Pictures Of The Bella Twins In Spanish Maxim

Nikki & Brie Bella are no longer in WWE, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy how freaking hot they are. Check out these pictures of the ’ recent photo shoot for the Spanish version of Maxim Magazine:

[nggallery id=42]

  • Elgwyn

    Though they suck as in-ring performers, we can’t deny the fact that the Bellas are awesome models. Can’t resist clicking “Save Image As”. =)

  • Johnie

    I’m glad it’s not a blank article again.

    • Mr 561

      We deserved that one ..

  • tiran66

    These are obviously pre-surgery pics.

  • Franky Haro™

    oh Shucky Ducky Quack Quack!!

  • Mr_DJ

    I’m actually shocked Maxim didn’t cake as much makeup on them as WWE.

  • omega riddler

    omg, image 7 is… wow

    • Aidan Grover

      image 7 is… amazing

  • Nightmare

    Where’s Ron when you need him? oh well i’ll say it. ahem… DAMN!

  • TheKillingMoon

    Meh. People are too easily impressed by a bunch of trollfaced looking twins over real women.

  • JC

    Damn you Daniel Bryan!

  • JC

    Damn you Daniel Bryan!

  • Luis Alejandro

    Solomonster was right…two WHORES they are.

  • Yunggesus

    Must resist Lotion…2012,who uses lotion anymore?

  • SexyBoy808

    I wish they did each other

  • Andrew Campbell

    I think my desk just rised several inches.

  • Cyber Criminal

    Where the hell are fake-boobs???

  • abdo

    That YES-NO man is a one lucky sob.

  • IKeepsit100

    I look at these chicks and i just notice the one of the left really has a “boney” chest. I think they both should have had the surgery.

  • papucho316

    The one on the left is in better shape. They’re both hot though!!!

  • charlemange

    Is this before or after one got a boob job because it looks like one’s boobs are bigger than the other in picture 8