Pictures: DX/Kliq Reunion At WWE NXT Tapings

*SPOILERS* 3 Weeks Of WWE NXT Tapings Results From Full Sail University

Check out these pictures of Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Triple H, Sean Waltman & Billy Gunn together at Thursday night’s WWE NXT tapings from Winter Park, FL:

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Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Fathead

    These would be interesting, if they didnt take place every 8 weeks.

  • Bradley Wheat

    Oh wow! DX confronted by Damien Sandow! I bet it was awesome, especially if they attacked him after! Oh wait…..they did that on Raw already….boring.

  • Hershey Maxwell Barber

    When the fuck was Nash in DX?

    • NWO blood

      Him and Shawn Michaels where the first ones to start the Kliq back in the 90s

      • tiran66

        Actually the Kliq was the name Shawn Michaels, HHH, Nash, Hall, and X-Pac were known as backstage. And I suppose you could include Chyna in there too. The name made a brief appearance on TV before Nash and Hall jumped ship to WCW. Then Bret Hart called Michaels and HHH degenerates and the rest is history.

    • G.I.R.L.

      He was never in DX; just part of the godawful Cliq that had way too much power back in the 90s.It’s funny how guys like SCSA and Rock were never part of the group and are bigger than the group in their entirety.

  • the golden child

    i swear yall old wrestling fans need to retire always throwing yall 2 cents in something shut the fuck up and just watch the program got damn

    • the golden child is my bitch

      And you new illiterate wrestling fans, normally that are about 13 yrs old, need to learn to read instead of watching the crap that shows every Monday. Open a book, know your role, and shut your mouth! Go watch a Cena promo you mark.

  • DigitalWWE

    Yeah guys in case you didn’t know this is NXT. You know that show that doesn’t air on TV in the US. I know it sucks. Just when you might have found something to unnecessarily cry about.

  • Nicolai


    • kquickstillsucks

      Hahaha Yep

  • Jbabyface

    DX is old news triple H with his big ass nose sean waltman the miget billygun with the huge 5 head nash the big draff with the ugly mole on his face and shawn with the receeding hair lines lol yes im a hater but its w/e dx sucks boooo

    • Peter Griffin

      wow what a sad human you are

    • Pozessed

      Okay had to laugh at “nash the big draff with the ugly mole on his face”.

  • The Wrestling Scribe

    Sean Waltman looks in a bad way. Almost as bad as Triple H’s fuzzy hair.

  • Backstreet Bungalow

    What a surprise, people bitching about something that doesn’t even air on tv

  • Chris

    Seriously? Damien Sandow had to interupt this reunion too? Gee let me guess how this ends up, LOL

  • Kyle

    I love these guys but seriously Triple H,what’s with the half smile? U look like u don’t even want to be in this photo. You’re not even huddled up with them! Lol

  • Jayfur

    “Your Welcome”

    • Youre welcome

      My welcome?

  • Abz

    Oh my days its kevin trash

  • Peter Griffin

    Kliq for life M/

  • brainlazer

    fuck you all. internet marks suck a dick

  • jeffricoelexotico

    Billy Gunn substituting for Scott Hall?