Photo Of The Undertaker’s New Look From RAW

The Undertaker returned on RAW sporting a long goatee and a new jacket. He also has a new neck tattoo, which isn’t visible in this photo:


Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • rated_maxxxx

    Kratos, is that you?

    • RUSSO

      Yeah, actually some eyes or face paint will be cool

    • Johnson


  • hell raising jabroni

    Ministry of darkness

    • Pozessed

      Just hope to God that he uses the Ministry theme, darkside…. Was so epic.

      • hell raising jabroni

        this brings me back to the good ole days

        • Pozessed

          Putting dudes on crosses… The epic promos he cut sitting on the throne. THAT was the best Undertaker in my opinion, freakin crazy epic.

          “Pain becomes synonymous with punishment, embrace the darkness and relish in the unearthly delights that pain has to offer, resist and there are no limits to the torment you subject yourself to… Don’t fight it… It will tear you apart …… For I am the reaper of men, the chaser of souls, the weaver of nightmares… I… Am the heart of darkness, I am from now and forever will be the purity of evil, the hell you were threatened with as a child is no longer an option, it is a reality, a living, breathing reality… And you all are right in the middle of it, yes… Hell has relocated to earth.”

          • hell raising jabroni

            and to top it all off you had Jr and The King (Heel) on commentary

          • Pozessed

            JR added to it, King just said stuff like “Blah! This guy is weird!”. The thing is, it was just JR tried to understand the bad guy’s intentions in order to tell the story properly? Striker would have been good too, but I think Heyman and JR were the best team.

      • TheRealish

        I hope they use this too. It is to epic WWE has got to use this one more time.

        • Pozessed

          Yeah, that theme is just perfect, chaotic and just so bad a$s. They could do a remake of it with some better sounding electric guitar though.

  • pwnez

    This is one of the reasons I love the Undertaker. He always changes his appearance everytime we see him which is refreshing. I’m liking the new ministry look.

    • CheapOp

      I miss the hair and hat, but that wouldn’t have looked good with this outfit.

      • Jonathan Washington

        The Hair Would Look Good

  • aymrwilson

    His age is really showing in this pic

    • yrabadi

      Ah, well, it was showing on TV too. The guy is getting up there in age, but he still has a crazy awesome aura. Putting Brock through the table was awesome. He’s one of those few Attitude Era guys who is still hanging around. He’s the real throwback. It’s awesome, no matter what. :)

      • guest

        If wrestling was real and I was in the ring I think his entrance would scare the crap out of me

    • raVen

      being THEE bad arse for over 20years will take it’s toll

  • Guest

    Really missing the hair and the hat.. But this look is so perfect for him at this age. Gotta love the deadman, looking forward to his match against Lesnar!

  • Hershey Maxwell Barber

    Looking mean. Kinda wish he would of kept the white hair color!

  • Jeff

    the jacket isnt new. he debuted it last year at mania

  • 9 year old boy

    BAD A$$ lizard!

  • Daniel Bryan

    I wish they could tie this new Taker look into the Wyatts…leading up to a big push with Bray to turning on Taker for WM 31.

    Taker looked good last night. Better than he did last year upon his return I think which is good to see. The Deadman rises agaaaaaaaaaaain (Jericho voice).

  • CMPunk

    Looks like lost weight

  • raVen

    I really like the back of the coat but the front is…not so goide

  • Tyrant

    Always happy to see a Taker return no matter his look. Even happier that Brock agreed to work with Taker considering all the rumors going around that he didn’t want to rehearse spots prior to Wrestlemania. Really looking forward to this match.

  • Johnson

    He should have sported the longer jet black hair (at least up to the shoulder like he had it in mid 2004, and the white goatee. Then he really would have looked cool.

  • Fantasma Del Guapo

    I gotta be blunt: he looks like an elderly Christopher Daniels during his Fallen Angel gimmick. Yes I remember The Ministry and Undertaker has existed forever otherwise I wouldn’t even be posting today, but that’s honestly how he looks completely bald here. Hell you guys even mentioned Kratos, it’s still easy to liken Daniels to that character.

  • theleagueofjonas

    I’m loving everything as far a wardrobe goes from the waist up except for the gown piece… when he was holding it up to walk up the steps, it seemed like he had a dress. That’s just my opinion.

  • Tom Wing

    Its amazing that everyone that was dumping on Taker vs. Brock IV is now talking about how they are looking forward to the match.

  • Buzzard Follower

    that circle thing in the middle (leather belt buckle?) looks like a pirates of the Caribbean thing right? somewhat

  • Donny Octave

    Ministry Taker returns!! Badass goatee though

  • Takerfan

    WWE now finally seems like what is is supposed to be .. Undertaker .. the only reason I continue to hang on with WWE !! #LEGEND #Phenom !

  • Ares

    If he would have came out to his Ministry of Darkness theme…. Bah gawd I would have damn near shat my pants. Undertaker will forever be the best.

    I think it’s obvious I’m an Undertaker guy haha

  • Josh Knepshield

    The more I think about the match, the dumber it looks to me. Are we really supposed to believe that Brock Lesnar, one of the most dominant fighters ever, is going to lose to a 50 year old man whose arms look like my moms (minus the tattoos). I know it’s fake, but it seems really far-fetched to me.

  • J’vo

    Damn,i hope we saw this taker have a lot talk for his promo,i remember ministry Taker had a lot talks like this one
    It will awesome

  • Sigma ?

    Deadman keeps evolving despite the fact that he’s aging. That is one of the things that makes a legend even greater than he already is.

  • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

    He needs his long hair back or Marshall Law’s hair from Tekken!

  • Corvid

    Um, he looks the same as he did at Wrestlemania 29. His hair might be 1/8th of an inch shorter, but that’s all.

  • ddp

    the walking dead now on USA network?

  • Chris Zaia

    thats the first thing i thought of when i saw the goatee. This is his ministry of darkness look. It’s his best look