Photos Of The Shield Doing Crossfit

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  • God’s Diamond

    Looking good. Does this mean no more swat vests? Hope they all end up in the main event scene especially Roman Reigns.

    • $34197415

      I’m sure Roman Reigns will be main event soon, his cousin is The Rock! WWE will make it happen. Plus his family has a legacy in wrestling history, and he is a great wrestler, and arguably 1 of the best on the current roster.

      • Pozessed

        Roman Reigns has ‘it’. He has the look, the physique, the athletic ability and he is good in the ring.

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    Dean Freakin Ambrose. The guy just rocks. Every picture he has that badass “i dont want to be here look” How can you not love this guy? Bromance here.

  • pwnez

    All 3 of these guys are gonna be big stars. I don’t see any of them being misused.

    • SOBI

      Yeah all of them are hard workers
      I remember when the Shield debuted Ambrose and Rollins were not as Muscular as they are now , so it means besides giving good matches these guys are constantly working out and getting in better and better shape

    • lolwut

      you’re underestimating the terrible decisions wwe makes.

    • Derringer Duo

      No way all of them are going to be big stars. Not because they don’t have the talent, but because the WWE doesn’t know how to make big stars, anymore.
      Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, The Nexus, CM Punk, Ryback, it doesn’t matter what a wrestler brings to the table anymore. They’ll blow it.

      • pwnez

        Barrett doesn’t have ‘it’ and neither does Ryback. I have no clue what people see in Barrett; yes, he is decent in the ring (as long as he is wrestling someone who’s better than he is) but that’s really about it. Ryback has nothing going for him IMO. As I’ve said before, he is horrible in the ring, he can’t cut a good promo and he has no charisma whatsoever.

        I will agree with Ziggler and Bryan although I give credit to WWE for using Bryan for as long as they did. CM Punk is a big star so I disagree with that. I’ll give them more credit for the fact that everyone thought the Shield was going to be buried within a couple months and here we are one year later and they are all still very relevant and have only improved within the last 12 months.

        • JamieEvsxx

          see I think Barrett does have what it takes, it’s just the matter of him getting involved in a good storyline…I mean, I think he proved that he can do well in the main event scene when he was the leader of the Nexus…I mean, he’s good on the mic and decent in the ring, there’s always room for improvement but I think Barrett does have the potential to be a top star…=P

  • superturbo

    Damn this is some cool shiznit going on with The Shield. And as anyone who goes to the gym or trains hard outright knows. Crossfit training is way harder than just conventional and normal weightlifting at your local gym. And it combines; Weighting lifting, Aerobic exercises and Cardio conditioning in a free flowing change-ups to confuse your muscles moreso than regular workouts with weights only?

    The Shield are indeed 3 fit cats. along with Antonio Cesaro i see who also tagged along for the ride and got some workouts in for himself as well i see.

  • Jurassic Parkour

    Take note, Mr. Spradlin; this is what it takes to make it big in the business.

  • Number1Peep

    Roman is a Monster. That guy will be a big, big star very soon.

    • in my a$$

      Being the rock’s cousin, im sure they’re planning his mega super push right now.

  • Noach

    Cesaro is in the Shield now apparently

    • Reality

      would make their matches even more awesome if that’s possible

    • Mr 561

      book it!

    • Bro88

      That’d make a hell of a lot more sense than a Swede being in The Real “Americans”. And he’d be a great addition to Shield

  • Derringer Duo

    They have Ambrose billed at 6’4, Roman at 6’3″ and Seth at 6’1″. But Ambrose looks shorter than both Roman and Seth. Still, I find Ambrose’s body change to be amazing. He’s really gotten ripped. And when The Shield breaks up and Seth goes vestless for the first time, he’s going to get like 100,000 female fans on the first Raw.

  • JamieEvsxx

    comparing Ambrose now to what he was like in the indies…he’s built up a hell of a lot of muscle…like daaaaaaaamn!…plus I must say, quite excited to see The Shield go vestless…xD

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    maybe just a little. i do play this song in my head every time i see Dean

  • riyadviper

    Seth Rollins new CM PUNK