Pictures: The New WWE Championship Belt

On Monday’s RAW – the era of the “Spinner” WWE Championship belt came to an end. During The Rock’s show-ending celebration, Rock said he’s going to WrestleMania 29, but not with the spinner WWE Championship belt that John Cena unveiled 8 years ago. No, The Rock debuted a new WWE Championship belt on RAW that he said was worthy of the great champions that came before him, like Bruno Sammartino and Steve Austin.

Check out these pictures of the new WWE Championship belt:

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Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Anthoney Scarpelli

    looks like absolute crap. the front is good but the sides suck.

  • Jeff


  • Jeff

    It should of been a little bigger,The spinner belt looks better than it..

  • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

    The sides are ok but I like this 100 times better than the spinner belt

  • german_suplex

    its ugly!

  • Fabian6sic6s

    looks simple enough.

  • joe_ny

    #1 this New WWE Championship belt suck’s

  • Lord Spliffmeister

    Was hoping it was the old Eagle Belt. I’m sure those bulls have 2 come off.

  • 5er

    Yikes. It looks like a giant high school ring.

    • Trevor

      damn, now thats all I’ll see when I look at it.

    • Darren

      Shit, you’re right.
      Actually, at first I thought it looked like a bigger US title, from the people that brought us those wonderful spinner belts.

      • 5er

        Haha. Well its starting to look better now. When I first posted that, the only picture sescoops had posted was the one in the title.

      • Darren

        PENNY belts, not spinner belts. Ugh. Sorry, I was uber-tired after 3 hours of raw. #TooMuchRAW

  • AngelFlow

    It looks ok and more prestigious than the spinner, but please take those bulls out and put something else. I think the eagles in there would look better.

  • pro

    worst design ever.
    some feeling like INTERNET CHAMPION.

  • Kyle

    Um. Well. I’m all for a new belt but. Well. Mayyyyybe it looks better on TV? Cause that looks more like a (poorly done) championship ring than a belt.

  • Kappa

    It..It doesn’t spin.. IT’S GLORIOUS!

    • Mike

      Yeah ,it doesn’t spin… whoopdeedoo. It’s ugly as shit though.

  • Serpent Speaks

    I’m not gonna complain too much. I mean,its not too much better than the spinner…. but it’ll do.

  • Gr8ness

    Its not enough gold on it. Well speaking that Rock won’t be champion after WM I guess we can either look forward to another new belt or they’ll go back to the spinner or alter this belt. Either way its only a slight upgrade not great.

  • wwfattitude593

    I was hoping with all my hope it was the Attitude Era belt. Upset :(

  • InfiniteRTG

    ehhhhh…it’s alright. Still looks like a bling bling side show. Plus you can still see the the belt strap underneath the plate. It just looks like all they did is make the “W” bigger, actually spelled the word “champion” instead of “champ”, and then made it not spin. Maybe they should have added an eagle like before.
    Looks similar but i’m sure anything is better than the spinner title.

    • Mike

      “Anything is better than the spinner title” No dude… not if its an ugly piece of shit, like this one. And to be honest, the spinner wasn’t as ugly as this thing WWE has now. But whatever… its your opinion anyway

  • HunnyBunnyAngel

    It’s looks good on this picture…but it seemed really awkward looking when the Rock was holding it lol…I hope I get used to it.

  • Y2J

    And in a final act tonight, the spinner belt destroyed it’s creator.

    • Jose Cordova

      lol that’s some funny shit

    • WWE_Redneck Rockstar

      very nice

    • attitude 4ever

      i’m glad rock introduced the new title and not that AHOLE John Cena

      • Fighter

        And the Ahole Cena is going to take that title from the creator in just over a month. And you’ll come on here doing back flips, front flips, circle flips, square flips, flips flips when that happens.

  • Stephen Wadelin

    Down size the center plate, change the side plates and space them away from the middle plate which would be made smaller… and aye, it would look fine.

    To much in your face and the side plates are FUGLY

  • Late Train

    I just don’t like the bulls on it.

  • 5er

    I think it would have looked better if they put world at the top and made the ewe logo a little smaller. Still like it better than the spinner though

    • 5er

      @Wwe logo.

  • pwnez

    It looks like a giant shield. Plus the bulls on it makes it look bad. Not impressed.

    • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

      here you go again lol

      • pwnez

        LOL. Me and how many others who dislike it? Stop crying.

  • Xylite04

    Zack Ryder’s title looks better! Just Sayin..

  • Dick Chipperson

    It’s eh. it’s…uh…okay I guess. Ah hell, it’s better than that shitty spinner anyway.

    • Jeremy Gordon

      No it’s not, it’s fucking ugly.

      • xavinho85

        well is like your opinion… man

      • AVPredator4985

        You’ll get used to it. There’s no denying it’s better than the spinner. This one looks more like a championship title

        • El Jefe

          Actually it’s not better than the spinner. It has the same ridiculous giant WWE logo in the center, and looks wack! The spinner was actually a good looking belt and so were all the others before it. The only reason why most hate on the spinner is because of its hip hop look, and alot of these corny ass wwe fan wite bois don’t like hip hop. The rest are have no opinion and bandwagon like a bunch of dumbass cabrones…

          • AVPredator4985

            Hip hop has no place being a part of the WWE championship. Tell me, what’s hip hop about Hulk Hogan hmm? Andre? Stone Cold? Taker? The WWE championship is supposed to be prestigious, and when it looks like a rapper’s accessory it can’t be prestigious.

          • appleaction

            TIL prestigious and hiphop cannot ever go together

          • AVPredator4985

            Not in a wrestling company

          • Kjhaltz

            What about Macho Man?

          • AVPredator4985

            Was Macho Man a Dr. of Thuganomics?

          • Chico

            nah man……….I think people hate the spinner because its wack as fuck. Its not a hip hop look…..its a wannabe hip hop look.

    • SOBI

      The Bulls logo on the sides ruined it.

    • rbbazza

      the only reason people do not like the spinner belt is because they don’t like cena which goes to show how bias they are towards a person and not what the title represented in the last 8 years

      • raVen

        the belt is terrible, the fact cena introduced it just makes it worse. the belt was part of the thuganomics cena, the rapper cena, when he changed the belt stayed the same. ugly, spinning, and gawdy.

        • Mike

          All that stuff you said is your opinion. Majority of fans don’t feel the same. For every person that hates on it, there’s probably 100 that actually think the belt looks fine. And guess what? It actually did look fine.

          • Cujo999

            I don’t know of a single adult wrestling fan who thought the spinner belt looked “fine.” It didn’t look like a wrestling championship. It looked like a children’s toy, and that’s why it was created, to sell more spinner toy belts to the young children Cena’s character was directed to market towards.

          • bill

            im a adult wrestling fan and id like to say the spinner belt was not the best championship belt design but it was in the top three so there you go noe you know an adult who liked it

  • Backstreet Bungalow

    It looks alright but it’s bedazzled a little too much. It reminds me of a create-a-title from the games. I expect the bulls to be replaced by WWE logos when Rock drops it at WM. I chuckled at the end when Punk hit cena with the spinner and tossed it aside like trash. “I want that one”

  • Melanie

    it’s ok like the spinner better

    • Max Buglear

      The person who put a dislike is a retard

  • Spike_Spiegel

    Fuck it. The spinner belts gone. Thats all that matters.

    • DEX

      Yeah, it doesn’t spin, doesn’t matter that this new one is ugly as shit though right? This new belt has no personality, and is the most bland of all the WWE belts in history. But hey… it doesn’t spin right? Give me a break… What’s funny is the spinner at least had a pretty look to it, had an eagle at the top, and only spun 2 out of its 7 yrs.

  • Darth

    Well at least it’s not the Jeff Hardy title belt.

  • CrooklynMayoKMJr

    Glad to see the spinner go, but don’t know how I feel about that.

  • Cmcasey44

    Honestly so ugly! Should have brought back the undisputed wwe title!

  • BitRipper

    We finally get the new belt that EVERYONE wanted, now everyone hates it.
    I seriously don’t understand the IWC sometimes.

  • the_unknown

    looks great to me, the only issue i have with it is the bulls on the side…. AND the fact that the man that held the title for 400+ days wasn’t the one that introduce it to us but besides that the belt looks fantastic

  • Justin Kakatsch

    That belt is uglier and more blah then the copper penny tag belts!

  • erodnyc06

    Kinda looks like a graduation ring to me. I also assume the bull logos are removable and can replaced by logos representing who ever is holding the title at the time. At least the spinner belt is history finally.

  • Spartacus

    For me the WWE championship should NOT be stylish, it should be a heavy piece of gold that speaks for itself. A bit like the world heavy weight championship and how the undisputed championship used to look

  • Mr. Honesty

    This is only a custom belt, guys. It’s got the Brahma Bull side plates.

  • MB12

    Here i thought that WWE Tag Team titles were the ugliest i have ever seen, well this piece of crap takes the prize. Was hoping for winged eagle belt, but common this is WWE, nothing makes sense anymore.

    • morrisonfanone

      I know. They really need to do something with the Tag title belts. The WH, IC, and US aren’t that bad.

  • Joseph Monroe

    Ugly just like the spinner belt new design please.u

  • Mr. Honesty

    I’m positive this is only a custom belt. It’s got Brahma Bull side plates. If it’s only a custom, then I’m disappointed they just didn’t whip out the out Brahma Bull belt.

  • ImW33Z

    I really hope this belt will be gone once there is a new Champion. Bulls on the side just make it look like a Rock only belt.

  • Wweis123

    Very ugly! Should have gone with the undisputed title!

    • attitudewwf593

      Go to sleep already!

      • Daemon1475

        Go away virgin

  • GMpunk

    I may be the only one thinking this but the last design was better.. this new belt is hideous. .

    • JamieEvsxx

      mehh, I don’t like it either tbh…=/

    • morrisonfanone

      Oh trust me, I’m too wild about it. My dad says the only reason I don’t like it is because I don’t like the Rock. Truth is, if Cena had debuted it, I would still hate it.

    • Max Buglear

      Thank u some1 who has common sense

  • Jose Cordova

    it’s about time Not no old school Belt that I want but It will do

  • DigitalWWE

    I like it. Screw all of you.

  • Stephen Wadelin

    A replica belt is already available for purchase the bull side plates ARE NOT apart of the normal designed and will be swapped out based on Champion. – You’re welcome.

  • sxejericholic

    Look at the Replica that’s being sold full view pic, it actually looks pretty damn good.

    • IKeepsit100

      People are too stupid to thing that the bulls are going to be final and stuck on it….really people?

      • Aiii

        Can’t really blame them, for 8 years we had Cena’s personal belt as a permanent one. Of course the personalised side plates have replaced the name tag, but once again, can’t blame people for thinking that they’re permanent based on past experience.

    • Max Buglear

      It looks pretty damn SHIT

      • Clique: Hunter Hearst Helmsley

        Nah it looks great.

  • Jaydon

    better than the spinner belt just hope those bulls aren’t permanent.

  • Jose Cordova

    The rock was like come on guys Y’all like the belt right lmao

    • IKeepsit100

      lol i doubt most of them could even see it. It’s only because the bulls people causing a shitstorm

  • A Paul Heyman Guy

    Its was funny how the rock was trying to get a better reaction from the crowd for the belt even though half of the crowd hated that belt too.

  • blake

    ok ok true it sucks, but anything is better than the spinner shit. i believe the point of bulls just means that whoever the champion is, whatever their symbol is then that will be the symbols on the sides of the title.

  • Trevor

    It’s an improvement. Plus, it’s the beginning of the end for the Cena era!

  • lemonz

    It’s better than the spinner, thats for sure, I dont have a problem with it, seems original and classic and meaningful but, I still think that WWE could have done better.

  • Weel

    Well, atleast we know what CM Punk and the Mayor of New Orleans have in common. They both want the new championship.

  • David Stephenson

    The new WWE title belt don’t look that bad. The only thing that I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t have an eagle in the center of belt like previous designs did.

  • Donte Shoshona Gopual

    It looks fine stop crying, im just happy to have cena’s belt gone. Its like you guys forget that this is the “new WWE”. I for one was expecting alot worse.

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    Its not the best ever but it’s still better than that spinner belt. And to have Punk come out and hit its creator with it was brilliant. I also liked how Punk said “I want that new one” afterwards. I’m sure the bulls are removable so I think people can calm down over those. It’d be a cool thing to see each champion be able to have his own side plates on it.

    • Wallace

      I don’t think it’s better than the spinner nor any other belt that preceded it. It’s the most bland ugliest belt WWE has ever created.

  • blake

    they’ll have their own symbols on it.

  • Peer Pressure

    The TNA strap looks better.

    • KAZ

      Big time

  • Jay Jayerson

    They had to make it a little ugly – or everyone who’s ever been champion in the last 8 years would demand that the new one be photoshopped into their old photos.

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    They’ll def have their own sideplates…there’s nowhere that the champs name is on it at which means the only way to identify who it belongs to will be the side plates. That is actually a cool feature I think. It’s something different anyway.

  • blake

    i think that’s the point, with the symbols you don’t need the name.

  • fitzy_1978

    They should have brought back an original like Cody did with the Intercontinental

  • blake

    however, with that being the case, how it looks is going to scare me when cena wins it.

  • Jerichoholic

    Punk: I WANT THAT ONE!

  • Here

    We will get a new belt once cena wins because of the bulls on the side watch you see . Or they bring the spinner back for another 10 years

  • IKeepsit100

    No more name plates on the belt obviously…wtf

  • blake

    i understand they wanted to go new heading into wrestlemania, but i disagree and call it stupid that they waited til the monday night after a second rate pay per view. it should been a monday night after 1 of the A pay per views.

  • Sisisi!

    Punk or someone else should’ve revealed it, but big step up from the spinner belt.

  • blake

    cena’s symbol on the belt will be: his fingers curled down with the 3 up. oh my god that’s going to be pure hell.

  • Daniel Fundora

    I hope new wwe champion stays every match for long time!

  • Josh Oswald

    It kinda looks like the Light Heavyweight title.

  • Rudy

    I rather have the wwe championshpi before the spinner belt now that looks better than this piece of crap n the spinner belt

  • Jeremy Gordon

    This title is ugly, the Spinner is MUCH better than this toy.

  • Jeremy Gordon

    Anyone who thinks this is better than the Spinner is a retard.

    • Max Buglear

      Thank u some1 who has common sense, not like those retards who are brainwashed by a guy who left the people. He left the people so he can persue his selfish goals in the film industry

  • Yo moms favorite dick down

    I do not believe this is the full legit replacement belt…the rock is not gonna be champ forever so why would the put the bulls on the side? I think rock loses at wm n either Cena or punk (hopefully punk) reintroduces the legit design. I’m not hating this one though its gritty n different.

  • heterosexual

    any money says new champions will have their own logo’s put on the side

  • jccox01

    Ugly. Looks like a NXT title. They should have went back to the undisputed title.

  • dae

    Much better than the stupid spinner belt that should’ve been trashed many years ago. I guess the side panels with the bull will be replaced by some other symbol when others win the title. Also, missing the nameplate that the older titles always had.

  • Abz

    Man this new belt looks much worse than chyna’s penis ring..

    • Keith

      Man, shut the hell up. You talk like a geek that has zero experience with women.

      • Abz

        sorry if I offended your man-whore!!

  • vinnie

    You notice there no title name plate on the belt that’s abit odd.

  • vinnie

    There no name plate on the title belt isnt that abit odd.

  • jeff hardy fan

    i think he should have bought back the belt he had in the attitube era but that belt is awesome

  • Hamad Khalifa Buqais

    damn u WWE i finally thought we are goin to have a good looking belt ffs, bring back the winged eagle damn it.

  • Best Comment

    It’s dumb because it has that big ass Logo taking up the majority of it.

  • MrJimmy

    I like the shape of the side plates but the center plate is really plain. The font is good but there’s not enough on the plate. Overall it looks quite disappointing.

  • Progress_Now

    what’s the big deal? Cena’s just gonna bring back up the piece of shit spinner one after he wins at WM anyway

    • jccox01

      No he wont, he even said it himself he wanted the spinner belt to go away. Now it’s gone.

  • justsomefan

    new championship belt looks fine to me…i, just like every one else,was looking forward to a new belt,unlike alot of ppl im not gonna bash? something if it didnt come out looking like a fan concept or a throwback belt.its time to move on.those belts have theire own history in time,let this one do the same.thing about it is,wwe is not gonna be able to please everyone,so ppl will hate regardless.vince has ppl who create the concepts for belts and then he gives the final yes or no.dont blame rock,blame vince.ppl didnt like the spinner belt,ppl dont like the new one…sounds like to me it doesnt matter WHAT wwe tries its not gonna please you.whats next,yall gonna start bitching about what color the ring ropes are?? c’mon ppl get off the bull sh*t.

    • aj2345

      Exactly. Enough with the fuckin’ eagles already! I like also like the look of the new belt. People get stuck on things looking or being a certain way,

  • nightmare from hell

    it really doesn’t look that bad

  • Dennis Kristensen

    Ohhh great… Bulls on the sides… So no matter who has it people are gonna think it’s Rock’s belt. Figures

  • WWEFan4Life

    YES! YES! YES!
    Fucking shitty spinner belt deserves the trash its been thrown in. Mainly because it WAS trash!

    • Max Buglear

      U r a retard. U r 1 of those millions brainwashed by The Rock and Im the saviour.

      • WWEFan4Life

        Brainwashed by the rock? What fucking drug are you on?! I hate the rock, I just prefer the new belt to the old belt you dumb fuck!

  • Gary Safc Dodds

    I believe the side plates are customisable rather than the spinner lol

  • Superlative

    Why must there be bulls on the side, all we went from was a Cena belt to a Rock belt.

  • Ross Smaglinski

    I like it lol and when the Rock loses, the bull will come off and they will be replaced but the belt its self is what it looks like, an its bad ass

  • Ross Smaglinski

    I no im double commenting but, I think since there’s no name plate on it, the side plates tell who is holding it

  • BrickHouse

    Might as well have kept the older belt, because this one still has the same big ass “WWE” logo in the middle and it looks bland as hell.. looks like what a custom made belt buckle would look like too.. At least the older one had somewhat of a hot look to it…

  • Josh Foley

    i like it better than the attitude era belt but its not my fav of all wwe belts

  • Hershey Maxwell Barber

    Looks like the United States Championship belt.

  • Guest

    This is better than the spinner why are you all complaining? Its lame and a lazy effort but considering WWE’s recent designs for belts this isn’t bad.

    You marks always have to complain about something.

    • Mike

      Because people have a right to say whatever the hell they want, that’s why. Now how about you relax dude…

  • AVPredator4985

    At first I hated this belt, but as I look at it, it’s actually growing on me. It looks good on the Rock, and I think this belt will be much more prestigious than the last. I think we just need to get used to this. Honestly, I think unless they used some past style, we were gonna hate it no matter what. Why? Cause we’re the IWC and that’s what we do best!

    • Keith

      Speak for yourself, not everybody associates themselves with this iwc.

      • AVPredator4985

        You’re on a dirt sheet site sir, whether you like it or not, you’re a part of the IWC. You’re welcome.

  • raVen

    WCW keeps the title of best belt in wrestling history.

  • danny

    the wwe shouldnt waste the spinning belt they should turn it into the new reborn heavyweight hardcore championship . and the new wwe title looks awnsome

  • Chris Hickey

    The belt and the person holding the belt are trash…. CM Punk Rules

  • DDT

    I like it ooks like a boxing title.

  • DDT

    I lke iooks like a real nice WORLD BOXING TITLE

  • JamieEvsxx

    I’m not really sure what I prefer tbh…like I didn’t like the spinner belt since it was a bit dated and all but I don’t really like the new title either tbh…mehh I’ll get used to it and maybe like it in future but now I do think it looks horrible (it’s the black background in the centre piece that’s annoying me really)…=P

  • clos420

    like it except the brama bull with glowing eyes its looks crappy

  • DEX

    The only reason why fans (more specifically iwc) are praising this ugly thing is because “anything is better than that awful spinnerbelt”… All that hate because a belt had a spin wheel, that hasn’t spun since 2007. Give me a break…. Just like the iwc to make a mountain out of a mole. And that spinner was actually better looking than this one, because it had personality and didn’t look bland. Same iwc that complained of the spinner having a WWE logo in its center instead of a globe, these are the same people praising this new one which again doesn’t have a globe in its center and instead has an even bigger WWE logo. Hypocrites… this is why the iwc is full of shit and will always be full of shit.. Undisputed belt looked better than this, and even that ugly original attitude bulky blue strapped belt looked better than this.

  • EdwartF

    what a shit belt, looks like no prestige whatsoever. Ew throw it away

  • William

    Man yall dick ridin The Rock alittle bit too much cus b4 his Punk-ass came back i bet 20 dollars all yall were John Cena Fans yall tlkin bout Hip Hop dont got shit to do wit da Wwe Championship John Cena Was Jus Tryin to be creative for grown ups and kidgs and dat piece of creativity is one of da reasons why da wwe is so damn Successful now if u disagree ask Mr. Mcmahon he’ll make way mo money wit John Cenas Spinner Title which I like my damn self than that crappy ugly ass piece of shit The Rock made. The point is instead of Dick Ridin da fukk out The Rock so damn much yal shud Give John Cena Some Damn Credit for bein Creative and I kno John Cena put way more time and wdamn sure alot more money into the Spinner den The Rock did wit dat Ugly ass Piece of shit noww Known as the Wwe Championship and i Bet Yal probably thought Cenas version of the Wwe Championship was sexy as fuck b4 da rock won it and turned it into a piece of fukkin plastic

  • BG fan

    OK ppl just look at this belt for a min and forget the fact that Rock reveal it an tell me u dont think its a peace of garbage?

  • fan

    by the way when Stone Cold see this belt he is going to vomit!

  • sincaramystic

    The pieces on the side may be change-able depending on who where’s the title. The bull for Rock, X for CM, the “A-OK” 3 finger symbol for Cena. I want Cena to get the win at wm29, but I want to see Punk back with the title through the summer, maybe eventually he can feud again with Ryback.

  • mr.Jango

    well cena did say that who ever was champion could change the belt design when ever the wanted. its not as bad as i thought it was going to be

  • charlemange

    Its ugly more so than the spinner belt to me

  • cenakicksrockazs

    This new piece of sh $#% belt is ugly as hell I rather keep da spinner .. F#% $* da Rock

  • morrisonfanone

    I will admit that the spinner belt was stupid, but this one isn’t exactly terrific either. It’s just a little odd looking. It kinda looks like plastic.

  • Danny Bauch

    wwe should take the wwe spinning belt and turn it into the wwe hardcore spinning championship belt

  • Max Buglear

    Thats the worst wwe title in companies history. It represent nothing about WWE. Its just a fucking logo and the CHAMPION on the middle plate. The Spinner is the greatest design in WWE history. Every1 in Britain loves the Spinners but hates the new title. Only USA likes it all the other countries hate it

    • Max Buglear

      The Rock has brainwashed the people in2 liking it. The Rock is SELFISH, IGNORANT and doesnt give a shit about the wwe universe. There isn’t a name plate WTF! I want 2 know who the champ is! I want 2 know who is face of wrestling.

  • Norman

    Call me an old fart but how about a more traditional looking belt?! This is better than the spinner but not much. I’ll take the one they used from 2002-2005 any day!