    It’s a shame, there are a lot of talented people in that company that deserve better than that

    • Mr 561

      Couldn’t agree more.

  • derrick

    This is one picture, how about more pictures from all over the building. How does the crowd look from the side where the person took the picture. As for the TNA haters go back to waiting for Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan to win AND actually keep the title for more than a few days. How long has Damien Sandow been World or WWE Champion?How long did the Big Show cry on TV? How is that Ryback push going? How is that Wade Barrett push going, how long has he been World or WWE champion? Wasn’t Ring of Honor’s founder busted for trying to pick up little boys on the internet?

    • LaParkaXV

      BURN!…..I agree this is obviously a Vince McMahon trick! He made the fans disappear or had a van parked outside that offered free candy OR the most likely evil deed he perpetrated here is he photo shopped this photo taking the dozen and dozens of TNA fans right out of the photo. This goes straight to the top! It’s a conspiracy i tells ya!!!!CON SPIR ACY!

      • derrick

        Who cares about Vince, from reports it said the event was 75% full. As for the pedophile sounding stuff, you can keep that to yourself.

        • LaParkaXV

          LOL obviously you are one of TNA’s medicated fans. I mentioned NOTHING about pedophiles where as you did….so you can take your own advice. Yes who cares about Vince…certainly not Dixie it’s not like she TRIES to emulate him or anything….

          AND why is a “report” more trust worthy than a picture? LOL regardless TNA couldn’t even sell out a HS gym.

          • derrick

            So a person has to be taking something to like a different wrestling company now? you’re talking about van parked outside offering free candy. You’re talking about a sport that started in the 1830’s of course they were going to run out of ideas. Just like music and movies, everyone copies characters and storylines from each other. But when TNA does it, it’s a crime against humanity.Anyone else does it, it’s a stroke of genius.One picture doesn’t show all around the building. Was it an intermission how far into the show was it?

          • LaParkaXV

            You are defending TNA….when it’s INDEFENSIBLE! Oh poor TNA waaaah. You are proving my point take your meds! LOL like i said it’s a con spir a cy… can we be sure the people in the crowd are even real….

    • $42863687

      Get a life. You can bash WWE all you want, you go right ahead, I invite it. But while you do why don’t you keep in mind that they’re going to sell out the Superdome in New Orleans. Eighty thousand people. So yeah, trash WWE, but whether you want to admit it or not people still CARE about it enough to travel across the country or across the WORLD to see them. No one ever has or ever will traverse continents or oceans just to see TNA because NO ONE CARES, so why don’t you let that sink in for awhile.

      • derrick

        If TNA is so horrible, why is it there’s always hundreds of random people to get on a TNA post to bash it.Yeah it’s freedom of Speech, there’s also Freedom of Choice.Which means you choose to come on a TNA post to make comments on something you claim not to have any interest in. Your lives must be pretty boring to jump on a post you claim to have no interest in to criticize something you say you don’t watch. How do you you know people don’t travel to see TNA shows? Are you out there asking people where they came from? If no one cares(using capital letters, is that suppose to mean something?) why do anti TNA people feel the need to get on TNA posts to give their unasked for opinion about something they say they don’t watch in the first place. You don’t like or watch something, most on. But stopping to tell random people you don’t even know how much you hate it, shows you just want attention and people to agree with you.

        • $42863687

          What a hypocrite. You sit there and call other people’s lives including mine boring for harassing a mediocre product that no one likes, while not but two hours prior you pointlessly bashed WWE. By your own logic your life is boring and you’re just oh so supremely interested in WWE. Which hey, maybe you are, but if not you’re not making a very good point. So why were you telling “random people you don’t even know how much you hate it” when according to you such acts are unneeded and are only for the sake of garnering attention? The answer? You have an opinion and you chose to voice it like I did, so get off your high horse you hypocritical fool. Now listen, no one here aside from you and maybe two or three other people are genuinely interested in TNA. From the looks of things most people here are more interested in having a cheap laugh at TNA’s expense than the company itself. Can you understand that? Probably not, but there’s no simpler way I can put it. And as for my statement about no one traveling to see TNA, if you want to be a snide, technical little smart ass about it, I’m sure there is an extremely small and negligible amount of people that have traveled to see it, but I assure you such people are few and far between, as interest in TNA has been waning for some time now, as evidenced by the fact that they’re holding house shows in high school gyms as opposed to actual arenas. Technically, you can in fact deny that things have gone south for them if you want, but the proof is in the pudding. TNA is screwing up and people are tuning out and refusing to put down money for their sub par product, and there’s no evidence you can provide to suggest otherwise, because such evidence simply does not exist. It was fun arguing with you. This is probably not only the most I’ve ever discussed TNA, but the most anyone has discussed TNA in a very long time. And for the record, I don’t care who, if anyone, agrees with me. You and every other blind TNA fanboy can downvote me in to oblivion. Facts are facts. They won’t change just because you imagine things otherwise. Good day.

        • M-Rods

          Dude, rinse the sand out of your vagina.

  • Daniel

    back to the indies boys

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    The main event match was 10pm bingo. 20 old lady battle royal for the $500 jackpot.

  • Kobe’s.White.Brother

    If tna is as big as they believe themselves to be then why are you doing events in high school? The struggle

  • Hitz_em_up

    Isn’t it half full lol jk

  • Xx_Deadpool_xX

    Man LCW in Newfoundland does better attendance then this

  • Jj Vaness

    TNA House Show Results for Friday January 10: Zema Ion makes a fool out of himself. Kurt Angle screams and spits about Bobby Roode. Dixie Carter def. Sting in a “Dixieland match” where Sting must retire. This was not Televised because TNA rules. Tune in Thursday, whenever IMPACT is on – to watch the fallout.

  • madchild1978

    They legit ran a show in a middle school gym……even if this was “photoshopped”…..yikes.

  • Daniel Bryan

    That’s just sad…

  • Matt Gallagher

    Our gym at my high school would have been 1/4 full. We do shows there every month and it’s so dead

  • twomor

    You know what would have sold out the place? Since it’s at a high school, how about a 20 person special ed battle royal?

  • G.I.R.L.

    When I was at a Smackdown taping in 06, the entire left side of the arena was empty of people. You couldn’t tell when the show aired. I thought it was odd.

  • Bushwald Sexyface


  • wwe

    i bet WWE is laughing now

  • Scott Dorian Dancer

    officially indy status. not necessarily a bad thing. some of the best live shows i have seen were in a gym.


    I really feel for the guys out back. This isn’t what 10+ years with a company should look like!

  • Max Da Boss Patterson

    Taken before the show as usual. Way more people there.

  • Bill

    I went to a TNA House Show at convention hall and honestly it sort of looked like this.


    LMAO , even a GYM is more packed than TNA ‘s tapings ..

  • Jeff Moyer

    So does this mean we won’t be seeing the TNA Network anytime soon??? I’d pay $9.99 just to see video footage of this show and the looks on wrestler’s faces when they come out from the entrance ramp….errr… Was this all paid attendance or were some tickets given out a bakesale or raffle earlier?

  • Trendnet18

    They should go to ROH :)

  • maverick

    I attended this event, and trust me, this was was taken during the show. You can actually kinda see me in the crowd. Also…this was a MIDDLE school, not a high school. They couldn’t fill the place, even with Sting on the card.