Photos: Daniel Bryan’s New Look As Part Of The Wyatt Family

After joining the Wyatt Family on Monday’s RAW, Daniel Bryan unveiled a new look at Saturday night’s WWE live event from Hampton, Virginia. Prior to Bryan joining the Wyatt Family, Bryan was advertised to wrestle Bray Wyatt in a steel cage match. With Bryan surrendering himself to Wyatt on RAW, it was unclear whether the match would still take place, but it did – sort of.

The two men had separate entrances – and Daniel Bryan was sporting new Wyatt Family ring gear. When the match began, Bryan essentially let Bray Wyatt beat him down and hit him with Sister Abigail for the win. After the match, the Wyatt Family embraced Daniel Bryan and they left together.

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  • pwnez

    All Bryan needs now is a Michael Myers mask…

    • Payaso


    • Bushwald Sexyface

      Or Guy Fawkes..

    • pitchkati machina hello jordan

      shut up

    • Alterego894

      And a WWE version of the Halloween theme. lol

  • jk2122

    Kinda looked like one of them anyways lol fits right in

  • scott

    As a fan of his I gotta admit im sorry but this look does not fit him at all. I mean dam

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    I don’t see why people are happy about this storyline. Yet again WWE is robbing Bryan of the main event spotlight. The man is a big draw. He can bring money into the company. Print the stupid YES YES YES on anything and fans will buy it. You got the most over guy in WWE and you turn him “heel” or put him in a heel group. Put the damn belt on him already. The fact Brock gets a title shot and Bryan doesn’t makes me sick. Brock facing Taker at WM should me more than enough.

    • Aperture

      Do you see the bigger picture? Let me break it down for you. Wyatt Family (pre-Bryan) wanted to take down “the machine”. That in a general term means a high authority or power. Bryan has always been stopped before he reached his goal. That fault belongs to “the machine”. If Bryan teams up with the Wyatt Family, that gives Bryan a chance to take down “the machine” and take the Gold. If Punk team with The Shield like he did with The Nexus, sparks could fly all over the place. It can lead to chaos in the WWE and it might lead to Bryan vs. Punk and Wyatt Family vs. The Shield. You see it?

      • bambam

        Nicely said and presented. As long as this builds up to something bigger. Im thinking Undertaker trying to get him out of the Wyatts and leading to a match at Wrestlemania!!

        • Desmond Storm

          I question this.. Why would Taker suddenly have an interest in getting Daniel Bryan out of the Wyatt Family? What is the reason?

          • brad

            Agreed it makes no sense what so ever.

          • bambam

            Just guessing since Undertaker wants a match against DB at Wrestlemania.

          • Desmond Storm

            I see your point, but it wouldn’t be good if he had two WM matches in a year that was just thrown together out of nowhere, despite if they’d be good matches or not.
            And as far as I know, there’s been absolutely no on-screen interaction with Bryan and Undertaker other than when he had those shield six-man tag’s with Team Hell No, and the only way you could make a DB vs Taker match out of that would be idiotic, because the only thing that pops in my head when i think about how you could make a program out of that, is that Bryan is mad that Taker didn’t hug him after a match, which would be stupid and make the Daniel Bryan character look like a complete fool. If there were to be some type of interaction building up to a WM match, it wouldn’t be Taker confronting Bryan, i could see it the other way around however, kind of like when Taker had that Ladder Match with Jeff Hardy years ago.

      • pwnez

        I’m personally starting to like where this storyline is headed. I also like how Bryan changed his appearance so he would look more like a Wyatt member.

        • Guest

          that could work IF the shield stays together longer than their current storyline seems to foreshadow

        • Some_Random_Guy

          that could work IF the shield stays together longer than their current storyline seems to foreshadow!

      • Stejo

        This comment comes to you by Hope Booking. It all sounds good but I don’t see anything close to that happening. Hopefully I’m wrong though.

      • Only God Says YES!

        Posted on another article but its more fitting here i guess;

        “I was a bit meh on this whole storyline but now i can see it in my head.

        Daniel Bryan continues his role in the family with an eventual match between him and Punk. This could tease that Bryan still has the old him in him and that hes still him on the inside. Bryan could lose to Punk by DQ once the family gets involved and attacks Punk. DB could be reluctant to hit Bryan with telling him to “do what you gotta do”. They lay out Punk. Then on the go home show to the Rumble, Bryan and family attack Punk again to end the show. On Smackdown Punk cuts a promo saying that he will win the Rumble regardless of DB or the family. He says that if it comes down to it, DB will do the right thing. At the Rumble. Punk, Bray, and Daniel are all in the ring as well as others and then Bray and Daniel eliminate someone and Bryan eliminates Bray and begins a huge yes chant. Its down to Punk, Bryan, Cesaro, and The Shield. Punk and Bryan eventually end up as the last two and go one on one for like 10 minutes and then Bryan wins the Rumble leading to the ‘Mania sign point, the YES chants and the handshake between Punk and Bryan to close the show.”

        • Some_Random_Guy

          “DB could be reluctant to hit Bryan with telling him to “do what you gotta do”. – You lost me, I think you meant Punk?

          • Only God Says YES!

            yea i meant punk lol sorry about that i normally re read and edit but i was lazy that day.

      • VICE

        If that’s where they’re going, whatever, but the bottom line is their hottest guy is now dressed up like Dumpster Droese with no title match in sight. Think they would have put Austin, Rock, or Hogan in coveralls and turn them heel at their hottest. Come on, this is 110% about Bryan’s size. Hopefuls have been saying this whole time “they’re just building to something bigger”… NO, they aren’t. He would be champion already. The guys they like they shoot to the moon. What’s there to build to? He’s already the hottest guy, done, now go make money with him. Or…. we could make him look like a garbage man and pretend it’s awesome, and is leading to more awesome.

        • Jeremy


      • Guest

        that could work IF the shield stays together longer than their current storyline seems to foreshadow.

      • RCW E-FED



      I agree about the storyline it is stupid for WWE to put Daniel Bryan, with The Wyatts.

      • Richmond

        In my opinion, I think this is not going to last for a while. I think he just joined so he has a better chance to win the Rumble with 3 other men on his side.

        • brad

          Yes I could almost see something like the Wyatt’s and d Bryan tearing up the rumble and then towards the end Bryan like eliminates all of them and it ends up being between punk and Danielson.

    • brad

      Well I don’t agree with what you said about lesnar, but I do however agree with what you had to say about Bryan. I think that this Wyatt family storyline is stupid and it’s only boosting down d Bryan’s credibility, I don’t like it no.

  • DimTooC

    This gimmick better not last..

  • Anonymous123

    It sure fits him in the family.In my opinion,he should wear a goat mask

  • Johnny B Bad

    I don’t see this lasting, I think he will play it out for a few weeks, and turn on the Wyatts when the time is right.

  • CSSA

    this could fall into maybe a hypnosis storyline, or Bryan has “seen the light” and follows the teachings of Bray wyatt, talking about how he helped turn his life around . Just give him a creepy smile or have him chant yes in a monotone voice with a serious face.

  • SomeInternetGuy

    I don’t think its an authentic look for him. It looks like he just went to Wal-Mart and bought it brand new for $20. Jeans and a ripped up flannel shirt works better.

    • HeymanGuy

      You hit the nail right on the head. It looks like a cheap halloween costume as opposed to an actual professional wrestling costume. Then again that may be part of the gimmick, having him not really fit in as he may be going back to being a face soon?

      • Jeremy

        The Wyatt’s are a backwater group from Louisiana you dipshit, it fits the characters.

        • HeymanGuy

          Lmao I’m sure it sounded clever when you said it in your head but it still doesn’t explain why his attire looks so cheap and tacky compared to the other 3 regardless if they are a backwater group or whatnot. It’s obvious they aren’t going all out with his costume because he’s probably turning face again so no point committing to him as a heel character. Btw I’ve unfortunately read your other comments and it’s obvious your just trying to be a troll throughout the sescoops comment section. My advice – if you’re going to troll at least be good at it.

  • Buzzard Follower

    follow the buzzards daniel the dumpster bryan

    • Some_Random_Guy

      Duke would be proud!

  • Scott Kinnard

    Unless this takes a turn and he is using this to get to Bray, this storyline is junk. You take the most over babyface the WWE has seen in the last 5 years and put him with 2 midcarders and Bray. I knew it was a long shot but WWE just had to tease us with a possible Daniel Bryan/HBK match at WM. Hopefully the reports of Taker wanting to work with Bryan are true.

  • Ares

    The storyline doesnt need the wwewhc to be good lol just give it time and see where it goes guys.

  • God’s Diamond

    Well it’s better than the dazzler nickname he tried to push.

  • Eddie Wilson

    Duke “The Dumpster”Drose Jr.

  • Desmond Storm

    At that first picture I can’t help but think that he’s singing in his head,

    “Mountain Maaaaaaaannnnn- Dah-bu-dum-buuummmm”

  • Iamthebestintheworldatwhatido

    DB won’t win the title at wm

  • Matt Gallagher

    Imagine if the wyatt family just had everyone with beards join

    • SWa

      haha that’ll be funny in a nonsense way lol

      Mick Foley? XD

      • Matt Gallagher

        It would just be funny. Justin Gabriel for no reason

  • Matt Gallagher

    I love this so much

  • matthew decker

    hey looks like a creepy pedophile highschool janitor

  • matthew decker

    fruit cakes

  • Progressed_Now

    I don’t get it. he doesn’t look any different. muhahahahaha

  • ac1d

    Damn that suit should have totally been the color Burgundy.

    • Some_Random_Guy

      with some gold on the back “Owned!”

  • Jim Green

    i have a scenario for ya. Bray has been saying the devil made him do it. What if the devil he is mentioning turns out to be the undertaker, and taker says that DB is not worthy enough to be in the family. Leading to a WM match with DB and taker, since taker has expressed his feelings on wanting to work with DB

  • Adam-Michael

    Why a jumpsuit?… Why can’t he just wear normal clothes like Luke and Bray?… Jeans and a hoody would suit Bryan better imo…

  • HughMan

    They are just ribbing him for tomorrows Old School RAW when he does his best Duke The Dumpster Droese impersonation.


    Daniel Wyatt smh….

  • smartin2293

    Mixed feelings…. Very mixed feelings!

  • terrence ryan

    you remember when the Undertaker gave up and joined the Million Dollar Co.? or when Steve Austin gave up and joined the Ministry? Yeah, neither do I, cuz those things never happened.

    nice knowing you DB. we just witnessed how to completely kill the most over babyface the wwe has seen in 3 years dead.

    seriously, does ANYONE have faith enough in the creative team to think that this thing has any chance of working? yep, neither do I

    • Progressed_Now

      You remember Austin joining forces with Vince McMahon, and then defecting to the Alliance? and the voltage was turned up to the max. What?

      do you remember the pop Austin received when he entered the arena in the closing segment of the Raw before the Invasion PPV?

      then again DBry is no Stone Cold, and la Wyatt familia are no Vince McMahon/Alliance.

  • TheFaceOfSeScoops

    I loved Daniel Bryan joining the Wyatts. Kind of a big spit in the face to all you IWC smart marks. This storyline would be very entertaining. A nice swerve for sure. Plus, who said it was a heel turn? Throughout the years, faces have joined heel groups and then double-crossed them. Dont get your panties in wads just yet IWC. And hasnt Bryan been champ like 3 times already? But thats not good enough for you marks who wants Bryan to have a CM Punk title reign. Besides if he did, the IWC would get tired and critical of him just like they have with Punk. Nothing makes any of you happy. The biggest group of bitchy whiners in the world, the IWC. I hope you enjoyed reading this post :)

    • the4thwiseman

      Who are you.. your on the internt IWC are people who read the internt…..not some cult lol

      • TheFaceOfSeScoops

        IWC = Internet Wrestling Community aka the biggest group of whiners and complainers on the internet. Everyones a critic and no one can just be happy. I know exactly what it is. How did you get a cult out of all that? I tell it like it is.

        • the4thwiseman

          So if im fine with storyline…its interesting..I dont believe Db is the next face of the company. Great in ring preformer..Mb with a shave and a hair cut..i could half buy into him….but wait i like Dean Amrbrose…so what is the defenation….of IWC who are they?

          • TheFaceOfSeScoops

            See my response above for your answer to the question. Btw your sentence structure is confusing. Try using punctuation next time.

  • KoRnfan

    wow the wwe does everything to keep him out of the main event scene sigh

  • Jeremy

    The Janitor Family.

  • Jeremy

    Imagine, a world where wrestling fans wait for a story to play out before whining like little girls who didn’t get tickets to a Justin Beiber concert.

  • JJ? #MyLipGlossisPoppin

    Wrestling fans….They say reality shows are fake, but say that Daniel Bryan is “turning against his fans” because of this. Like he won’t ever turn face again. Like he’ll even turn heel, as this might be a more sympathetic Bryan held against his will to join the stable. It’s all theoretical.

    Not feeling the outfit but this is something different for him to go by, and it makes the Wyatts an intimidating stable and not a pack of guys who stomp their competition for no reason, or being used as filler matches, like Los Matadores.

    Even the main storyline (Outsiders vs. Authority) is getting repetitive really quickly. The only changing parts of the storyline is Kane joining Authority with a different look, Shield being included and recently testing their egos, and Randy Orton being an enemy to Authority after being praised by them as their “Superstar”. Everything else on the face end is “F**k the rules” being said over and over again by CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and John Cena. There is no flow to the storyline. Great that the Usos are involved, but not even an ounce of microphone time has been given to them.

  • Furgy Krueger

    god will all you Daniel Bryan fan boy get over it. He joined the Wyatts, Hes talented and so are they. Just watch it and enjoy. The wyatts are the best gimmick in wrestling right now. They are also relevant in the story line. Would you rather they give him the fate of Ziggler? Just fighting dark matches losing his rare televised ones. Remember you are DB fan because of his talent not him gimmick. Again be happy he not hugging Kane anymore.

  • Some_Random_Guy

    That first picture looks like some REALLY BAD Photoshopping! Then again, maybe it’s just the shadows along his pants that make him seem to have 6 ft legs and a 3 ft torso?

  • Scot Corbett

    I think this was the best and worse thing to happen to Daniel Bryant, He’s my favorite wrestler and a dam good one. He just needs the back up right now, He keeps getting the beat down by multiple opponents and it is going to ruin him . Daniel is a phenomenal wrestler and he is the best…

  • King of kings

    you mean kane?….LOL or even mankind. Its all been done to the edge of copy right infringement

  • Pozessed

    Save that stuff for WWE 2K14 bro! xD

  • Juan Diego Gomez Sanchez Perez

    Nobody holds a copyright on the hockey mask, though.

  • Some_Random_Guy

    I was thinking of that lame ass Abyss

  • Ryan Noble

    For those confused, Mike Myers is from Halloween. Hockey mask is Jason. The Mike Meyers’ mask is an old William Shatner mask. We complain that WWE creative isn’t creative and now we want them to steal characters from horror movies that are over 30 years old. Vince is right, we don’t even know what we want.



  • Juan Diego Gomez Sanchez Perez

    I’m not confused. I was cracking a joke. I’m well aware of all the horror movie icons. I never said I want them to steal characters from horror movies. It was a sarcastic wise-crack. I don’t believe in walking around, 24 hours a day, with a serious, uptight stick up my ass.

    And I do know what I want in wrestling. I’ve said it many times in prior posts: some serious competition for WWE. If only I had won that really huge Mega Millions a month or so ago.