Pictures Of NXT Diva Paige

UK women’s wrestler Britani Knight (real name Saraya-Jade Bevis) made her WWE developmental debut at Thursday night’s FCW show in Tampa. Knight competed in a battle royal under the name Saraya, a play off her mother’s ring name, Sweet Saraya. Knight signed a WWE developmental contract in the fall of 2011 after receiving two tryout matches. She now wrestles at NXT as the “Anti-Diva” Paige. Check out these pictures of NXT Diva Paige:

Brad Davis

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  • josh3235

    wow 19 years old

  • Anonymous

    She doesn’t look a day over 15 RITEGUYS?!

    • Randy James Crawford

      She is 20 years old.

      • mrchopper

        I know how old she is, dude.

  • The Undertaker#1Fan

    Shes one of my fave divas now

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t seen her in the ring, but I hope to see her on TV by next year.

  • Rhawk

    Britani’s actual name is Saraya as well so its not just her mother’s ring name. Some real shit is gonna go down in Florida with her around! Look out Seth, Dean & Antonio, you have competition. ;-)

    • Rhawk

      Also I’m unsure whether her ring name is actually spelt like her real name and mother’s name ‘Saraya’, or if the report from PWInsider is right and its actually spelt ‘Sariah’. Either way at least she’s using her real name to done degree which I approve of. =-)

  • RavviCounty1902

    She comes from the same city as me!! No decent athlete ever comes out of Norwich!! Hope she makes it!!


    About f*cking time! I was wondering want happened to her. She’s great in the ring and I can’t wait to see her debut in wwe.

  • Anonymous

    heard of her, but haven’t seen her wrestle before. might check out her matches on Youtube.

  • Anonymous

    lol diva, gimme a break, be careful she might get more than the 30 seconds of allotted tv time for divas.

  • Flintreloaded

    she looks like Penelope Cruz….but hot and english

  • Anonymous

    Shucky Ducky QUACK QUACK

    • Jordan

      Qucky Qucky SHACK DACK!

  • Mr Blue Sky

    Shed get it

  • Finchfurlong

    Seen her a few times decent in ring mick skills not great but hey how ofton do Divas have to cut Promo’s. Think she do well she very cute and that all that matters to WWE

  • Finchfurlong

    Mic Skills my bad

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see some of those tities.

  • Flare Demon

    i’d give it to her.

  • Sd115


  • backblack25


  • Anonymous

    She looks like a kid, and that picture looks like a poster for a new Nickelodeon sit com.

    • Rhawk

      Looks like he have a hater in the house! =-P

  • Foofoo

    Rebecca Black’s sister.

    Yep, I went there.

    • Noach

      So when she gets pins the music will play Zack Ryder singing “Gotta get down on Friday” from Wrestlemania.

  • Anonymous

    friday friday

  • Anonymous


  • Bionic

    She’s white as hell, but id put it in her pooper.

  • Louis_wwe

    Dont complain guys. Her older pictures dont do her much justice but in her new ones she looks amazing. Watch her matches with her vs her mother on youtube. She is really good at wrestling and shes young too. Shes only 19! and shes signed with the best wrestling company ever. that is quite inspiring!

  • guest

    So will King get in there first?

  • Noach

    She could form a tag team with Kelly Kelly called Bevis and Butthead.

  • Drunk Punks

    Damn there is actually someone in WWE younger than me? LOL

  • sunnyy619

    one more victim of vince!!

  • Scoopslam

    She should join the Barrett Barrage revolution.

  • Anonymous

    Looked up some of her work, and I see alot of good things from this sweetie, I’m hoping the best for this one :)

  • Nufcman13

    to quote ron simmons…DAYMN!

  • TLDD2010

    She’ll probably receive more attention and actually wrestle by contiuning to do Slammin Ladies Customs

  • Jeremy Gordon

    WWE has some women in NXT that can actually go in the ring. Paige being one of them.

    • Anthony Flynn

      paige’s whole family are wrestlers she is the first to ever break into the big league …… watch the family story on youtube

  • johncena#1 fan

    im glad paige is my sister and she loves me very much and she is the best real sister and she is a great sis. paige best sister in the world.

  • johncena#1 fan

    and guest shut up she is my sis and ur a ass and whoever comments like guest will never be talking 2 my sis paige and she is here at my place now

  • eddie

    So cute