Pitch A WWE Storyline to WWE’s Executive Vice President of Creative, Stephanie McMahon

As part of WWE’s partnership with CharityBuzz.com to assist with Hurricane Sandy relief, WWE has added a new auction where fans can bid on the opportunity to pitch a WWE storyline to WWE’s Executive Vice President of Creative, Stephanie McMahon..

“Attention WWE fans! This is your chance to change the course of WWE history. This package allows one winner to pitch a WWE storyline to WWE’s Executive Vice President of Creative, Stephanie McMahon! As the mind behind the WWE storyline, this could be your one shot to leave your mark on Stephanie and the WWE universe!”

Bidding at CharityBuzz.com is currently upto $1,300. The auction ends Tuesday, April 9th at 8pm (EST).

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  • The_Councilman

    They should have a disclaimer that states, ALL LOGICAL STORYLINES NEED NOT APPLY. Also, in microprint, that if they use your idea, you won’t get paid for it, only a fleeting credit on a segment no one watched.

    • Shucky Ducky Quack Quack

      true true mn… if they hush hush their own writers a deuchebag from nowhere wont even matter to them

  • http://twitter.com/iKing92 Initializing….

    I wouldn’t mind leaving my mark on Stephanie…

    • RyanStewart2007

      Crap you beat me too it. lol

    • cenasucks

      How about a storyline between Steph and AJ much like the Mickie and Trish angle. Aj turns lesbo and it all boils down to a tag team bra and panties match with Steph and Kaitlyn vs Aj and Layla.

  • Steve

    So WWE now wants to get paid for taking storyline ideas? It should work the other way around – WWE should pay fans for good storylines …

    • The_Councilman

      If the idea sticks and people give them material to actually work with, they will have no need for writers, and endeavor them all; they’d only use filters (the McMahons) and an angle/storyline editor or two to smooth/draw out the FREE fan ideas. They’d say it was a cost cutting measure to release the writers, and NOT say they were released to save on payroll due to the FREE ideas from the fans.

    • wpm131

      Last time I went on wwe’s website to complain about how shi?y their shows are it said that any suggestions on storylines would be deleted and not even considered, so I guess you have to pay for your voice to be heard now

  • ennis63

    I’m not going to do the bidding thing so I’ll just put my idea here and maybe someone who cares enough can use it and bid for it if they want.
    Have a WWE title 24/7 hardcore open rules match at Extreme Rules. The champ has to start in the ring and leave the arena to retain the title. The champion can change hands a number of times throughout the match by pin or submission. Whoever wins the title last and leaves through the exit is the winner.

  • ennis63

    24/7 Hardcore open rules for the WWE title at Extreme Rules. The defending champion starts in the ring. The champion can change hands multiple times and the last person to get a win and leaves the arena through the exit wins.

    • CJCarter

      That would undo all the credibility CM Punk brought back to the title

  • ennis63

    24/7 Hardcore open rules for the WWE title at Extreme Rules. The defending champion starts in the ring. The champion can change hands multiple times and the last person to get a win and leaves the arena through the exit wins.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Randy-James-Crawford/100001407556559 Randy James Crawford

    Mark Henry & The Miz create a tag team and win the WWE Tag Team Titles.

  • dae

    If I could “consult” on a storyline, it would be for when Undertaker finally hangs up his boots after winning at a future Wrestlemania. Simply put, he’d be playing up a one last time angle in the months leading towards the event and, after winning, takes his pose in the ring under a blue spotlight, and after a bell toll, the lights go out. After a few seconds, another bell tolls, the ring is empty, and the T logo burns above the ring/stage while blue flames explode from the ring posts. (Maybe even play the old Ministry entrance song?)

  • Lollipop

    How about almost like a remake of WWF vs The Alliance, Shane McMahon returns, tries to secretly be in power because he’s jealous of HHH, slowly HHH catches on, they eventually end up fueding, At Survivor Series, both get there best 5, Shane wins, HHH is gone, returns by Wrestlemania, Shane vs HHH No DQ at WM30?? I just thought of this on the top of my head so it doesn’t sound appealing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=732542390 Donte Shoshona Gopual

    The only thing i picked up was getting to leave my mark on Stephanie…… is it sold out yet??

  • http://www.facebook.com/jdcompton95 Jacob Compton

    Have ziggler and punk start a feud. Both arguing that they are the pinnacle of this business. The Showoff vs The Best In The World.

  • Noach

    My storyline involves an intergender undergarments match for the Divas title between me, AJ and Kaitlyn. The special stipulation is that it will be a Kiss My A S S match. With the two losers kissing the winners A S S.

  • Kozawsky

    Im surprised NO ONE has brought up a story yet that could turn Cena heel. Shocking really…

    • The_Rode

      I’m sure that’s because they would want there storyline to actually come to fruitition.

  • Mr. Honesty

    DiBiase returns as a face and feuds with Cesaro won the U.S. Title. DiBiase wins the title. This allows Cesaro to transition to the main event scene. Cesaro wins MITB and a world title

  • http://twitter.com/HoodedBenjamin Benjamin

    You just KNOW that the person with enough moolah to win is going to be someone who knows nothing about Wrestling.

    • wpm131

      Like a soap opera writer?

  • Hitmaniac

    $1,300 to have your idea politely ignored? I spent 70p on the same thing, except I also have a mars bar.

  • http://twitter.com/JamieEvsxx JamieEvsxx

    THEY NEED AN APPRECIATION SHOW FOR DOLPH ZIGGLER’S BUTT!…that is all…lol jk (well ok I would love to see a Ziggler Arse Appreciation Show though in all seriousness because…DAT ASS!…just sayin’)…Dolph Ziggler cashes in and Christian returns to feud with him…Ziggler vs Christian ftw!…=D

  • http://www.facebook.com/craig.deboard Craig DeBoard

    Wish I would have known about this 4 months ago before I spent my student loans LOL!

    My storyline: End Taker’s streak at Mania with a rematch Hell In A Cell with Mick Foley. OR a year long stable feud with Punk leading the Shield against Bryan’s new version of the Horsemen with Ohno, Evan Bourne and Chris Jericho, with Arn Anderson as a manager. This can also set up a nice feud if you have Ziggler as Flair’s manager and then you can have Bryan against Ziggler with Arn in one corner and Flair in the other.

  • justsomedude

    How about Ric Flair offering to purchase the rights to WCW. After copping the whole no chance in hell scenario Ric could make a wager with Vince. He could say that both of them will pick a wrestler to represent them and if Flairs wrestler wins he gets WCW and the Friday night time slot. If he loses he leaves wrestling and wwe for good. This would be the perfect opportunity if Sting is available to come to the WWE and wrestle Taker.

  • CoolStoryBro

    Randy Orton turns heel and destroys everyone…..

  • Jason Heath

    My storyline would be Paul heyman leading a stable of CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, The Shield, and Dolph Ziggler. The shield would capture the tag team titles. This stable would battle the likes of Cena, Bryan, Orton, Sheamus, Big Show, Ryback. CM Punk would be WWE champ. Ziggler would be World Heavywieght Champ. Ambrose Intecontinental Champ. Rollins US Champ. Brock would be used as an Enforcer as needed. The idea would be for this stable to one by one recruit the top faces to their side to completely control WWE. With Cena being first. Then force either Vince or HHH to try and rescue the company from this group. Sort of NWO style, but not break it off like NWO wolfpac. All this would culminate in Rock and SCSA coming back next year to save the company from doom. We would have SCSA vs. CM Punk, Rock vs. Brock, Undertaker vs. John Cena. Bryan vs. Ziggler. Have Cena help SCSA win then get a stunner to end the show. HHH, Cody Rhodes, Chris Jericho vs. The shield. Sheamus vs. Ryback,

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002196281205 Kenneth Anderson Jr.

    Hmm Story lines huh? Ok. I got 3.

    1. Dolph Ziggler vs HBK
    Have HBK come out near a wrestlemania. Ziggler interrupts and bashes HBK for not really doing anything important since he retired. He claims He is the new HBK, as a matter of fact he’s better. Commence feud. They should cut several promos on each other, then get physical before WM. In their WM match, They should both pull out all the stops. Have Ziggler win tho. He would be built as a threat and the next must see guy.

    2. Cena vs Taker
    Near a WM, Cena admits he’s done it all and thinks his time in the business is done. Taker interrupts, and says he hasn’t tried everything. Taker bashes Cena for being a good boy, and following the rules throughout his years and says he’s soft. Taker shows him respect but says you been given alot but a win against him you will have to earn, regardless or rules, your persona, your views or fans. Cena accepts the challenge. Cena says he won’t change and he will beat the streak and become a legend. Taker tells him to become a legend you must break the rules that hold you down, but you are the one that holds everyone else down. You are the rules and you will be broken. Cena says none of that matters, i’ll never give up. Taker ups the ante and says the match will be an I Quit match. Taker says you will finally give up. Cena then ups the ante and says if i quit i abandon the WWE. During their match have Cena nearly win only to get caught by Taker and finally say i quit. As Taker celebrates his win, Cena attacks and turns heel.

    3. CM Punk vs Stone Cold
    Well this is a hard one. Punk is mostly about the verbal assassination of people while Stone Cold usually just flips you off and takes you out. I’d say do a straight edge storyline but Jericho already did that. I think Stone Cold should be heel in this feud tho.

  • sid87

    donald trump v/s mcmahon v/s rick flair….at wm 30. To add zip..stone Cold as guest referee.