Photos – Undertaker vs. Dean Ambrose At London SmackDown Tapings


At Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown tapings from London, England, The Undertaker made a rare in-ring appearance, wrestling The Shield member Dean Ambrose. It’s still unclear at this time whether the match will air on SmackDown or was a dark match main event, but here’s an in-person from correspondent Jen Lee of

The commentators (I could hear them) kept going right up until, after powerbombing Taker through the announce desk, Ambrose started yelling at him. At that point JBL and Cole left and things seemed to clear out while The Shield ‘celebrated’ and went back in to the ring. Pretty much the only people left after that were Lilian and one camera guy, the others were done. Thats when the Outlaws and Triple H came out, cleared out The Shield and went to pick up Taker from the wreckage. There was a funny spot after that where they walked up the ramp, stopped by the Taxi at the top and opened the door as if to put Taker in it. He just glared and they closed it again.


But yeah, it was still full systems go all the way up to Ambrose yelling after the powerbomb. 3 cameras, 2 photographers, commentators shouting. Heard most of it. So I’d say it’s getting aired. They also showed a graphic several times through the night for it, and Ambrose did a backstage promo talking about taking out Undertaker ‘tonight’.