PHOTO: WWE Moving SmackDown To Thursday Night?

If the WWE production trucks at this week’s television taping in Texas are any indication, WWE may be moving SmackDown to Thursday night.

Below is a photo of the official WWE production trucks that were at this week’s WWE television tapings, which features promotion for SmackDown “Thursdays 8/7c [on] SyFy.”

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

    • pwnez

      If this is true, good! They will probably grab more viewers if it’s on Thursday night.

      • Buzzard Follower

        Especially live.

      • Guest

        Can they also move it back to UPN?

        • NewAgeOutlaw

          Those were the days

    • Tyler Jager

      Sorry for the shameless plug. Check it out, if you’re interested.

      • Buzzard Follower

        Dx, Mick Foley and the wwe network approve

    • Herald

      So TNA wrestling going off the air did have something to do with WWE after all

    • Matt Gallagher

      As long as it’s live

    • Undertaker316

      they should also make it live

    • Jeremy-County Roberts

      When I was a kid I thought all the wrestlers actually rode in those trucks .__.

      • Buzzard Follower

        me too

      • Cadolots

        I actually thought they are bad people too -_____-

      • Guest

        When I was an adult I thought the entire TNA roster rode in one of those trucks.

        • GN-0015

          Do they even have trucks?

    • Jomo

      Finally!!! Now I will be able to go out Friday nights! Hope this is true

      • WCWJobber

        You stay in on fridays cause of smackdown… brah thats sad

        • brad

          You gotta respect the passion though.

      • wwetnadudez

        You sir are a serious fanboy if you are willing to spend your friday nights at home for the lone purpose of watching SD!

      • Bryan

        Most of Smackdown these days is recycled from Raw so I don’t bother.

        • Michael Kondratiuk

          And if something does well on SmackDown they basically give you a live rerun the next week on Raw.

    • Macho Libre

      My brother did those new wraps on those trucks. I got to see those before they were done.

      • Undertaker316

        cool story bro

    • Jeff

      But wont it go head to head with NXT?

      • Pozessed

        NXT doesn’t count as much of a major show to them as Smackdown.

        • Kjhaltz

          NXT is better than SD!

          • Pozessed

            I know that, you know that, Jeff knows that and probably everyone who is a wrestling fan, but they do not see it as that.

            • roak10

              I’m sure the will move NXT to a different night, probably Wednesday. Seeing as it is a show that is taped, and is on their own network, it would be easy to move.

    • CSSA

      Making this change since they didn’t want to be on thursday nights in order to let TNA get some views. This means the return of Thanksgiving episodes. YES!

    • 10YearOldBoy

      Please go live.

    • essinodub

      Why would they do that during football season? CBS and NFL Network are airing Thursday Night Football this year

      • MrSplakaveli

        Thats a damn good point

        • Michael Kondratiuk


      • Jus Sayin

        Couldn’t agree more

    • MaJuub

      It’s been a ritual for as long as I can remember to eat hot wings and watch Friday night smack down on Fridays faithfully now If it’s on Thursday what will I do? ):

    • MaJuub

      And isn’t NXT on Thursday? And also it’s no coincidence TNA is going out of business and WWE takes their TV day lol Awesome

    • rudy

      Hope they go live or it won’t really matter. .If they go head to head with NFL that won’t be good. Thursday is better than Friday but unless it’s live it will always be a far second to raw.

    • 1975

      this is good for SmackDown, but the logo on the truck is the older one used back from 2008-2010 which is odd but maybe they are changing back to that logo which would be good.

    • meh

      NXT is available to be watched on the network right after it airs anyway. So people can watch Smackdown then watch NXT at their earliest convenience.

    • Tony Slicer

      Noooo I don’t want Thursday night WcW Thunder keep it Friday Nights SD

    • Brody

      GOOD! It’s about damn time. Back on Thursdays like the old days.

    • brad

      Best old decision they could ever make for Smackdown.

    • Stinson

      NXT TNA and SD all in one day? NXT should move to Wednesdays. Why go head to head with your own product.

    • BrodusClay

      Thank goodness! It should’ve never been moved to Friday nights. I would’ve killed it to change it back to Thursdays a long time ago.

    • Regulator817

      From a ratings perspective, moving back to Thursday is one of the smartest things that they could do.

    • Forceton Banfodder

      Finally, Smackdown has returned to Thursday night. Maybe I’ll watch it again since I don’t go out on Thursday nights usually.

      • Fantasma Del Guapo

        Yo Banfodder check this, I’m gonna take a dump on King Forceton’s crown while he’s out in the Rumble! Make sure no one sees me and then you can take a turn!

        • Forceton Banfodder

          Um, okay?

    • Calvin Helmig

      They’re trying to take out tna

    • The Superior Me

      Not excited for the change, since Smackdown is not worth watching anymore

    • JamieEvsxx

      to be fair, Smackdown on Thursdays would do wonders for me…won’t have to worry about recording it if I’m too tired to stay up until midnight (yup, totally living the 18 year old life, staying in on a Friday night!…xD) nor do I have to worry about feeling as tired for work the next day…plus, my day off on Friday so if I can’t be arsed to watch it Thursday I can just spend a few hours on Friday watching it…so uhh…I guess I’m all for Thursday night Smackdown!…xD