Pictures: Undertaker Backstage At NHL Hockey Game

Maybe he’s just a big fan of the Nashville Predators NHL hockey team, but WWE superstar The Undertaker was spotted at last night’s Predator game, the site of tonight’s WWE RAW.

The Undertaker has been off WWE television since the RAW 1,000 special back in July and is rumored to be wrestling CM Punk at WrestleMania 29. There have been conflicting reports as to whether the Dead Man will be able to compete due to his health.

While backstage at the game, Undertaker snapped a picture with the Predators mascot as well as two ladies:

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Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • morrisonfanone

    Tell me this isn’t just a rumor. I have been dying to see Taker.

    • Paul Kersey

      No, both of them are better looking than his wife.

    • bruce

      well no shit sherlock, we all know michelle mccool is his wife

  • 13rogersC

    I’m in Nashville for tonights show. Hope he returns be AWESOME to be apart of!

  • Tom.

    If he’s returning tonight, and is indeed going to face Punk, then what will he do tonight? There’s no point interacting with Punk when Punk needs to be interacting with Rock, surely?

    • Craig DeBoard

      I was wondering the same thing myself.

  • Jack McCurry

    maybe he’s fighting Brock

    • Lord Spliffmeister

      Sure hope so.

      • Pozessed

        I don’t. Brock is still a heavy hitter and thrower. I doubt Taker would be able to compete after the match… CM Punk could use a few submissions like a body scissors etc for Taker to have small resting periods during the match and can keep it slower pace where as Lesnar throws guys around, chucks them through tables and keeps a fast pace.

        • Lord Spliffmeister

          I hear ya. Lesnar just poses more of a threat to the streak tho & a believable 1 2 (although he will lose).They can have Punk vs Taker WM30 or if its Taker’s last Mania I guess Kane would fit the bill.Buried Alive Match & we never c Taker again.Idk just my opinion.

          • Pozessed

            I get what you are saying. Brock Lesnar looks like he would be able to break the streak but if Taker wants to make sure he is in decent condition then they should play it safe with Punk. The guy is also a believable candidate to break the streak and they have had pretty good matches already.. Although in my opinion he should leave while he is still in alright condition.. I don’t want to see the guy injure himself badly in a match that is unnecessary, the guy has gave like nearly 30 years to WWE.

          • ant

            i like the sound of that .. taker is 20 – 0 and it has to end somewhere. burried alive and not to be seen again sounds good to me ( i am a taker fan but hes getting on, time for him to let go now)

  • ?????? ??????????

    Man… watching Undertaker like this, it is better not to continue wrestling. He has done it all! He is 47-48 years old. Enough is enough. He trully deserves to be inducted into the HOF. Also he is not in a good shape. I mean you can see the photos and notice how “old” he became and he is still suffering from injuries. But as a hard-dying Undertaker-Kane fan, I want to watch one more match from The Undertaker…..

  • My Name Is…

    Id suck a fart out of both those bitches asses!!

  • JP

    people saying he looks old, he has done for years.. but he just dyes his beard and hair black which makes him look abit younger. hes fine, and will most probs have a great match this year, then retire at WM30.

  • Vince’s Butt Chin

    Hell is he debuting a new gimmick tonight….father time?

    • Jeremy-County Roberts

      I want to cry right now. The undertaker is my childhood. He looks like he is dead. God old age hit that man fast =|

      • Cujo999

        Not really. Hair dye and massive amounts of eyeliner do wonders.

    • SOBI

      the American Grampa

  • Lord Spliffmeister

    Dead Man……Pimpin’ XD

  • frac

    the guy from Breaking Bad is a pimp?

    • Andrew Campbell

      Lol He pulls off the Heisenberg look well. Also, Breaking Bad best show ever.

      • Best In The World

        Speaking of which, aren’t they suppose to have new episodes in the summer?

        • Lord Spliffmeister

          Yes sir final 8 episodes can’t fucking wait!! Shits gonna go down.

          I’m the 1 who knocks – Walter White

        • Andrew Campbell

          Yeah, it’s a shame the show is coming to an end.

      • Seth Bob

        Walking Dead > Breaking Bad.

        • Andrew Campbell

          The Walking Dead is a great show, but Breaking Bad is in a different league.

          • Seth Bob

            I was just being a douche, i’ve never actually watched breaking bad, though i’m fond of Bryan Cranston. I’ll watch it eventually.

  • Thomas-24/7 (Mutascale)

    After looking at these pictures, I have to say Undertaker looks good for a man heading into his fifties. As for the reports about Undertaker not competing at WrestleMania this year is that there is only one man that knows the truth to these reports, and that is Big Evil himself.

  • Hershey Maxwell Barber

    Taker is the greatest wrestler…of…all..time……OF ALL TIME!

    • Craig DeBoard

      Caps Lock = Super Serious.

    • pwnez

      “I wouldn’t put Undertaker in the top 1,000 greatest wrestlers.” -Bret Hart

      • aj2345

        I can tell you were trying to be funny but yeah, that failed miserably.

      • TheUndertakerFan

        Bret Harts a Fucking Idiot so who gives a fuck what he says hes a washed up has been and will never… and i mean Ever Be Greater Then The Undertaker #Heel!!

      • HBK

        He was talking about Triple H

      • Hamad Khalifa Buqais

        bret hart is the best wrestler ever, and he can say what ever he wants to say everyone is allowed to have their opinion.

  • Best In The World

    Id suck a fart out of those bitches asses!!!

  • Jj Vaness

    Ok, he looks old. 20-0 streak should stay 20-0. 21-0 doesnt sound as good. Let him retire plz. I love taker, and have seen him on many occasions. He’s the greatest, HOF quality career, just let him hang out now.

  • WWEFan4Life

    My god, he looks way too old to be still wrestling.. I would love to see it but I think 4 the sake of his health, he should just hang up his boots

  • AngelFlow

    He looks in good shape the only thing is that the beard makes him look a bit old.

  • GMpunk

    I wouldnt mind seeing Taker as champion once again. He’s arguably the greatest wrestler of all time and he wrestles about as often as the Rock anyway..

  • Nate

    Damn, he looks old

    • morrisonfanone

      Isn’t he old? I think the lack of hair does that to him.

  • jccox01

    lol thought that was dixie carter for a second.

  • John cena

    we want taker!!!!

  • bulkyzproductions

    cm punk vs taker after cm punks rematch the whole damn stadiums gonna go dun dun and go black and taker will challenge punk at wm29

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    Damn you for trolling us, Taker!

  • luke

    Taker is fat, with tits and a giant belly =O

  • Joe Reil

    If the Taker is not healthy enough to fight at wm29 then there is no need for Him to fight.He has acmplished everything in sport’s entertainment that can be acomplished,and he is arguably the most popular wwe superstare of all wise and i for one whant to
    thank him for all he has done for sports entertainment and the wwe univirse. thank’s Taker.

  • Javo

    Nothing’s wrong with Taker or Mark Calloway right now,he accomplished everything in WWE,include he a got a lot respect from Wrestling Entertainment Universe(WWE,TNA),he already give his best even his body not allowed him to wrestling since he got groin injury,back in 99