Photos – Undertaker vs. Dean Ambrose At London SmackDown Tapings


At Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown tapings from London, England, The Undertaker made a rare in-ring appearance, wrestling The Shield member Dean Ambrose. It’s still unclear at this time whether the match will air on SmackDown or was a dark match main event, but here’s an in-person from correspondent Jen Lee of

The commentators (I could hear them) kept going right up until, after powerbombing Taker through the announce desk, Ambrose started yelling at him. At that point JBL and Cole left and things seemed to clear out while The Shield ‘celebrated’ and went back in to the ring. Pretty much the only people left after that were Lilian and one camera guy, the others were done. Thats when the Outlaws and Triple H came out, cleared out The Shield and went to pick up Taker from the wreckage. There was a funny spot after that where they walked up the ramp, stopped by the Taxi at the top and opened the door as if to put Taker in it. He just glared and they closed it again.


But yeah, it was still full systems go all the way up to Ambrose yelling after the powerbomb. 3 cameras, 2 photographers, commentators shouting. Heard most of it. So I’d say it’s getting aired. They also showed a graphic several times through the night for it, and Ambrose did a backstage promo talking about taking out Undertaker ‘tonight’.

Brad Davis

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  • iHiTi

    Hopefully Undertaker is healthy enough to perform for WWE atleast until Summerslam. Haven’t seen him compete after Wrestlemania since 2010. Great to see him back!

  • The Optimist

    This is awesome! Seriously, I hope we get to see these two in a televised match at some point; their in ring styles would compliment each other so well and it would be the step up that Ambrose will eventually need.

  • Mr 561

    I feel like “David at the Dentist” .. Is this real life?!

  • Steve James

    How long was Evolution a thing before Batista turned on them? Just trying to gauge how long until Metallica bassist-lookalike Roman Reigns finally ditches the Other Guys and becomes a main-eventer. Surely he must be tired of having to always help the skinny guys do the “lifting and slamming” part of the powerbombs.

    • Christofer Martin

      i dont think reigns has the talent, the mic skills or the general charisma that batista has or the ”it” factor

    • morrisonfanone

      I couldn’t tell you. And while I do want to see them broken up, I don’t think any of them have the talent for that yet.

  • Two Cents

    Son of a bitch!

  • French_Toast_Mafia

    How about instead of showing highlights of last weeks raw and smackdown, they put this on raw.

  • Jeff

    Why couldn’t this be on TV?

    • currygoi

      I guess there are two reasons:
      They want to keep Undertakers tv appearences to be something special. And second, they still want all members of the shield to be undefeated.

  • pwnez

    I love how Undertaker is working with younger stars. He and Jericho are the best part timers around.

    • Pozessed

      Definitely. Out of all the wrestlers I have the most respect for them both, looking at Undertaker I think he could probably ask for a similar contract to Brock Lesnar where he gets paid heavily for a few matches per year but instead he shows up to house shows etc and is on a normal contract (to my knowledge atleast).

      • Jeff

        Hell Yeah,Undertaker deserves a Multi-Million dollar contract more than Lesnar,Cause he actually loves the WWE and isn’t just in for a payday

        • WCWPunk

          Jeff I couldn’t agree with you anymore. Lesnar is clearly there for a paycheck. Undertaker is actually back for his passion for pro wrestling. Big difference. I have the upmost respect for Undertaker. Hell, Lesnar won’t even wrestle on live tv besides pay per views.

  • Marko

    For fucks sake, why wasn’t this televised?! This is a dream match. Damn, those UK fans sure had a great time live witnessing this.

  • Dave Smith

    This is cool, i think the undertaker is going to stick around longer than i thought

    • morrisonfanone

      I’m happy about it, but also a little worried. When I heard Punk was injured in the Mania match, my first thought was so was Taker. I want him to keep going, but I’m afraid of what could happen.

  • Nattie

    A lot of people are saying that it isn’t a dark match. It better not be. That would be horrible not to air this on tv.

  • backblack25

    Man I hope this was a test match to see how they work together, Maybe Taker will give his stamp of approval and Moxley will get a big push

    • Kings of Wrestling

      Stamp issued already if Taker is willing to work with him.

  • Initializing….

    HHH & NAO vs Shield ??? or HHH Taker & ??? vs Shield ? , If WWE is doing something right its definitely the way they are currently booking The Shield ! #HoundsOfJustice



  • Initializing….

    HHH & NAO vs Shield ??? or HHH Taker & ??? vs Shield ? , If WWE is doing something right its definitely the way they are currently booking The Shield ! #HoundsOfJustice

  • Ouch

    I love the undertaker, him and Jericho are literally my favorite wrestlers BUT as awesome as this match is for the crowd, I don’t think it should have happened. Making ambrose tapout and loose (even if it is a dark match and they can say it never happened) is the wrong choice for a rising star. I mean if they were gunna do this atleast make it a pin, not a damn submission, that makes ambrose look weak.

    • JohnnyC

      I would agree with you if he was tapping to someone like the Miz but this is the Undertaker. There is no shame to losing to Undertaker. Not to mention that UT usually lets the younger guys look like a million bucks when fighting them. He really lets his oppenents look like equals.

      • gkickperry

        Agreed. Simply being in a match against Undertaker does FAR more for Ambrose’s stock than losing via submission does.

      • Ouch

        Thats fair enough, I get what you mean, I just don’t think it should have ended by submission. You are right though, I’m sure this did help ambrose and if The Undertaker agree’d to wrestle him thats gunna give him loads of backstage credit anyway.

      • morrisonfanone

        You’ve got a point there. I would love to see this on TV, and Taker’s still wrestling like he was years ago. Ask anyone that lost to him at Mania, and ask how they feel. No harm in losing to Taker at all. It’s almost expected.

    • Junaid Bokhari

      Lol, what the hell are you even talking about?

  • aaaaaa

    Should have been Roman Reigns Dean Ambrose looks so goofy in the ring to me

    • Super dude

      ha i thought i was the only one who noticed

  • Nattie

    A lot of people are saying that this match will be televised.

  • 5er

    I love how HHH is trying to look so serious and Billy Gunn is smiling away.

  • WWEFan4Life

    This really is just… awesome. I Hope Taker can come back full time but of course I understand his health is in question…

    But I just do not understand why they wouldn’t televise this match.

    It’s just a bad move, I think that’s obvious.

  • mrchopper


    • GodsLoyalSon

      What the hell is this?

      • currygoi

        Don’t know. But it looks cool

  • ?????? ??????????

    It is so annoying when matches like these take place, and WWE doesn’t care to show those matches on T.V.

    • morrisonfanone

      I know. They give us crappy matches on TV and save the good ones for live shows.

  • ddp

    If taker was getting film roles and endorsements , he wdnt even step in the ring

    • morrisonfanone

      Um, yeah he would. He’s been around forever and he’s still going. He’s not like the Rock.

      • aaaaaa

        Ok and how is the Rock different last i checked he’s been stepping in the ring for the past 2 or 3 years, Undertaker needs to step in the ring because he needs the big paycheck from Wrestlemania unlike the rock he doesn’t need the money he does it because he loves wrestling and wants to help the company who really needs it

  • Uncle Zeb

    robot drones, crashing dollar, city wide lock downs, curfews, gun control, forced vaccinations, genetically engineered food and ambrose vs. undertaker…. we’re free

  • James

    I’m very optimistic about the future stars of WWE.

  • ivan

    only problem i see with the shield is the fact that you have 3 guys that are going for that one spot, they will soon eveporate at some stage leaving the door open for one of them, another option may be that 2 become a tag team and the other goes on his own path, tricky situation if ya think about it?, who would ya want, i reckon Roman Riegns is theone to peel of he has the build and talent to make it up there with the big boys, if it was TNA, he would have been close to champ right now, my opinion!!!

  • morrisonfanone

    Hey, Shield’s not undefeated anymore.

  • morrisonfanone

    I know. It’s odd to see him working more then just Mania’s. Good odd, though. And he has no ring rust either. That’s what I was worried about given his age.

  • Bb

    The shield vs heheh the undertaker and billy gunn awesome

  • Bb

    The shield vs h h hundertaker billy gunn awesome

  • Frank John Tabarez

    I am Loving the Shield and I love that Taker knows they are the future. Keep it up Ambrose and CO. you got some serious momentum going

  • Chris Savage

    this is going to be televised, the dark portion of the match is gonna be when they powerbomb taker though a table