Pictures Of The Miz Dumping CM Punk On His Head

As noted earlier, CM Punk had an injury scare at Saturday night’s WWE RAW live event from Springfield, Missouri after The Miz botched a stalled suplex and nearly dropped Punk directly on his head. Punk rolled out of the ring where he was checked out by WWE officials for several minutes before finishing the match.

According to a live correspondent who was at Sunday night’s WWE RAW live event from Cape Girardeau, CM Punk wrestled in the tag team main event, showed no signs of injury and even took hard bumps during the match. Thankfully, this looks like Saturday night’s incident was simply a close call for Punk and nothing more.

Here are pictures of the spot that could have gone terribly wrong:

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • cenaritefulwwechamp

    lol i knew it. not miz’s fault…cm punk took it wrong. his own stupid fault. best in the world at not being able to take a simple move…fucking idiot. i hope he ends up retiring.

    • Roman Gonzalez

      Well aren’t you Mayor Douche from Doucheville?

    • Stranger

      Or because The Miz is shit and hit an actual brainbuster instead of the suplex he was supposed to do.

      • Dylan Reed

        or he lost his balance and Punk didn’t try too compromise

    • Aaron

      You can’t tell who’s fault it is by a simple picture. Miz for all w knew lost his balance and dropped him. It wasn’t a simple suplex

      • Dylan Reed

        i’m not saying he didn’t lose his balance i’m sure he did…but just look at Punk…for somebody who’s the “Best In The World” he couldn’t tell that Miz was falling and didn’t try too shift his body so he wouldn’t land on his head

    • Really?91

      I find it interesting that people behind a keyboard are now experts on how to sell a wrestling move

  • Alopezb5

    DAMMIT MIZ!!!!!

    • Dylan Reed

      punks fault…he was stiff as a board…you can’t do that

  • pwnez

    Miz reminds me of Mr. Kennedy and that’s not a good thing.

    • Dylan Reed

      it was punks fault though

      • pwnez

        Miz dropped him, how is that Punk’s fault? He can’t be that heavy.

        • Dylan Reed

          just look at the picture…when you get hit with a suplex you got too move your body with the person even if they fall yous till gotta move your legs and get momentum too go so that doesn’t happen…miz lost his balance but Punk being the “best in the world” didn’t know how too compromise and move his body so he wouldn’t get hurt…it was an accident like accidents happen in pro wrestling but from that picture punk was too damn stiff when miz started too fall…even though miz fell there’s still blame on Punk for not trying too not land on his head…but lord behold all the Punk fans don’t blame him for being too stiff and not trying too save his ass when an accident happened oh lordy what are we gonna do

          • pwnez

            Miz lost his balence, of course Punk is going to sway to the side. You’re looking at a picture here, not a video. We’ve seen sooo many wrestlers in the past take the same move with the same “stiffness” and they did fine. Goldberg is a prime example with his jacknife power bomb and his opponent would always look stiff. Goldberg knew how to keep his balance and keep his opponent in the air. Miz couldn’t even catch R-Truth, come on. He is sloppy as hell just like Mr. Kennedy was.

          • Dylan Reed

            EVERYBODY makes mistakes i’ve seen “great” wrestlers mess up bad and nobody cares…but as soon as its someone they don’t like its the blame game

          • pwnez

            Of course everyone makes mistakes but the Miz just looks sloppy when he wrestles. I was a fan of Kennedy but he was also sloppy. Hernandez from TNA is the same way. Don’t go for a move if you don’t think you can execute it properly.

          • Dylan Reed

            he lost his balance…something eveybody does even you and me…it was an accident…should Miz take time off and maybe brush up on his skills for a lil bit…sure if it’ll shut people up…but placing blame on him for accidents that happen that can happen too any of them is jsut stupid…should he maybe pay a lil more attention and get more focused on what he’s doing…maybe but people just need too shut up about how he’s a shitty wrestler…i’ve seen him put on good matches before

          • pwnez

            Miz should do what Mr. Kennedy should have done and that is work on his wrestling skills and stamina. Kennedy almost ended two wrestlers careers. Yes, they were mistakes but major ones at that. People are getting mad because they are saying negative things towards Miz, that’s the only reason. It was an accident, we get it but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t Miz’s fault…it was. Don’t go for a move unless you know you’re able to do it correctly. Face it, fans on here hate Punk so they are going to blame him. It’s the whole “he is indy” crap.

            Miz needs to be carried to a good/decent match. He is so sluggish in the ring, very sloppy and he is boring to watch.

          • Dylan Reed

            i think the indy wrestlers are awesome…samoa joe and all of them…i’m no longer a fan of Punk’s since he got stale…but Miz does need too take time off and get his head in the game and focus…but blaming one man over the other isn’t right…i blamed Punk simply cuz i was annoyed at all the morons…but it was an accident and placing blame is jsut stupid…it happened and Punk is fine so lets just move on and hopefully Miz will take some time off and refresh his skills…taking time off too do a movie really hurt the Miz’s in ring skills

          • killswitch

            Miz lost his balance It was Miz’s mistake Punk didnt have enough time to protect himself to prevent this accident Stop hating on Punk fans Accidents happen and Miz caused this accident Im not hating on MIz for it but he did fuck up Was clearly not Punk’s fault

          • Dylan Reed

            i’m a firm believer than when something gets botched no matter who it is there is always a lil bit of blame on both people…but placing the blame on one person like people are doing too the miz is wrong…it was a goddamn accident

          • pwnez

            That’s not true at all. Punk botched starship pain back in the day while his opponent was laying on the mat. How would it be both guys fault in that situation? How about Orton completely missing the RKO on Jericho when Jericho was standing still in the center of the ring? Lesnar dropping Hardcore Holly on his neck, enough said.

            With just those three examples (there is plenty more) yes, you can put the blame on one person. It was a mistake, i’m sure Miz didn’t do it on purpose but saying it wasn’t his fault is silly.

          • Dylan Reed

            they all make mistakes…you just put out some names that people are always like they can do no wrong in the ring…sometimes it is one persons fault…i haven’t seen that many botches but the ones i’ve seen either only hurt the one doing the move or its because both men fucked up…but you just proved that they all make mistakes but yet few people will notice because they think they can do no wrong in the ring…saying it is somebody’s fault for an accident is wrong…if he did it on purpose or won’t recognize that he lost his balance then it would be his fault…otherwise it was just an accident in my book…i’m glad nobody got hurt from it though

          • marsupial311

            Jericho could’ve sold that RKO if he was anticipating it better. Watch the video.
            Holly sandbagged Lesnar, put himself at risk.

          • SOBI

            those examples are good but like Dylan Reed said Punk ‘could have’
            saved himself. the Miz’s fault was IMO 80% and Punk was a little responsible.
            Its like in HHH’s pedigree, While in mid air HHH lets go of the arms of the opponents so they can protect their face when falling down, If some one decides not to save them selves or doesnt act fast enough its on them.
            But yeah Punk had less choice
            May be Miz was goin for the BrainBuster i remember that move from smackdown 2

          • JamieEvsxx

            I didn’t think Triple H let go of the opponent’s arms (if he did I’ve never noticed it)…I know Beth Phoenix let go of her opponent’s arms when she did the Glam Slam so they can protect their faces (although there was that 1 time with Michelle McCool where she didn’t let go, not really sure why she didn’t but mehh oh well)…=P

          • SOBI

            He didnt do it in the old days but watch his matches in the PG era he mostly lets go of the arms

          • JamieEvsxx

            oh yeah, when I was searching videos there was 1 version which he did to Ted DiBiase where he let go of his arms and there’s another he did to Mick Foley onto thumbtacks where he didn’t let go of his arms…=P

          • Vicon

            Actually those two botches were holly an jerichos fault. Hardcore went limp on lesnar because of his whole “I hate rookies attitude and lesnar got him up as high as he could alone. Jericho completely missed his cue to fall down on that RKO as well. Wasn’t Ortons fault.

          • Nik

            not really, there are certain moves in prowrestling where one guy has to totally depend on other. The suplex is like that too. The guy connecting the suplex has to fall back wards to do it properly. Miz probably fell on his. Remember when owen hart broke austin’s neck. Same thing. He dint protect austin.

          • The_Rode

            Austin broke his neck because he thought Owen was doing one move when Owen was doing another. That was neither guy’s fault and miss communication on both parts…. NOTHING about Owen not protecting Austin. If Austin KNEW it was a piledriver, nothing would have happened.

          • Orestis

            100% agree with you.But it was mostly Miz’s fault.Though i believe people actually joke around with the Miz…

          • Banc Florian Mihai

            well yes and no. While i see your point, here’s my view: This was a planned spot. Obviously. A planned big spot. Double Delayed suplex. That’s what punk was setting himself up to take. He was ready to take a suplex. Not a brainbuster. Since the drop was executed poorly, Punk was “Hey i’m not suppose to be taking a brainbu CRAACK”.

            A bit plastic of an explaination, i know, but i hope my point comes across. A delayed suplex has a certain move pattern to it and since miz (pictures) clearly deviated from that, Punk just found himself falling on his head.

          • Dylan Reed

            miz lost his balance and fell down…it was an accidental brainbuster…i figured out it was a planned spot when i first saw ryback doing the same thing…miz jsut wasn’t strong enough or experienced enough with a stalling suplex too do it right…i’ve seen miz do suplexes but not one of them was a stalling suplex…he just lost his balance doing a move he wasn’t used too do doing unlike ryback who does big moves like that all the time

          • mrchopper

            ALWAYS protect your opponent’s head. Rule #1 of professional wrestling.

          • vyleside

            It was a stalling suplex. Punk is/was meant to be still and vertical. It’s not until the guy giving the suplex gives the signal and a little shove that the guy taking it (punk in this case) shifts momentum to complete the move safely.

            If Miz lost his balance and fell while punk was vertical, then Punk would not have time to shift himself, because he’s going from stationary, straight down with no notice. He couldn’t anticipate and change direction, because in that half a second where miz loses balance, Punk shifting his weight could well make it worse and prevent miz from saving it.

          • Michael Jobe

            You are partially right, but what you said is the case with a normal suplex. A stalling suplex you must stiffen up to keep your body straight so you can post up on them and center your weight. Stalling suplexes are simple moves but the one who is performing the move must be very careful. It is a common mistake (mostly for amateurs or greenhorns) but it is still a mistake and over all the blame falls on Miz. The only way it could be punks fault is if he sandbagged.

          • Orestis

            Punk was supposed to stand like that otherwise it’d be just a common suplex.He never knew what was going to happen so he actually couldn’t do anything.Think about it…

          • tiran66

            Do you know what a “stalled” suplex is? It’s when you hold your opponent in the air before dropping him. Therefore the guy being held up has no momentum. It’s not an easy move to do for either guy, takes alot of strength and balance and cooperation between the two guys. But when it’s time to drop it’s the guy who’s delivering the move who has to get the other guy over and moving and protect him. This was Miz’s fault period. I’m not saying he did it on purpose or he’s lousy it was just a botch and botch’s happen.

          • Dylan Reed

            i know what a stalling suplex was…but when somebody without as much strength as The british bulldog or john cena tries too do the move its not a good idea cuz a lot can go wrong,…punk could have moved his legs a lil bit but it was an accident…they happen…Punk’s not hurt and Miz probably felt like total shit and most likely made sure Punk was alright backstage

        • Lobo

          none of us here are professional wrestlers, so we dont have any right to criticize someone for messing up or making a mistake that any human being in the same situation could of made

      • SOBI

        Blame the Miz :D

    • Jeremy-County Roberts

      I’m sick of all these hate comments on here about miz (not saying you’re hating pwnez). This is wrestling people. ACCIDENTS WILL HAPPEN. It’s not an easy sport. You’re gonna take hard bumps every now and then.

    • comic_book_fan

      MR kennedy was great on the mic and in ring he had like one mistake and orton bitched and got him fired when orton was guilty of the same shit orton claimed kennedy prone when orton’s been injured like 4 times in the last 2 months.

  • Seth Bob

    When did it become the blame game? Every douchebag and their mother looking to trash one of the wrestlers. It’s wrestling, mistakes happen. Most wrestlers will say the same.

    • Y2J

      I agree, it’s sad really.

  • cenaritefulwwechamp

    lol @ all the internet wrestling faggots butthurt because cm punk TOOK THE FUCKING MOVE WRONG. you guys are so up his ass that you see no fault in him…which is hilarious because he legitimately does not care about wrestling fans. Miz did nothing wrong, Punk fucked up and didnt go over right.

    • pwnez

      Swearing left and right doesn’t make me wanna take you seriously, nor does it make you sound intelligent.

    • killswitch

      How can he take the move wrong when it wasnt executed correctly? No fault in Punk? I am a fan of Punk and i see faults in him You are just a Punk hater while i am a realist and Miz lost his balance which caused an ACCIDENT He doesnt care about wrestling fans? Is it still real to you damn it? The reason he resigned was to change the business for the better to make the product better FOR THE FANS Stupid mark

      • Dylan Reed

        you do know that whole storyline with Punk’s contract ending at MITB was kayfabe right? he agreed to sign a new contract weeks or possibly months before that storyline went down….and he’s the reason RAW got boring very fast…after his fued with Jericho his character went stale and was no here as good as it was during the whole pipe bomb situation

        • John

          Implying the storyline with Jericho was even Punks idea. And of course the MITB storyline was Kayfabe. But the shoot on RAW wasn’t. That was all adlib punk. Like Punk, or hate him, he made this show watchable again- And he does great as both a face and a heel.

          • Dylan Reed

            the pipe bomb was awesome and i’m talking about the original; not that peace of crap one on raw a few weeks ago…but i almost stopped watching RAW when he turned heel because it was shocking at first then it was like big deal and when he just kept going on and on about the number of days it got unwatchable…i still haven’t finished the 2nd or 3rd RAw of 2013 on DVR yet…i remember reading the results of RAW after Royal Rumble and for the first time in months i was excited about it cuz Punk wasn’t the champ…and i can’t even stand the rock…the voice of the voiceless thing was awesome(no pun intended) but WWE made it stale and stupid…once Big Johnny was gone and not making Punk’s life hell he got stale…the Aj storyline with him was good but then instead of him rejecting her and her going stalker on him they just took him out of the storyline when they could have done alot with that and make it a good storyline…an attitude era like storyline

          • HP Loveshaft

            You are a truly gullible mark if you think WWE would let a disgruntled employee shoot off-script on their live flagship show. If any of the Legend of Punk were true, WWE would have buried him so he’d have no momentum if he went to TNA. They would not, repeat NOT, reward a disgruntled talent who wouldn’t sign with a title shot and an open mic. Go on Amazon and see if you can buy a clue.

    • Mr 561

      Please watch the language. You can get across the same point without calling people f*ggots

  • Y2J

    “Waits for tiring I blame Miz jokes”

  • William S. Medinger LX IX


  • Y2J

    How about instead of passing the buck on who fucked up, worry that a human being maybe seriously hurt and hope he’s okay?

  • fabian6sic6s

    You sure it was the Miz? I’m 100 percent sure it was El Generico. BRAIN BUSTAAAAAAAAAH

  • justice

    …Just think of it as a brainbuster.

    • Mr 561

      a brainbuster The Miz and CM Punk weren’t expecting

  • Jason A. Martin


  • tim

    Punk didn’t shift his weight. At times Punk is lazy like the Elimination Chamber botch. This isn’t The Miz’s fault he already had him for the suplex, Punk pushing weight back isn’t on him.

  • Sam

    *RKO from out of nowhere*

  • Dylan Keifer Scott

    Why does the miz only wear elbow pads at live events and not on tv?

  • Thomas-24/7 (Mutascale)

    If this was Miz’s attempt of a brainbusta, then Miz had some bad timing. I hope CM Punk is okay.

  • Randy James Crawford

    Ok Listen everyone it’s not just one guy’s fault it’s both their fault you need to work together to do the moves right and they didn’t, I know I am a wrestler myself.

    • Progress_Now

      lol you got Debra’s job or something? show us your tits!!

  • H.C.B.Y.W

    punk is a dumbass he clearly didnt go with it he fucked up not miz. miz clearly is going back where punk is keeping his body straight up and down

  • DC

    A lot of people don’t like to admit it but Punk does make mistakes. This was one. Miz does has to guide Punk’s body, but Miz can’t really guide Punk’s legs. Punk has to do that himself. The bottom picture looks like Punk’s leg weren’t in the right position and he fell forward. It’s wrestling, accidents happen, but when everyone blames someone just because they can’t accept the fact that their favorite makes mistakes is just sad. And to the people who say he lost his balance and fell early and that’s why he hurt punk, that’s crap. Ryback is clearly already on the ground which proves Miz didn’t fall early.

  • Dennis Jetix

    Legit Brainbuster right there ladies & gentlemen!

  • Marko

    Wait…. Punk was still wearing his t-shirt and took the suplex? He really is The Best In The World.

  • Reality

    Lmao I don’t believe it, there’s quite a number of people saying it’s Punk’s fault here. For these people I say: go to a f*cking wrestling school and get a clue.

  • Chris Carter

    Thank god nothing horrible happened …….otherwise than that im sure the miz has been talked to and punk was probably checked again just in case so it’s time move on.

  • Peer Pressure

    LOL! It’s a good thing Ryback wasn’t the one who botched. Punk sucks, but hopefully he’s okay.

  • morrisonfanone

    Miz was just let out of the dog house for not catchng R-Truth. He really needs to be a little more careful. He’s a face now.

  • GodsLoyalSon

    Thank God Punk wasn’t hurt

  • The_Rode

    It was a Mistake that Miz made, nothing more nothing less. Move on and continue with the show, Aint nobody got time for that

    • SOBI

      It was a MIZTAKE ;p

  • JP

    does it matter? you all love Owen Hart and say how great he was, yet he basically broke Stone Colds neck?.. everyone makes mistakes… give Miz a break.

  • iiWhit3boyii

    You guys do know that accidents happen

  • WWEFan4Life

    Jeez, that looks bad.. hope punk is ok… DAMN YOU,MIZ!!!
    well, maybe if punk is missing EC, we might c another Chamber match… doubt it though

  • cappa37

    It’s almost like an inverted DDT. :D cool move. Miz should add that to the arsenal.

  • Johnny C

    dont forget Mr. Kennedy made a war-type movie before he was released too…(Behind Enemy Lines)…Miz did The Marine 2.

  • JuanCabrera

    It would suck if Undertaker is finally cleared for a match with Punk and Miz injures Punk.


    Clearly Punk’s fault plain and simple…And yes the Miz is very sloppy and much like Mr.Kennedy he is always jeopardizing the health of main event talent due to his lack of in ring abilities…But none the less this is not one of those times and further more just because he has a history of being careless does not mean it’s always his fault when someone gets hurt…And I’m sure their is a lot of people that think Punk is too good to make that kind of mistake…But just like in life some of the greatest of all time are also susceptible to mistakes just like the major one made here by CM Punk

  • Masked Marvel

    Miz better be careful, we know what to Owen Hart when he dropped a money maker superstar on his head.

  • chris palacios

    Why the hell is Miz still in WWE? I liked him before but now he just seems out of place. Last year around this time R-Truth went for a dive out of the ring and The Miz just moved out of the way! i guess when he got that BRUTAL Trouble In Paradise by Kofi Kingston a few months back that was just kharma hitting him on the ass. Or should I say face :)