Pictures: John Cena Debuts New Ring Gear In Japan

After recently ditching his jean shorts in favor of camouflage shorts, John Cena debuted a totally new look at Thursday’s WWE live event from Japan.

Cena came to the ring wearing a long red and white pants and a silver jacket with the word “Ribera” on it – a nod to the local Ribera steak house, which has been frequented by wrestlers for decades.

We’ll see if Cena returns to his camouflage shorts when WWE returns to the United States this weekend.

Comment Below and tell us if you think Cena should keep this new look.

Check out these pictures of John Cena’s new look:

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Daniel


  • ac1d_chr15t

    Those would have still been fucking fugly in the 90s

    • David Sanders

      This puts the F-U in fugly

      • spiritfinder13

        Cena really needs to tell the wwe universe what he really thinks of them. instead of just letting the fans be fans whether they like him or not.. fuck the rock he sucks ass anyways.. who hoo he wrestled at survivor series and will be at WM28 who gives a fuck. what happened to the rock is back to stay.. yea  what now.. the rock sucks and so does cena.. there both losers..

  • FarteR

    Pornstar pants lulz. Well, at least he changed something about his persona in about 5 years, that’s a start!

  • pwnez

    lmao I hope he returned to the camo shorts because that outfit is just…weird.

  • The Unbranded

    No… Just no…

  • Forceton Banfodder

    He went from Jorts to Crazy Pants?  If he’s trying to dress like a loser to fit in with his fans, then he’s doing a hell of a job. 

  • Evolution1031

    I thought he was a tool before,but this puts the icing on the cake…sphincter boy

  • backblack25

    The 90’s called they want their pants back

  • TLDD2010

    Holy Sh*t  Cenas wearing Zubov Pants. It’s 1990 all over again

    • Anonymous


  • wwefan6806

    Did he lose a bet

  • Anonymous

    Why isn’t stuff like this on t.v.

    • Anonymous

      Anyone who has a facebook should like this link so any of the Cena lovers left see what kind of perosn they worship.

  • 13rogersC

    what in the fck! If you show up like that Monday the rock is ganna put boots to asses for real!!!! Lmfao

    • Anonymous

      RITF,LMAO!!!!Now THAT is just funny!!!

  • Deante320

    John cena wearing that prove one thing…….cocaine really Is a hell of a drug

    • Cj Swanger

      im guessing Chappelles show reference?

  • Martin

    He Still SUCKS 

  • Anonymous

    Lol, sure, it’s a new aspect of looking at Cena. I’m up for it.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      That as wrong in so many ways.

      • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          So do you wear pj’s like that or not.

          • Anonymous

            nope, just BSing around

  • David Sanders

    This can’t be the face of WWE lmao

  • I Glow Blue

    Wait so Cena is gay now? but really Rico wants his pants back

  • Anonymous

    One doink the clown was enough just saying…….

  • Ennis63

    Oh my! This is worse than Undertaker’s golden pants.

  • The Book of DILLIGAF

    cena looks like a homeless turd burglar wearing that shit,

  • cjonez

    mid life crisis?

    • Ahayee


    • JamieEvsxx

      lol isn’t Cena like 34 or something ?…I thought mid life crisis kicks in by the time you’re 40…=P

  • el patron

    hes going back to sporting teams like he used to do with jerseys… 

  • Michael Rowlands

    Just a reply to the gay comments, as a gay guy, I wouldn’t be seen dead wearing those pants. Is he going back to the “Rapper” gimmick and tag-teaming with LMFAO???

    By the way, is that a 49ers badge on those pants?

    • Anonymous

      As a homosexual, what clothes would Cena need to wear to be gay?

      • maxie

        You only think things are a threat to your sexuality/masculinity because other people say they are.  I think you’d be happier if you stopped letting your friends and society influence all your views.

      • Michael Rowlands

        If you wanted to fit into the perceived stereotype, ass-less chaps!

        Generally though most gay guys wear what most guys wear, if anyone here is wearing jeans, t-shirt and a hoodie right now then you’re dressing like me, does that mean you dress like a “gay”? Not really no.

    • JamieEvsxx

      I’d kill LMFAO if they done that…besides they’re way too awesome for Cena…so on that note…I’m just gonna shuffle now…because I’m sexy and I know it…xD

  • Assh0l3

    He looks so gay…

  • Anonymous

    First they address people booing him, now he dresses up in a way that assures that people will continue.

  • Br883

    No wonder he gets booed in Boston, he never wears anything with the hometown teams anymore. As for the pants being gay. He is wearing San Francisco pants and there is a lot of gays in San Fran. Just sayin’.

  • the1candyman

    Love the new Cena look! SF 49ers zubaz! Representing!

  • Steve

    Ummm…John, Vince McMahon just called. He’d like his casualwear back.

  • 78246800

    The pants are the old 49ers pants. Its just a temp thing im sure. The top pic even shows the sf logo

  • Littlesweetness782004


  • Jóhannes Kristófer Kristinsson

    This is problably for a one night only kinda thing for japan who agrees? :D :D.

  • Dmc2360


  • Carlito8

    Yeah Cena those pants look pagamaslmao ,but seriously if Cena wants to change his ring gear he should do what he did during his rap gimmick come out with different throwback jerseys for each city he goes to, or different shorts, or something that represents the city Raw is in.

  • Anonymous

    Cena looks like Grandmaster Sexay (Brian Christopher) in that wack outfit

  • Henry Miz Afari

    DONT worry, hes gonna brag on raw that he always shows up to work, after he slept pass the time he was suppose to be in the ring

  • Dregg6669

    Is it 1987 again????

  • JR.399

    I’m pretty sure this isn’t what Roddy Piper had in mind when he told John to change it up…

  • The Book of DILLIGAF

    Doesn’t he realize that he’s advertising a Steak House? He probably thinks It’s cool to wear Ribera jackets and 80’s pants. Larry Zbysko, Kensuke Sasake, Masa Chono, Jushin Liger and various past NJPWrestlers are both laughing their asses off and at the same time, insulted.

  • Pharmxy

    Sooooo…..he wrestled in his pjs bc his gear ended up in bumfuq egypt

  • RCC

    This isn’t a “new” look. Everybody calm down. He’s wearing some SF 49er pants. Probably lost his luggage, or perhaps he’s simply a 49er fan & decided since this wasn’t on tv to go ahead and wear them. Talk about over-reacting, people.

  • Anonymous

    48 comments and NOBODY knows what they’re talking about
    good job IWC

  • Anonymous

     John Cena does his best impression of a gaijin (foreigner) wrestler in Japan during the 80s and 90s, wearing Zubaz pants and a Ribera Steakhouse jacket. All he was missing were cowboy boots instead of the sneakers.

  • James Rood


  • shakedaddy

    damn they took my shit off 

  • rockinyourmom

    you know i posted this in the comment section  before it was even added and for some reason my post isnt there …kinda odd maybe cause i mentioned i read it on another site ?

  • Casey Collins

    And they wonder why we hate him

  • Afglnd

    What in the hell. Has this fool put on himself?

  • Anonymous

    Anybody else “god no” but as it’s Cena “LET’S GO CENA!!!”

  • insane_icon

    No one cares john cena is gay no matter what he wears.

  • Anonymous

    I know he got rockbottomed hard at MSG but damn!!!

  • ZubaZ

    those are zubaz. San Fransisco 49er zubaz. they were huge in the90’s and predominantly worn by wrestlers and sports stars, as well as fat people, and people who like looking like gay zebras.

  • andre_assassin

    cena’s trying to please the more mature fans, too bad this doesnt cut it. if cena wants fans to respect him then he should just go away for one or two…years

  • Gillbergs_Broski

    The Rockers called they want their ring gear back.

  • Jamaallake

    Really? Really? Really? U guys are hating on cena more just bcuz of what he’s wearing.. U ppl are just a bunch of idle, immature jackasses

  • DonEdwards

    He really does look like a fruity pebble now

  • Anonymous

    He’s just giving The Rock more ammo! Lol…

    • Drizzydrake

      Looks a little like the old Cena…

  • Drpepper

    Wtf Are They Purposely Trying to Make this guy Look Like a jackass

    • SWa

      they have been doing that for the last 5 years, what are you talking about lol

  • Anonymous

    LOL what a total faggot! Why on earth would JC wear an outfit like this? I’m guessing it’s some of joke. Either that, or he left the house in a rush still wearing his PJ’s and forgot to change.

    Uhh yes John, we CAN see you – and you look ridiculous.

  • HB

    What the…?

  • Anonymous


  • Tequila_poophead

    hink if the rock sees this he will be scared to ge in the ring with cena i think he’d rather get in the ring with vito 

  • DrDirtyBomb

    It’s not his “new look” guys. A lot of wrestlers in the past have worn Zubaz when on tour in Japan. It’s an inside joke in the wrestling business. Smh. Zubaz is a brand of shorts and pants that became popular during the early 1990s. They were created in 1988 by the Road Warriors, for comfort while weightlifting.

  • Misshildy1

    Who really cares what type of gear a wrestler wears to the ring-I mean do you spend all that money for a fashion show ar a wrestling show.

  • Anonymous

    Someone needs to tell Cena he shouldn’t walk around all day in his pj’s.

    • THE-Anonymous-RAW-GM

      And someone should tell you to QUIT posting!

  • JamieEvsxx

    think this might be a one off thing…if not then………WHAT FUCKERY IS THIS ?!?!

  • Barreta4ThePush

    Didn’t those pants die when the rockers split?

  • Erica Burdette

    I’m not fond of his wardrobe choice at all. In fact, I think I’m probably the only woman who doesn’t like John Cena. He’s so overrated.

  • N_may11

    Omg! It’s zubaz! I have a pair for the bills!

  • Rdrew1990

    Fruity-pebbles (clap ) (clap) (clap) (clap) ……….Fruity-pebbles (clap ) (clap) (clap) (clap)

  • UltrasGR97

    that is so gay outfit

  • Shadows over Hell

    Larry Zsybizko, Jushin Liger, Dr. Death Steve Williams, Terry Gordy, Kensuke Sasaki, and countless others are insulted.

  • Anonymous

    John Cena is a great wrestler and what makes him stronger is criticism from other wrestlers like Rock (with all respect to the Rock) and also some other wrestlers like R-Truth and miz who are Jealous of Cena’s Success Miz who is especially bother everybody about when he won wrestlemania last year of course with the biggest help he can ever get from the Rock Nothing else.

  • Teqwtr

    even gayer

  • Drillmanfunk

    no it looks retarted go back to what makes john cena himself 


    He didn’t contine to wear these because his ass is too big