Photos From The Big Event In Flushing, New York (11/9/13)

Check out these photos of wrestling legions reunited at Saturday’s “The Big Event” convention in Flushing, New York:

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  • 5er

    Sunny is getting bigger, Slaughter is getting smaller, and Lance Storm is getting balder.

  • Mr 561

    Anybody hear what Sunny’s selling to one of her Twitter followers??

  • heymon

    I think these photos officially shut down anyone’s case that Sunny is “still hot”.

  • celebish

    I heard Lance Storm was charging $100 to smile for photo ops

    • brad

      Yeah but I heard people were finding it hard to take him serious for a minute.

  • Mr 561

    The Wolfpac is lookin’ good – especially Hall & Nash


    I’d love to see nWo reunite at Wrestlemania and Have 3mb interrupt them and have the nWo beat their ass!

  • brad

    Nwo for life.

  • Jen

    what’s the name of the wrestle that’s wearing the shirt new world order and?

  • Seth Bob

    Who wears a shirt with their twitter handle on it? Tacky.

    • Tyrannosaurus Thunder

      you deserve a toothpick thrown in your face !!!!!!

  • Derringer Duo

    Sunny is big as a house.

  • Ron Brown

    Sunny still looks hot