Photos: Shawn Michaels Sporting A New Beard

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • ShawnMichaels

    Michaels looks great imo looks a bit older though!

  • PassingBy

    anything less interresting to report?..

    • Pondering

      Why open up the article if you just gonna whine about it. I see other articles that I don’t have any interest in and I just don’t open them. You opened it…you knew what it was about and yet you still cry about it. Don’t make no sense.

      • PassingBy

        Because they will never know it’s not interresting if nobody tells them and I have the right to express myself .
        + I don’t cry,I don’t whine,I’m just passing by to kill some time,
        we’re all here because we love wrestling aren’t we?

    • SOBI

      X-Pac & Konnan Launch Kickstarter Campaign For New Online Lucha Libre Series
      go visit this
      definitely less interesting :D

      • PassingBy

        Yup, you’re right !! XD

  • DEX

    Damn he’s such a hick… bah gawd… eeehawww I guess he matches his name well “Hickenbottom”

  • Eithvallir

    Slow day at the office, eh?

    • Mr 561

      At least we’re working – not talking sh*t behind a computer screen

      • RDavis47

        says the guy who hides behind “Mr.561″…i see your grammar is in top form as usual

      • Seth Bob

        Sick burn!

      • butterpecs

        Well that was immature, you could have at least explained why things like this get posted as news. I’m surprised such an innocent comment like that brought you to lash out compared to others. You don’t represent this site very well.

  • Takerfan78

    he’s retired he can grow it if he wants to. lets hope nothing like bryan danielson has though, wooooooooooo that’s getting scary.

  • IKeepsit100

    Looks like HHH traded his beard and shawn needed more hair on his head.

  • DAX

    from boy toy to grizzly adams

  • 7 year old boy

    End of an era :(

  • RandomAssPost

    -insert little fangirl moment- aww he looks good :3

  • Kck

    Hey, it’s Joe Mantegna.

  • Michael Carter

    One word describes that beard – Boss

  • JohnnyV

    -Breathes in and out- HE’S STILL A SEXY BBBBOOOOIIIIII!

  • Stratojacker

    I thought the guy in the blazer and jeans was a really ugly woman at first.