Pictures Of Sunny’s New Look After Getting Out Of Jail

Brad Davis

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  • ozzie

    Wow that was a quick turn around for her. Good for her.

  • HHH’sSwampAss

    Soccer mom.

  • Ryan Ryles

    Jail did not help her looks or figure, but glad to see a smile on her face given all she is going through :).

  • pickaname

    Hope nothing but a bright future for her. I’ll never forget the day I met her and Chris Candido.

  • illbangsunny


    • Andrew Campbell

      What are you smoking??

      • Brent Genito

        Andrew, even with the shorter hair and being older than we remember as kids, she is still hot.

        • Andrew Campbell

          She was hot in ’96, yeah. Not anymore though. But that’s just my opinion.

          • WCWPunk

            I agree with Andrew. I’ve definitely seen alot hotter.

          • My arms hurt

            Do you at least agree she looks better than her mugshot? I think she looks much better. Or course she’s not the hottest woman on the planet, duh, but there are a lot worse. Compared to Tanning Mom and Honey Boo Boo’s Mom, she’s an 11.

          • Andrew Campbell

            Lol anything would look good compared to Honey Boo Boo’s mom. That hog JR killed a few months ago looks better than Honey Boo Boo’s Mom.

          • shazia


      • ravenX

        probably some powerful weed

  • raven

    looks better than ever. she looks like she could tell you what hand is her left and what is her right for once.
    I never found her that attractive honestly. a run of the mill blond with some decent boobs and no morals…those are free and plentiful on any street USA

  • Jamie

    New site, Tammy Sytch Scoops.

  • Puppet H

    Still hot!

  • Derringer Duo

    She’s still attractive. Not “Hot”, anymore, but she’s pretty like the mom you meet in the local grocery store. Kind of a “second marriage later in life” attractive.

    Too bad she’s a crazy, stalking, ex-con with a dope problem.

    • shazia

      not attractive I think

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    I’d hit it. Maybe she’d get kinky in bed and put me in a headlock as JR crawls out from under the bed and calls the action.

    • Mr. Honesty

      By gawd, what a headlock. This has turned into a real slobberknocker.

      • Andrew Campbell

        With God as my witness, she is broken in half!!

        • RynoJordan23

          More like split in half…

  • getcarter


  • Al Oli

    I never once thought she was hott

  • Progress_Now

    put highlights on a pig, still a pig.

  • MB

    I’m still in love!!

  • corykraus

    Oh good, sneak previews of her next mugshot.

  • KenKen Beats

    Aye tho………she faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiine lol

  • Bob


  • phoenix

    I think she’s pretty, I wish her well/I hope she stays away from the media.

  • Hot Knight

    She looks like a waitress I’d come across at a local diner down in Tennessee. Late at night… I’m having a late dinner, and then she comes across and asks me if I need anything else. Then I tell her how cute she looks that night. Then me and her make out in the back and have a good ol time… I wouldn’t care that she’s 15 – 20 yrs older than me either. I love cute older women that look like this. They feel so warm, cuddly and gooood! mmm!

  • shazia

    no she iz not looking 14 she is 25 years board girl fake girl not good look