Photos Of Shawn Michaels’ Crazy Beard

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels did an autograph signing at George’s Oxford Valley Mall in Levittown, PA over the weekend and is sporting an epic beard:

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Initializing….

    I respect Daniel Bryan’s beard, but what on gods green earth is that?!

    • I hate myself for this comment

      HBK…Huge Beard Kid….

  • Michael Carter

    Like I said before, only one word describes that beard…BOSS.

  • omega riddler

    i think that must be how he hunts animals now. they take one look at him and is freaked out by the beard

  • Shimmy

    HBK Follows the Buzzards.

  • Jonathan

    respect the beard

  • Jake The Snake

    And god placed a beard unto Shawn Michaels. And he saw that it was good. And god said to this beard – grow unto this man and bring machoness unto his soul. And he saw the soul and saw that it was good. And god saw Shawn Michaels, and the beard placed upon him, and the machoness of the man, and saw that it was good.

    • Michael Carter

      It’s a little early for this…BUT COMMENT OF THE WEEK RIGHT HERE!!! ^

    • d1l2g3

      its God not god

      • Sam Sosa-Rodriguez

        Oh god…

      • brian

        he’s fictional, no need to capitalize

  • Mr. Honesty

    Respect the beard

  • bri

    that grizzly beard makes me want to scratch my own face

  • Ennis63

    OH MY GOD!!!!

  • Marshall Mathers

    looks like mooses lol

  • olbaiD4283

    Now I know what HBK stands for, the Hobo Kid….

  • Mai

    He’s also a fan of Daniel Bryan ;-)

    • Guest

      And I’m a fan of yours.

      • Mai

        Uuuuh I have a fan… great.

    • Mai’s Husband

      And trained D-Bryan

      • Mai

        Your name is creeping me out…

        • Reality

          A pretty girl (or so it seems) on a wrestling website with lots of goofs, what d’you expect?

          • Mai

            I don’t know… Is it abnormal? By the way thanks for the compliment :)

          • Reality

            Not abnormal, just uncommon. The pretty girls that are fans of wrestling I know are not part of the IWC. (except for two)

          • Mai

            Oh. I’m sure that there are many, they just don’t like to show off their picture.

          • Reality

            Mmh… yeah, good point.

  • EdgeheadY2J

    HBK vs Daniel Bryan vs James Harden in a Beard-Off

    • Reality

      HBK vs DB could easily headlines WM.

      • Larry Hicks

        would sell a kindey for that match, will never happen but really i would.

  • Andrew Campbell

    Looks like Steve Carell…in Evan Almighty.

  • Aw Sh** Proms Tomorrow

    At least when he makes a hair peace one day he doesn’t have to use those patches on the back XD

  • Cronion2415

    He looks like a damn Hobo lmao….

  • Pozessed

    This was unexpected.

  • Derringer Duo

    He should appear on Raw with DX rocking that beard. Just give them an open mic and 5 minutes.

  • Oliver_Twisted

    Is that Rob Feinstein (RF Video) the kid diddler in that pic? Looks like him.

    • Grey Avatar

      Kid diddler? lol ill pretend u said 18.

  • Ted Gal

    Shawn michels and Daniel brayn should be tag team

  • Peter Griffin

    Where you think Daniel learn to grow a beard like that :) student like teacher lol

  • Ted Gal

    Shawn looks like Moses

  • Tren

    The kind of looks like ‘Skinner’ Steve Kern

  • Puppet H

    What! I thought that was Daniel Bryan’s father as a prank. LOL, The irony!

  • Eric

    HBK looks old but could probably beat half of wwe’s roster

  • PxLxGx

    “He’s A Man, such a MAAAAAAAANNNNN!”

  • -Exotic-

    Fear the Beard

  • Kuntry2TheCore

    Team Beard!

    Daniel Bryan
    Damien Sandow
    Shawn Michaels (Leader)

  • WrestleManiac13

    #beard under siege lol

  • Takerlegend

    That’s terrifying. I wasn’t aware hacksaw jim duggan was back.

  • DannyKid

    He’s losing his scalp hair, so he’s replacing it with beard to keep the skin/hair ratio even.

  • brad

    Wow he doesn’t look like the sexy boy anymore looks more like a cave man or somethin

  • Cooker T

    Looks like Randy Savage.

  • kim

    Looks good on him, anything would look good on him, yummmy!