Photos: The Shield Rides On A Tank (Tribute To The Troops)

*Spoilers* WWE Tribute To The Troops 2013 Results

Check out these photos of The Shield riding in on a tank at last week’s Tribute to the Troops tapings:

Brad Davis

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  • MajorHeel

    Is it possible that the Shield just got even more badass?

    • Aperture

      I think so…

  • WCWPunk

    WCWPunk (POPS in WWE 2K14) on his PlayStation and “AND THEIR OPPONENTS, D-GENERATION X!!”

  • pwnez

    The helicopter entrance is still my favorite but this is pretty awesome too.

  • Russell Williams

    That’s not a tank.
    Tanks run on tracks, that’s either a LAV or a Stryker. Still pretty awesome to ride in on one.

  • WCWPunk
  • Desmond Storm

    I think the Shield just got more badass looking at this… Might watch TTTT whenever it comes on.

  • GN-0015

    The army approves: The Shield represents justice!!

  • Marshall Mathers

    Roman Reigns is the future of wwe

  • Godzilla2J

    The shield dont need to be broke up yet .

  • Bad News Buzzard Follower

    sierra hotel India echo Lima delta omfg they have a tank