Photo: Trish Stratus 9 Months Pregnant

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus tweeted the following photo today of her “baby bump” at 9 months pregnant:


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  • Reality

    still hot for me.

    • Shockmaster

      Yep. Would love to see her naked and pregnant.

    • Nicolai

      +she can’t get MORE pregnant.

  • PassingBy

    Am I the only one who thinks this is kinda gross?..I don’t like kids..they’re scary

    • Pentoth

      No you aren’t alone.

      • NeronWillRise

        You’re not alone. You’re wrong, but not alone.

        • Pentoth

          There is nothing attractive about a woman 9 months pregnant who has been knocked up by another guy. In fact there is a paraphilia called Maiesiophilia about finding it attractive.

        • PassingBy

          Maybe,then again,who are you to decide what’s right or wrong?

    • GodsLoyalSon

      Can’t agree with you nor can I disagree, it just how you perceive things

      • PassingBy

        well thankx for not judging,it’s just not my thing.

        • GodsLoyalSon

          There’s nothing to judge, your just being honest. When did honesty become a crime?

  • brad

    She still looks pretty fine I must say.

  • raven

    forget the belly look at those milk bags!

  • head

    she looks good no matter or wat

  • Killthecrown

    “Look at Trish’s puppies” , “100% Stratusfaction guaranteed!” – Jerry Lawler.

  • Buzzard Follower

    STill hot. I wish her,her husband and the “little stratus faction” the best