Photos: Cody Rhodes & Fiance Eden Stiles

As previously reported, ring announcer Eden Stiles has has parted ways with WWE. She announced last Tuesday night on Twitter that she parted ways with the organization after requesting to be released from her contract three weeks ago. She later denied speculation she left WWE due to her relationship with Cody Rhodes. She tweeted last Thursday:

“Where people got the idea I left a job for someone is beyond me. If anyone can quote me saying that I’d be interested to see it.”

She then explained why she left the organization:

“The reason I left was simple. I have unmet goals to reach. WWE will have played a huge role in getting me where I want to be!”

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  • Henry Miz Afari

     I don’t care about Eden Stiles, you werent even hot IMO. But I wonder what happened with Cody and Layla.

    • Anonymous

      i do think layla is hotter but u gotta be gay to try to say something like this. I hope u meant hot (getting over)

  • Trending Worldwide

    Eden isn’t all that, but I guess Cody is since he gets all the chicks.

    • Qwertyboy619

      It shouldn’t be too difficult to get all the chicks in WWE when the competition consists of hunks such as Kane and Hornswoggle, plus a bunch of fags.

  • FarteR

    Jeez, this girl is having her 15 minutes of fame I guess!

  • Triple H’s Pop-Up Book Deal

    All these ‘Divas’ saying “I want to go out do what I want to do, and live up to everything I can be”, is laughable.  No one really leaves the WWE with momentum.  Name ONE Diva, besides Keibler, who actually “made it” post-WWE.

    • Anonymous

      who said Keibler made it
      last time i check she was george cloony’s sex toy

      • lolsupimsogood

        Beat me to it.

    • Tiran66

      Trish Stratus made it post-WWE.  She’s a very succesful fitness persona with multiple Yoga DVD’s under her belt.  She’s reportedly made more money outside WWE then she did when she was a wrestler.

      An argument could be made for Chyna as well.  Her career path isn’t conventional by any means but in her world she is a big star.  No idea why though…..

    • Anonymous

      Lita did pretty well with her band. “Made it” doesn’t mean that they have to be in the spotlight, they just have things in their life they want to do other than WWE. Why knock a person for that?

  • HEELZigler

    Who would want that little shrub Cody Rhodes? He’s skinnier than his girlfriend. I bet his boyfriend is bigger than him too.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody gives a damn about this woman.

  • Anonymous

    who? and more importantly, why is this important news?

    • Uhavnosac2002

      I don’t know who the Hell she is either. Never heard of her. I guess I don’t watch Smackdown/NXT/Superstars…

      • Anonymous

        lol i know right? i don’t know who she is either…

    • CrispyZombies


  • Anonymous

    <-Is still mad Cody and Layla broke up.

  • Drunk Punks

    Beautiful eyes :)

  • Dopfjsoid

    says “WWE Doesn’t give young talent a chance to shine”

  • Tiran66

    I had no idea who this was before seeing these articles.  I watch Superstars on occasion but never saw her face on TV.

  • jessica

    I think Eden is pretty, BUT, -sigh- someone else trying to use WWE as a stepping stone. Better you leave now before you actually have to TRY to wrestle. You might break a nail in your two minute bout jobbing to Kelly Kelly.

  • Charleswilliams623

    It seems as though Cody has some Jungle Fever and is running through all the black divas, but she probably left because Layla would have rag tagged her ass when she got back

    • Ari

      I know right. I thought the same thing. I think their was somewhat of a love triangle going on. THINK ABOUT IT. EDEN ASKS FOR HER RELEASE WHEN LAYLA IS ON THE VERGE OF RETURNING? Really. I  don’t think Eden wanted to deal with the possible drama.

      P.S. Cody Rhodes loves his Chocolate

  • CrispyZombies

    Hahahah now they can be ugly together 

  • Sirius Knight

    Ummmm…..Besides announcing a few matches here and there on smackdown, what the hell makes her relevant? I mean if this was Justin Roberts or Tony Chimal then maybe I’d be interested but seriously, who the hell is the girl? She’s cute, ill give her that but I don’t see where she is relevant.


    i would

  • -Miz-

    …..I don’t even know who this woman is.

  • -Miz-

    Cody and Layla should get back together and have an on air relationship… a heel works great with a female valet but even better when they are dating in real life, see Triple H & Stephanie in 2000, Edge and Lita in 2006

  • Tere Gutierrez

    you GOT to be  kidding me?!!! that ugly horse face? wth is cody thinking

  • LynnakaTink

    I love how you all are trolls, bitching about someone else’s life because you’re jealous. Man accept it and move the hell on. she is gorgeous and cody knows it, hence why they are dating. You don’t know the real truth about THEIR relationship so shut up.

  • AshleyLim75

    Isn’t she married to another man still? She had a Florida wedding and my friend was her hair stylist.

  • hotinga

    Eden is pretty and yall know it! U are just hating on her because shes black!!! But then again ,so is Layla!

  • kevin goodrich

    well HHH is a tooth face person one day it will come back around on him. all the WWE superstars didn’t like watching the 3 girls (the shield) beat up Daniel. On a different note HHH wife making the big show ko an old man. is that best for business ? let the big show ko you daddys girl

  • showoff gay?

    heelzigler tryn to joke on cody don’t be mad that your girl left you for your team mate

  • TheMachineX2

    She looks like a good time, yum yum yum.

  • Anonymous

    u better be a troll…..

  • Jon Peterson

    He is. It was funny for awhile, but now it’s just old and annoying.

  • Anonymous

    like any othere everyday troll SEscoops should do something bout trolls