Pictures Of AJ Lee Before She Was In WWE

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Frank

    she look the same!

    • G.I.R.L.

      LOL Exactly. I just realized that she lived in Union. That’s about 18mins from me.

  • pwnez

    She looks so young but she’s definitely hott in these pics. Nice yearbook photo too.


    Damn she was just always hot wasn’t she?

    • JeffHardy4Life

      It maybe just me but i dont fine aj to be hot. I believe that Eve is the hottest.

      • G.I.R.L.

        They aren’t in the same league. They’re hot in different ways. Like Jessica Alba and Eva Mendez. Both are smoking yet you can’t compare the two.

      • Yunggesus

        I started to agree with you but then you kinda fucked up when you said Eve. AJ ,beth and natalya maybe the only females in WWE who looks good without makeup. Makeup doesn’t make me attracted to females.

        Example,Jillians mugshot

        • JeffHardy4Life

          Word i do think Beth is hot as hell.

        • Revelation

          Have to agree Natalya has always been one of the hottest divas… but AJ… Damn.

      • TheKillingMoon

        Of course you do. People like you are very easily pleased, especially when it comes down to no talent hacked butt chinned hoes like Eve.

        • Andrew Campbell

          That’s a bit harsh. Eve isn’t one of my favourite divas either, but she’s definitely not ugly.

          • Rayman

            Lets be honest….with the exception of Mae Young there really isnt a chick on the roster any of you would kick out of bed.

        • JeffHardy4Life

          What was the point of that? Please be mature!

          • TheKillingMoon

            Telling it like it is. Deal with it.

          • JeffHardy4Life

            Telling it like it is?….Partna u dont even know me, so do me a favor and KISS MY ASS

      • Jeremy-County Roberts

        with a username like “JeffHardy4Life” you can say the earth is round and nobody will take you seriously. AJ is a good looking girl, she has that natural look. Real men dig that.

        • JeffHardy4Life

          Partna mind ya fuckin business. You are always dickin my comments.

        • Brian Kronz

          there is no such thing as a real man just different men

      • Pozessed

        I partially agree… Eve is a lot more… Glamorous I suppose you can say where as AJ is more Cute.

      • somebody

        check your eyes lol. I think somethings off in them. lol im joking your rite. lol kidding again your wrong. ajs not hot but eve is the hottest? I don’t know you sound like another ugly comment. full of bad words. lol funny.

      • jayman

        get your eyes checked man eve is hot but not as good as aj

    • Dick Chipperson

      She sure as hell was no ugly duckling.

  • Tennindo Tennison

    *Nose Bleed*

  • JeffHardy4Life

    Although I dont think she is the hottest diva in wwe, the picture wit her on the chair is ridiculous……………..shucky ducky quack quack!!!

  • MisterE

    if these are suppose to be photos of AJ before she was in the WWE then why is she holding up a sign that clearly shows her wwe facebook page….even if she was a rookie at the time she was still part of the wwe roster???

    • G.I.R.L.

      It’s before she was a part of the main roster.

      • MisterE

        I know, but if they’re going to post something like this, at least be consitant with the photos. I was expecting for all of the photos to be PRE wwe. Yes they do show some pre wwe photos but 10% of the photos are WWE content.

  • Jamie

    When she was 12

  • Andrew Campbell

    Beautiful smile in pictures 4 and 5. Definitely a dream girl :D

  • TheBestInTheWorld

    AJ is the hottest WWE Diva of all times and that the truth.

  • cenasucks

    She is hot!!!!! how come it says it’s before wwe when in one of the pics it says her twitter address

  • joni iaverona

    she looks 12

  • Alberto Blasst

    shes gorgeous!! i <3 her!!!!

  • BMPunk

    IMO, she is the hottest Diva in the WWE today.

  • Charles Thomas Vaughan

    The divas they got now arent that hot at all. I miss trish stratus and lita them two are my favorite divas.

    • Hector Cortes

      Some are fine now but obviously a lot of the past divas had crazy great bodies and characters so it kinda favors the past women more.

  • Skinny D

    Hot yes….but Kelly Kelly is number 1

  • SouthernCanadian

    AJ is the sexiest Diva for ONE main reason. She is a REAL Diva, with a life-long passion to want to be in the business. Not some tough enough model. The picture with the WOMEN’s Championship proves it all.

    AJ you’re my favorite. You’re the only hope to being a diva/wrestler in this era

  • Henry Miz Afari

    She is cute, there is a difference. Eve is hot, cause shes tall and got the legs. AJ is cute, her smile and character sets her aside. There is a difference between Hot and Cute.

  • hurrdurr

    #9… dat ass

  • josh

    i don’t fine aj pretty

  • jon

    mmm all natural beauty

  • YoMama


  • Bushwald Sexyface

    SeScoops, install the mod the loads the images in the same page. I believe it’s called lightbox or something like that. It would make looking at images so much easier/better.

  • PanicAtTheDisqus

    Number 4. Dammn, dem Final Fantasy figures

  • My arms hurt

    WWE made a very good decision to put a lot of their eggs in AJ’s basket, so to speak. AJ has made a huge impact, and I hope they continue to utilize her well. The only diva that could possibly make as big or bigger of an impact would be Eddie’s daughter Shaul.

  • Luis Vidal Jr

    pic #9 OMG…That ass is unreal

  • vintage/fan

    America’s newest SweetHEART

  • yupyup

    i don’t know about u guys but #9 is my favorite. , ill save these just incase.

  • Wrestle4life

    I’m so proud of who she is in and out of the ring, she’s gonna make a great GM and if she needs any advice she can tap HHH, Steph, Linda and even Booker T or Vickie !! I’m proud to call her my (facebook) friend, you go girl !!!!

  • wwegamer4life

    of course she is was and always will be hot

  • wwegamer4life

    she is was and always will be hot

  • Vickie Guerrero

    The day she poses for Playboy is the day I lose both of my testicles.


    these r some great picture A J pretty younglady

  • daxx

    i will take her home and meet my mom…

  • PeterBahi

    There is a fake on Facebook that has stolen these pics to make you people believe she is AJ. Beware of a girl named “AJ Lee Yayy”. The pic you see above where she is holding a piece of paper so you know it is her, well this fake added a “7” next to wweajlee to make you believe she is AJ. I asked a friend of mine who works in the pro wrestling industry and knows her personally told me the bad news that I was never talking to the real AJ lol, so just beware guys if you guys have her on your friends list, it isn’t her. Thanks.

  • TylerDay67

    Fucking sexy!!!

  • ajleemarryme

    she has one nice body!!!!!!

  • mike jesse

    you are hot

  • mike jesse

    i love you

  • Junior

    Dammmmm go aj mamacita u look hot as always .