Photos – The Rock & His Girlfriend Lauren Hashian At GI JOE Premiere

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • DarkWolf


  • Andrew Campbell


  • Reality

    Damn, why aren’t there any pictures from behind? I’d love to stare at her….

    • D-Nyce

      She has no ass dawg…

    • D-Nyce

      She has no ass dawg…

  • Steve

    if you smell what the Rock is f**king :D

  • David Knapman

    I thought he could get better than that with all his money and fame

  • Steve Williams

    OMG that is some long ass nose. Rock must be feeling like stabbing in the stomach while receiving oral.

  • The Realist


  • ThePebbble

    The Pebble says, “Lauren, shut your mouth, know your role. Or The Pebble would shine his pebble real good, turn that sum beach sideways, and stick it straight up your candy…. pie. If you smell lalalala. what the pebble is cooking.

  • Derringer Duo

    Man, she looks like my ex. If my ex had a Hollywood make over with lighter hair. This seriously makes me sad.

  • Bret Hart

    meh 4/10. Rocky could have done a lot better.
    Cinzia, now that was a 10/10, don’t u think?

  • Jerry Rayburn

    I think he has HHH on his mind a bit too much with that nose! lol

    • AngPlutos

      Best one yet lol. I’m sorry but that was funny

  • 7 year old boy

    The people’s champion and the people’s pie.

  • Dave Smith

    Not ganna lie, Rock did good on this one

  • Feelmemore

    Weird nose, weird legs, skin complexion too light, pointy elbows. 10/10



  • Feelmemore

    Weird nose, weird legs, skin complexion too light, pointy elbows. 10/10

  • Kozawsky

    I thought his GF was some next bodybuilder/fitness chick, remember those pictures? Who was she then? Had a feeling she wasnt really the Rock’s GF…

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    Sad @ the comments in which people are trying to bag on this chick. Shows just how classy some of you truly are.

  • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

    Bret Hart 4/10

  • The Wrestling God

    Wonder how many inches he’s laying the smack down on her with

  • Mike

    He should have stayed with his wife… don’t even know why they split up to begin with.

    • Ted Edwards

      Most married couples divorce nowadays anyway, especially with celebrities. so it didn’t really surprise me

  • Rational Response

    leaning away from Rock in most of them photos. body language suggests she is out for the fame. not bad nobbing that tho rock lad. hope your not attached.

    • David Fagan

      You’re 100% about the body language. It’s painfully obvious in the pics. His ex was a Pacific Islander, and so was his mother. His Dad is Black Canadian..I wonder why he got away from his roots for somebody who clearly isn’t feeling him?

    • Rich Allen

      Your = You’re.

  • me

    come on can do better…that nose,no tan,no triple h finally did something better then you, FREAKIN STEPHANIE!

    • Rich Allen

      You are an idiot, Stephanie looks like a man in drag IMO.

  • Beest

    Her last name hashian is arabic, and so does some of her her face features- like her nose, lips, wide forehead and chin. i am guessing she has some far middle eastern , specifically jewish-arab ancestry.

    • Armand

      I am friend’s with her. She’s from my hometown, friends with her brother. She’s Armenian, like me. -ian and -yan last names are always Armenian. Good job on the middle eastern, but shes is not Arabic… Armenian and she is hot!

  • Alabama

    It’s not about what she looks like he might actually have REAL feelings for this woman,it matters what her heart is like,what’s on the inside

  • Bizness ASusual

    I think she’s pretty, and good for the Rock. He seems like a cool guy and deserves to be with someone cool also. Congrats.

  • Trixie

    Despite the Rock being way out of this woman’s league….she is completely clueless because her body language does indeed indicate that she is unattached and wants all the attention on herself….unfortunately, she doesn’t realize if one looks too close what they see is quite disturbing to look at….I hope the Rock opens his eyes and truly takes a better look at this woman….very unfortunate for him to settle….:(

  • brian murphy

    nice slice of pie you got there Rock

  • Z

    She’s on HGH for sure. Amazing how nobody commented on her muscular arms, like you all think it’s normal/natural for a woman to have arms like that (even for a weightlifter/bodybuilder). Rock probably hooked her up with his own supply/doc.