Photo: WWE Setting Up For WrestleMania At The Superdome

We’re still over a week away from WrestleMania XXX, but WWE has already begun constructing the production setup at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. Check out this first look of the WrestleMania XXX stadium, courtesy of the Squared-Circle Entertainment Facebook group:


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  • Initializing….

    If Daniel Bryan doesnt walk out champ , im gonna do a foley and destroy my TV…. I wanna see that entire stadium erupt into a YES chant!

    • Big c

      Since he’s getting married the week after and is probably gonna take some time off I doubt it.

      • Dan Kincaid

        I doubt he would, bad timing to take off

        • Big c

          What better time to take off than right after the most successful, highest grossing show of the year. Why else do you think they would plan it for the week after wm30?

      • nutz_so_smart_areyou?

        I would put money down on Vinnie Mac putting the belt on Daniel Bryan at WMXXX. I recall sometime last year, it was purported that McMahon had wanted Daniel Bryan to go over in the biggest way possible. Since he is not wrestling Undertaker and defeating the streak, the only logical explanation now is the story line of being continually screwed over since Summer Slam. It has lead to the culmination of the yes movement, the bearded goat and entire stadiums chanting yes. I am fairly certain he is at the popularity level Vince needs to make the most money off him while Cena is here. How much bigger could you get than having Bryan go over at WMXXX? After winning two matches? There is no way they can comfortably draw out the storyline after this WM. It ends here, the bearded goat finally gets his day and the reign of Daniel Bryan can finally begin.

      • CSSA

        he can win the title, have a celebration on Raw after WM. and have someone attack him, starting his next feud. then he takes time off to do his wedding.

      • jarf

        I can see them trying to make it where the WWE Champion and The Divas Champion getting married on Total DIvas. It could be a way to spike those ratings.

        • Big c

          I just see it as more likely to happen at summerslam

    • llllNinjastarllll

      you better record this and post it , keep your word ,

  • Buzzard Follower

    heres hoping the set is good. personal favorite wm 24 set

    • DoubleD

      My personal favorite was Mania x8

      • Buzzard Follower

        wm x8 was really good

      • WCWJobber

        I was there, Toronto<3

    • Darren

      Is this the stadium where the pyro malfunction after the main event and people at the top of the stands literally caught on fire?

    • Jim Evans

      I also went to WM 24, Orlando, Florida 3-30-2008

  • Christopher Walder

    Way to not give credit for the photo……

    • Mr 561

      Chris, the photo was emailed to us. We hunted down the source (Squared-Circle Entertainment) and gave credit

      • Christopher Walder

        Thank you. I’m glad you did. In situations such as this, credit is important.

    • The Man

      You’re a douche

      • Christopher Walder

        I beg to differ.

      • Mr 561

        That’s not necessary

  • Phi Ly

    I remember Los Angeles Dodgers attendance 115,300 at Los Angeles Coliseum on March 29, 2008 before WrestleMania 24 attendance 74,635 at Citrus Bowl in Orlando, FL on March 30, 2008. I know Los Angeles Coliseum not have host WrestleMania.

    • Scorpion Death Shooter

      Really interesting. Even though this Article has nothing to do with Baseball or Los Angeles. Really interesting… NOT!

  • Old Age Outlaws

    Id laugh if the stage parts broke off the cables and smashed on the ground.

  • Jeff

    Wonder how the WWE Network will affect the ppv buyrate and who would they blame if it flopped

    • MohammadAbulawi

      No wwe doesnt care about ppv buy rates anymore they have the network if one of their shows get cancelled, that show goes to network. Samething for ppv they are still getting money and i heard (not saying its true) but they might discuss everything in the conference call

  • RomBuster

    There’s no doubt this will be better than last year’s Mania. Maybe its not the WM 30 I wanted it to be but still seems like its going to be enjoyable.

  • Gimmick Bag

    I wonder if this set will look like one in the game


      no, the one in wwe 2k14 was a custom one 2k made!

  • satishwarne708


  • brad

    I just wonder if they will ever break the previous record at mania 3