Pictures & Video: AJ Lee & NXT Divas At Royal Rumble Fan Fest


The NXT Divas also posted these videos on Tout:

Brad Davis

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  • EazydoubleD

    How hot is paige :D

    • Randy James Crawford

      really hot.

  • Roger Penland

    fucking christ, i hope these girls have talent in the ring. otherwise, i hope the Diva’s Division is dissolved by the end of the year. there’s no point in keeping them around, if they’re gonna continue getting 1-5 minute matches. :/

  • Peer Pressure

    LOL! There go that pale chick the IWC is obsessed with.

    • AppleJuice

      Like you wouldn’t hit that..

    • cappa37

      She’s got an amazing body…. but that voice…. :S

  • Puppet H

    Summer Rae is tight,

    • Wolfgar


  • G.I.R.L.

    Can’t wait until Paige makes it to the roster and dominates the division as a heel; hell, add her to SHIELD!

    That tall blonde is very beautiful; I wonder if she can wrestle.

    Aksana and some of the other chicks really need to be let go; they offer nothing and don’t ever get chance to. Please put Naomi in the active wrestler department; why is she still a damn valet?

  • HunnyBunnyAngel

    Hopefully this is a sign of more divas debuting cuz that’s the main reason why the division is slowly dipping. More divas are leaving then joining…kharma may have been the last one to debut, well kaitlyn I guess? Anyway, hopefully they have these divas all debut and attack the faces native, layla, alicia, and kaitlyn. The nxt divas could start a storyline about how badly the current division is and say its time for a change. This would allow all the current divas heel/face to work as a team and face the nxt divas. There’s a storyline right there WWE

  • Roger Penland

    i’d sure wrestle that pale chick…..
    in muh bed.

  • ShirroneSpivey


  • Gisela

    I. Love you aj lee
    By Gisela

  • Wolfgar

    WWE needs a attractive blonde like Summer Rae on Monday Night Raw.