Pictures Of Kurt Angle’s Fiance’ Giovanna Yannotti

TNA star Kurt Angle is engaged to 24-year-old model Giovanna Yannotti. Angle met Yannotti, who is 17 years younger than him, on the set of End Game and the couple dated for several months before becoming engaged.

Yanotti has been at a lot of the TNA shows lately and believe it or not, her and Karen have been hanging out, even traveling together to shows together.

Here are some modeling pictures of Kurt Angle’s fiance, Giovanna Yannotti:


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Daniel Pena

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  • Anthony126517

    Kurt Angle marring only to show his wife Haha pay back… Not working :p

    But this girl is prob marring for Money think about it Angle as alot of money from Summer Games 1996 & WWE & TNA.

    Money makes the world go round ! :)

  • mpenny89

    Angle may have money from WWE, but Summer Games 96? uh-unh. 1. the medals are gold-plated.
    2. noone wins money, unless they do under the table gambling.

  • AVJaysonAV

    Wow she half his age and smoking, Well Done Kurt :)
    Although yeah i guess she wants the $$$$$

  • Councilman

    Not that anything is wrong with it, but I’ve noticed that Kurt like his women dark.

    She’s a looker…..

  • jams

    dam i wish would marry me to show up my ex wives, or for the money lol

  • K-Fist

    Good ole Kurt, getting married to some modeling bitch that’s only doing it for the drugs and money, then will leave his ass with almost all his money and pills– more or less getting Ric Flaried here IMO. XD

  • Wrestlingvoice

    Much hotter than Rahka and Karen put together.

  • cowardly

    she’s with him because she wants publicity and we’re giving her what she wants. Go look at her profile on one of the modeling sites where he keeps talking about how she wants more exposure. A superstar like Kurt Angle will certainly bring more exposure to her.

  • WHL76

    maybe a year

  • kgrueschowjr

    She must want his gold medals [ha-ha!]

  • DirtiestPlayer

    Kurt just make sure you call Bubba and get some advice on the PRE-NUP situation!

    Angle’s luck with women hasn’t been too good the last couple years.

  • wwepg_sucks

    thats my boy kurt, karen is hot but this girl is like DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TotalNonstopAddict

    He gets her and Karen gets… Jeff Jarrett? It’s tough to call who gat the better deal there…

  • coach.45-15

    With her being a model and just freaking HOT Kurt could very well be after HER money & drugs. It works both ways

  • HarryRKO

    she’s not that good looking

  • Frank Parker

    Nice job,now lets if Kurt can work a threesome with this broad and his ex.

  • killer16

    Dude wow she’s nice

  • Dark_Knight_Of_Albion

    i wonder how many times a night she taps out..

  • Coach

    DAYUMMMMMMM she is hot! BUT, come on Angle your dating, engaged & bout to marry what comes down to your daughter errrrr grosssss!

  • Reality

    Erf, pretty sad in fact.

  • Only117

    karen is much better looking

  • Lionheart

    Id rather do Karen.. His new chick looks Arab. 70’s bush for sure

  • Anonymous18

    Shucky ducky quack quack!

  • Horseflesh

    Not impressed, an Kurt stop bein pissed cause Vince isn’t interested in u

  • Christopher Philip Cinquegrano

    Looks a little too ethnic. not much different than the girl that works the counter at my local convienence store. I’d still give her a good ass poundin though :)