Photos: Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards Debut At NXT As The American Pitbulls

*Spoilers* WWE #NXT200 Tapings Results

Earlier this week, we reported that Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards (former ROH tag champions The American Wolves) would be receiving another tryout this week at the WWE Performance Center.

Richards and Edwards wrestled at last night’s NXT tapings using the new ring name “The American Pitbulls.” They wrestled The Ascension. Their match will air on the December 18th episode of NXT on Hulu.

During the tapings, Davey Richards tweeted:

Brad Davis

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  • yrabadi

    Awesome. Gonna be awesome seeing them on NXT. One match though… Hm… :s

  • GN-0015

    American Pitbulls sounds better than Mark Noel & Andy Gibson or Joe Bone & Jack Stone or whatever random name they could be given by WWE.

  • pwnez

    The American Pitbulls is actually a decent name. If they do get signed I hope they keep them as a tag team.

    • Aperture

      Agree. They could make some magic in that ring together. They could be a really good tag team in the WWE.

    • Mr_DJ

      supposedly Triple H said 2014 was going to be a big year for tag teams…so we’ll see.

  • Trevor

    By god, this is actually good news. Triple H is actually doing something right?

    • Matt Gallagher

      Sounds like it

    • Manny

      He’s (HHH) done many things right, I can make a long list. Of course he’s done some things wrong as well. But, no Executive is perfect.

      Anyways, I’m happy for both Edwards and Richards, I hope they get signed.

  • lou

    did edwards and richards keep their names?

    • JOEY

      nope they are now Derek Billington(Davey Richards) and John Cahill(Eddie Edwards) not a very big fan of the names but who careees.

  • superturbo

    “WWE tryouts” = We take *hot* uber talent from elsewhere’s and water’em down for our brand of shows.