Pictures: Chicago Pizzeria Bringing Back CM Punk Pizzas

Chicago pizzeria Dimo’s has announced they are bringing back two limited-edition CM Punk-themed pizzas. Here’s the press release:

The Anaconda Vice and Go To Sleep Specials Are Back!

Chicago, IL— October 3, 2012 – Dimo’s Pizza, (3463 N. Clark St.) announced today the return of two best-selling pizza specials just in time for WWE superstar CM Punk to release his biographical documentary, CM Punk – Best In The World, chronicling the world renowned wrestling champion’s rise to the top. The specials also help celebrate CM Punk’s birthday on October 26th. The vegan Anaconda Vice and not-at-all-vegan Go To Sleep specials will be back on the menu from October 22nd through the 28th.

The Anaconda Vice pizza features a base of slow-cooked black beans topped with Upton’s chorizo seitan, vegan bacon bits, dairy-free cheese, chopped tomatoes, green onions, cilantro and parsley. A vegan twist on the Brazilian dish feijoada, Dimo’s created this pizza to commemorate Punk’s new meatless diet.

The Go To Sleep, or G.T.S. special, features smoked turkey leg, sliced potatoes, Swiss cheese and French fried onions. This special was an especially popular delivery request for Wrestlemania earlier this year.

Check out these pictures of the CM Punk pizzas at Dimo’s:

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Brad Davis

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  • pwnez

    I wanna try that pizza.

  • Bradley Weller

    Ha! he looks like mario in that pic

    • MalaysianInvasion

      ITS A MARIO!!!! LOL

  • 7 year old boy

    I’m hungry now, I’ll ask mommy to get me some CM Punk food tonight :p

  • RandomAssPost

    Love to try the anaconda vice on. I’ll trek to Chicago just for that lol. I love Vegan pizza so much.
    Not surprised the GTS was a big hit especially for WM. Nice big greasy pizza with some beer or soda for the show when shit gets boring? Sign me up

  • God’s Diamond, the Reignmaker

    wtf … vegan bacon bits

    • Josh Foley

      its not bacon if its vegan

    • MB

      Most brands of bacon bits are not from real bacon, just flavored

  • Eli


  • JamieEvsxx

    take away the onions and the pizzas sound munch…xD

  • MalaysianInvasion

    i asked my mom to get me a gts pizza and she threw me over her shoulder and kneed me in the face!! smh

  • DAX

    Vegan PORK??? We live in a strange fucking world. O_o

  • Jj Vaness

    I’m from Connecticut (worlds best pizza) and I’ve had Dimo’s. It’s pretty damn good.

  • Noach

    These pizzas deserve respect

  • morrisonfanone

    Wow. This is what is considered as news. What is happening to the WWE?