Pictures Of The New WWE Championship Belt

It’s been reported for months that WWE is in the process of making a new championship belt that will replace CM Punk’s current “spinner” belt.

Punk confirmed in a recent interview that the belt will debut very soon. He speculated it could debut as early as WWE SummerSlam (it didn’t) or by next month’s Night of Champions pay-per-view.

To update this situation, we can report that Rick Petko from Orange County Choppers, which is featured on The Discovery Channel’s American Chopper television series, is helping with the creation of the belt.

He tweeted on Wednesday afternoon that he is currently, “Annealing aluminum for a WWE Championship belt.”

Here’s the latest picture of the belt design below, as well as the previous leaked image of the new belt:

[nggallery id=57]

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Kozawsky

    So the original picture we first saw was indeed the Big centerplate of the belt…great, I just hope the final product is not as ugly as the Divas championship belt, or the NXT belt

    • heterosexual

      i like the diva’s belt, it’s cute :)

      • IKeepsit100



    I have a BAD feeling about this.

    • SWa

      oh boy lol

    • Attutude 2013

      well as much as the design sucks its still better then the current belt

    • xellix

      Thats what she said :)

  • ecbv



    why cant wwe go with a new version of the “Winged Eagle belt”. This design with the huge WWE logo just sucks to me

    • coachc89

      Bring back the original winged eagle, looked they did with the IC belt. Those are by far my favorites!!

    • JuanCabrera

      My favorite was the Undisputed Championship design. It reminds me of the days of some fantastic wrestling with Kurt, Brock, Eddie, and well… JBL. But I would definitely settle for the Winged Eagle! That’s a close second.

    • matt1

      Winged eagle all the way. Complete classic designed for Hogan in early 1988. If you watch the Main Event taping where Hogan loses it to Andre, he enters the ring with the old belt and yet when Andre pins him, he wins the winged eagle belt… it just magically changed lol… He gave the belt to Dibiase who was stripped of it leading to Savage winning it at the WM 4 tournament and the rest is history!!

  • kan

    if thats the main plate..then its gunna be ugly!! it has no design at all

  • Th3_Ev1l_n1nJa

    NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

  • Eubanks!!

    Its like a giant version of the US title.

  • almagz

    that cannot be the real thing. it looks enormous

  • Zack Stinson

    About time they dropped that Cena’s shitty spinner belt!

  • really123

    What in the blue hell was wrong with Hogan’s wwf championship ..they are making these things worse every time..Look at the the tag team belts that look like huge ass pennies,.

    • coachc89

      His was the best belt ever!!!@

  • Eubanks!!

    CM Punk probably has him trolling. No way WWE would let that leak.

  • pwnez

    From the pictures we’ve seen before this belt doesn’t look good at all. They should just bring bring back the second version of the winged eagle belt; the one that was used in 1998.

  • Weis

    If you ever watch a painting in progress, it always start off ugly. Hold your judgment until it’s complete.

    • HRMA

      This sounds similar to a sarcastic phrase that has shown up when dealing with bad video games lately when they look a little bad before release: “How can you know it’s shit before it’s on the plate in front of you.” “Simple. I can smell it while it’s being cooked.”

      • cm2012

        To reply to the video game comment… Sonic 06 falls under what you just said… You can just smell it…

  • Rhaps

    Dammit, it’s going to look like a giant belt buckle.

  • JamieEvsxx

    I don’t think I’ll bother making any judgements until I see the final product…because right now it’s obviously not gonna look nice so I won’t sit here saying it’s ugly and everything because it’s not even finished…it might come out looking really nice for all we know…=/

    • Mr_Shrimp_Vendor

      You should be getting paid for your unfliniching optimism here. ;)

      • JamieEvsxx

        thanks…if I were to get paid then that’d be pretty awesome lol…xD

    • Subayer Got Swaggi

      letts hope for the best

      • JamieEvsxx

        yup…that’s exactly what I’m doing haha…xD

        • Subayer Got Swaggi

          ya but in the end it might not even matter because this might very well be the end all be all design

          • JamieEvsxx

            Idk if that’ll be the final design…looks like it still needs a lot of work…but if that ends up being the final product then that really sucks…=/…but yeah like I said before I’m just gonna wait until it’s complete to make any sort of judgement about it…=P

          • Subayer Got Swaggi

            @JamieEvsxx:disqus fingers crossed

  • omega riddler

    they should just get a picture of rikishi’s ass and use that as the title because that thing looks like ass

  • Kyle Christie

    It’s a tad big don’t you think?

  • Tennindo Tennison

    Let be better then the Tag team belt.. PLZ *crosses Fingers*

  • DCF

    I really hope this is not all of the belt design! because this would look like the blank ECW belt, and that will mean that the WWE Championship lost

  • AngelFlow

    This looks like the NXT Belt (instead with the big WWE logo). Bring one of the clasics designs (like the winged eagle or the one the used until Cena debuted the spinner . I forgot the name of that one)

  • Christopher Thomas

    SHIT!! That this is the Design. SMH…fuck the wwe

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    Wtf is that?

  • Forceton Banfodder

    ANYTHING is better than the Spinner Belt at this point. I’ll hold off judgement till I see the final design around the champion’s waist.

  • Reality

    Oh god no, it looks aweful! Waste of money…. at least the spinner belt is great for marketing, as kids love it… But wtf is this new belt gonna do?

  • Bodacious Bob

    I never thought I’d say this, but keep the Spinner belt. This thing looks 100 times worse.

    • coachc89

      I’m not a fan of the spinner belt, but I would much rather see it than some welded up piece of crap.

      • Yankee McNasty

        It’s basically just the model or mold for it, not the actual title.

  • Gr8ness

    So basically its gonna be a updated version of the spinner with a us title kinda shape added on to it.

  • Marcus Naredo

    Are they making a belt big enough for the Big Show?

  • indywrestler22

    Wait for it (the final pic/design I mean).

  • TheGameS10

    Should have had PJD design that instead of OCC. Just sayin.

  • kelsey

    I think they should leave the wwe raw title alone and make a new smack down heavy weight title that on has been revamped from when rick flair brought it over from wcw back in his hay days and its kind worn out
    please keep the spinner belt and make a new wwe heavy weight title belt

    • Pozessed

      The world heavyweight championship AKA the big gold belt is historic, the title has been used in WCW, WWE/F and I think the NWA. It is known world wide as a championship belt… I don’t see it leaving anytime soon.

    • coachc89


  • Pozessed

    They need to make it look like an actual championship not all modern… The Undisputed WWE championship that was before the Spinner, that belt was PERFECT it looked important and made the guy that carried it look like the real deal.. Even though it isn’t completed yet, I’m going to go out there and say that this will make the champion look like a complete joke.

  • kelsey

    i thin the belt is not going to impress a lot of wwe fans yes i do to have a bad feeling about this belt

  • Steve

    Im gonna be optimistic and say maybe its a piece of the final center emblem and theres more to it than a giant logo, idk. My concern is the thing looks way too big

  • jay

    i wish they would go back to the winged eagle…

  • James

    I think it’s better than the spinner belt, but I don’t know why WWE wouldn’t just go back to the original undisputed belt that JBL held before losing it to Cena, that was a cool belt.

  • Andrew Knight


  • Guest

    All people did was bitch how the Spinner belt was long overdue, and i agreed with them, but now all people are doing is bitching about this design too, and its not even finished yet… Bringing back the Winged Eagle title back is pointless. The WWE is trying to move forward not backwards. Internet fans need to give it a chance. I think this title look’s pretty awesome, and seriously who cares if it has a similar outline to the United States Championship.

    • Herson

      You mean like how they brought back the IC title, right?

  • Shannon Harris

    I love the divas title design. This looks very similar to the current design minus the spinner.

  • G-Anthony Edward Raysor


    • IKeepsit100

      DAFUQ are you smoking? He already gave us a stupid gimmick belt that doesn’t even spin.

  • Jesse Sutton

    it sux dont like it

  • BT

    It’s the US belt without the US flag on it……….. Okay, I am no longer excited about this

  • You Mad?

    I bet they are going to put a globe behind the W. Just a thought.

  • jaycee jj

    it looks gayyyyyy

  • DK98

    bout time they ditch the spinner

  • Skullheart

    If they color it right,it could be a pretty good belt,but for some reason im just imagining a giant picture of john cena behind the

  • Mr_Shrimp_Vendor

    Well aware of the fact it’s not completely finished yet, detailing and last minute customizing and all that, but if that’s the center piece of it, then it’s no better looking than the current Cena belt. I’d rather they just brought back the old belt that JBL and Eddie used to carry when they were WWE Champ…or the Winged Eagle Belt #2 from the late 90s. Least those belts looked cool and prestigious…and stuff.


    Goodness Gracious it’s only just starting. You see the side plate on the right, it looks nice. The middle plate is only in the early stages as you saw. Of course it’s not gonna immediately be sparkly and purrttty like you all want it to be. I shall remain optimistic because there is one thing about this I am already loving ahead from the spinner belt.
    It. Doesn’t. Spin.

  • Johnie

    Well we can now officially say that it’s not a side plate like everyone once said before.

  • IKeepsit100


  • CactusZackAttack

    They should just get a belt from top rope belts, those look great, but i’m not too sure about this one

  • Michael Brooks

    that shit is ugly

    • pwnez

      I love u on the office stanley

  • Stallion

    sales are way down for their current replica spinner belts. It doesnt matter what the new belt looks like, it will sell because its new!! its all about toy sales, and nothing to do with punk not liking the spinner belt!!

  • Jason Myers

    Doesn’t look good.At least not yet.

  • Jason Myers

    Where is the nameplate going to go.

  • Winged Eagle 9

    That looks like it could be a plate on the strap.

  • Steve

    That cant be the actual belt someones going to wear. Look at the size of it compared to the guys body. Its gotta be something else special OCC is building for WWE that incorporates the image of the belt. (Maybe for Wrestlemania in nearby NY/NJ?) And I cant honestly believe WWE would have a motorcycle company build and design their main title belt. However, based on that previous leaked picture I do believe that this may be the final belt design, which is pretty uncreative if you ask me. Even CM Punk said at a Q&A months back “There is a new belt, I’ve seen it. And I gotta be honest with you guys it doesnt look much better than this one”

  • Stephan Storvestre

    but ugly!

  • TheresProgressNow

    still one ugly mathafakah

  • Joesph B

    There not going to go out of there way to create a great belt when they have the network (hopefully) coming soon with a new logo & what not so they’re just doing away with the spinner since it took them damn near 10 years to realize what a dumb idea it was. They just need some kind of extra excitement to bring up there rating from 2.0-3.5…

  • Mr_DJ

    what is this? I don’t even…

  • Tully

    I hope it really doesn’t look like the leaked pic. That is even uglier than the current belt.

  • Steven Pandopulos

    I sure hope it has more color than just gold.

  • Zach Woolard

    I actualy like it. The only thing I dont like about it is the color of it. They need to add some color to to the WWE logo.

  • McGreal

    It’s not big enough

  • benoit

    ugly. just bring back the eagle its not that hard to do


    say what u will but that how the’re made nowadays… look at the tna title, it just says tna world champion and nothing else: face it, the days of making good belts are long GONE!

  • God’s Diamond, the Reignmaker

    i don’t even like the orange county choppers logo, so i’m not too interested in what they’re gonna do with a belt…REGGIE PARKS FOR LIFE!!!!!!!

  • Josh Sherman

    I can already see how this is going to go:

    Punk will debut this new belt sometime soon on Raw and do something like throw the the spinner belt in the trash on TV and diss Cena, generating more heat between the two, and helping turn Punk full fledged heel.

    Then….when Cena beats Punk at N.O.C (or later this year), Cena will revert back to the spinner and Punk will walk around deranged with this belt, claiming he’s still the champion to anyone who will listen, and will still demand respect, leading to the rematch.

  • TEAM264MAG

    that is hideous…

  • Undertaker’s underpanties

    It’s simple, it has a slightly classic look to it, Cena didn’t design it, and it just simply looks better. Honestly, I like it.

  • Undertaker’s underpanties

    I already said i liked it, but remember guys, it isn’t done yet. It says “Latest leaked picture.” I’m not being pushy, I”m just saying that they probably just haven’t painted it just yet.

  • WWEFreak0499

    this belt looks like it is going to be made for a clown… but if this is going to be the final design of it they should just let CM punk keep it. he is a big one now

  • Craig DeBoard

    These are the same pics we’ve been seeing for months, just from a different angle. I’ll believe it’ll happen when it’s on Raw. Not a second before.

  • johhno

    dont like it no class really take a look at era rattlesnake and spinner and put something with all three in it

  • denver

    i like the old one better then the spin belt

  • Ex XFL Employee

    I don’t think it comes out till the rock wins it at Royal Rumble…says he hates the CENA belt, Cena wins @ mania @ Second in a lifetime and changes it back cause people absolutely despise it…Take it to the bank and cash that, cause thats a money statement…

  • ShahidAziz

    Well at least it actually says CHAMPION instead of CHAMP.

  • Grant Brown

    its even worse! enough with the diamonds! wwe grow back some balls and get a MANS design and a REAL title belt that means something!

  • Say’m Saroosh Ma’Leek

    Oh man i dnt like how this one will turn out plz god tell me they bringing back the classic wwe title Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    If not wwe is gna turn out what the belt already looks like:P

  • david

    Whoever it is that runs the department of this title design should be fired
    I need to work for the WWE

  • john

    Its def different from all the other designs.I liked the undisputed title.The tna title looks great as well just my opinion.

  • Troy Campbell

    Lets all, wait and see. If Rick Petko can take sheet metal and turn out some bad ass choppers and custom bikes surely he can design a great belt. At least I hope so

  • Steven Bristol

    Guys, have you seen Petro’s OTHER work? The dark metal piece is …in preproduction, let’s say, and the gold piece is clearly a sidepiece to the belt. WWE knows many fans dont approve of the current belt, and they’re not going to give us a POS to replace it. If they didn’t care and want quality, they wouldn’t have brought in an OCC guy like Rick Petro!

  • joe dittmore

    its not done yet tell the finish protect done no judgement

  • Christopher Thomas

    this title sucks

  • Timothy A Bockhaus

    I thought the “spinner belt” was a total disgrace to the history, honer, legacy and tradition of ALL past WWF/E champions. This new belt isn’t far behind. Even more so than that horrid “smoking skull” belt of the “attitude era”. At least that one said: WWF/E heavyweight wrestling champion on it. The last decent championship title was the famed “winged eagle”. Johnathon Michael Armonni (indy pro wrestler)

  • DOC316

    Take the Undisputed Championship design. Winged Eagle design and the old wwf additued belt and make a belt that would be a graet pice of art work not just a big ass logo saying WWE. THE belts in the past had hart , love and feeling in the design not like a big ass logo saying WWE . Its like he didnt know what to put or make and was like lets put the WWE logo and make it realy big and thay will like it . ware did the hart go ware did the feeling go and ware the hell is the additued

  • mike s.

    i don’t see a pic of the new belt

  • Chris Hickey

    bring back the smoking skull belt. over

  • Clever Screen Name

    Who made the cake?

  • FeedingTime

    tna world title looks better then this piece of shit. Did they buy this from the toy section at K-Mart?

  • TheUndertakerFan

    stop being idiots and return it to the 2002/2003 WWE Championship title so much better

  • Jpro Walkom

    There really need to kill the guy responsible for artworks in WWE.

  • ant

    just bring back the undisputed championship belt .. thats the best belt in my opinion