Plans For John Cena, Ryback Dolph Ziggler & More After WrestleMania 29

– WWE officials have discussed having John Cena and Ryback feud over the WWE Championship after WrestleMania. Cena eliminated Ryback to win the 2013 Royal Rumble and Ryback got “screwed” out of the WWE title several times in late 2012 (Brad Maddox, The Shield) during matches against then-champion CM Punk, so Ryback going after a WWE Champion John Cena would certainly make sense.

– Aside from WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro not having a match at Sunday’s WrestleMania show, another champion without a match is WWE Divas champion Kaitlyn. There has been talk of Kaitlyn and AJ Lee being added to the tag team title match, with Kaitlyn joining Team Hell No and AJ joining Dolph Ziggler joining Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston’s team – with all titles on the line.

Whether or not Kaitlyn and AJ Lee are added to the match, the faction of AJ, Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston are due for a big push coming out of WrestleMania.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Frank

    Though Rock was wrestling at E.Rule!? Anyway would that mean Cena is turning heel? since Goldberg RIP OFF is a face?

    • Troy Mahabir

      He still might be. You never know with WWE.

    • IKeepsit100

      No he is not turning fucking heel. Look up the video of him on WWEFANNATION on youtube explaining how some fucking lucky winner will get a chance to be escorted by john cena in a future WWE event. In other words, again…NO he will not be turning heel.

      • Feelmemore

        Please add more anger in that comment. Really it’s not a big deal….

        • Guest

          I think he just likes the word “fuck”…I mean, it is a pretty fucking awesome word because you can putting anywhere you want in a fucking sentence and the motherfucking thing still makes sense…it’s fucking brilliant!…=D

          • JamieEvsxx

            ok, I didn’t even want to post this in the first place because I re-read the comment and realised he only said fuck twice so it was pointless (I can’t turn off the auto-click on my laptop) and obviously deleting the comment means you post it as a guest so ignore my idiocy please…xD

          • Feelmemore

            Lol all good I was going to say the same thing about the fucks but realized he said it twice, just such a an angry post I assumed it was filled fucks and shits.

          • JamieEvsxx

            lol cool…=P…and yeah angry posts are usually filled with a lot of “fucks” and “shits”…although tbf my posts in general are mostly “fucks” and “shits”…so I guess it is best to read comments properly before making puns about it all…xD

  • Troy Mahabir

    I don’t see Ryback turning heel. I hope Cena is heel during this program. Please let it not be face V face work…

  • partci

    Cena heel – not necessary.

    But I have already started to puke.

    • Troy Mahabir

      The match won’t be great. But Cena heel during this time would at least make the build bearable.

  • raven

    am I the only one who thinks wwe has screwed themselves?
    going into mania everything looked great. ziggler was being pushed…well he was winning a match here and there.
    road scholars were back and hell no was hot
    cesaro/Jericho/miz/barrett were having great matches and setting fueds
    ryback and henry was being teased in a great way
    and then mania comes around and everything is shifted, forgotten, and changed.
    now we get fandango vs Jericho w cesaro not on the card.
    ziggler/hell no is in a tag match that will be more about aj than the match
    ryback/henry is already played out
    what about the shield? they have a match but have went from spotlight to 2minute appearance and they either tuck tail n run or get their arse kicked..what happened to their storyline?? what happened to them disrupting and destroying??

  • Geoff

    I still think Rock will win at WM…there still seems to be something missing from this fued as there was last year. I’m more looking forward to the CM Punk Taker match if im honest, build up has been much better

    • dae

      It seems as if the build between Punk & ‘Taker has been more prevelent, but maybe because the Rock hasn’t always been around. I must say, Bearer’s untimely death was timely for that match. I shutter to think how the WWF/E would’ve built that storyline without it. Bearer’s family has been gracious for allowing things to happen.
      The Twice in a Lifetime match and the whole card, in my opinion, hasn’t been really built to a point that I’d want to see any of the matches. Personally, I’d rather have seen Sheamus v. ‘Taker and I might have thought about dropping $60 I don’t have for WM29. Rock-Cena was done last year with much fanfare that this time around was just blah. Swagger’s new gimmick is just annoying so I really wish that AdR takes him out or, should Swagger win, Dolph cashes in and loses just so I can hear him cry (that would be worth Swagger win!). Ryback-Henry: battle of big guys, I guess you need a big guys battle on the card? And, as the track record of the past few months in the WWF/E has been, how many of these matches will end due to some type of outside inteference/distraction?

    • Mr. Honesty

      It’s like I said. I believe Cena loses and we see, unfortunately, Cena vs Rock III at WM 30. Like how Rock took three times to beat SCSA. The only why I might be ok with it is if Cena is heel during the third time around

  • Dave Smith

    They should have made a 1 on 1 with aj and kaitlyn for the title besides, it would have only been 5 minutes anyway

  • Fanatic

    I would like to see Batista returns after Wrestlemania 29!

    • Vince

      He’s not coming back.

      • ThurgoodSinbad

        Damn, since you say so it must be true.

  • Josh Gonsalves

    Ryback vs Cena should be saved until Summerslam with Cena putting Ryback over.

  • Dimitrius

    Yes, let’s give a big push to the faction that completely stalled Dolph’s momentum…

    • Christopher C.


    • Aiii

      Yeah, it was the stable with the popular diva and not the burial by Cena, the jobber entrances and the constant losing that halted his momentum. If by momentum you mean the win over Cena at TLC that the same stable helped him get. The stable was good for Dolph, the booking of him is the problem here.

      • Solid Snake

        No the stable was always the problem. If WWE would just stop sticking him with stupid groups and let him shine on his own he would probably be in a much better position. Sticking him with a bodyguard and a bad actress(Yeah I said it sue me) was the absolute dumbest thing they ever could of done with him

    • newgeneration

      A push for the faction will do nothing but good for all three members, including Ziggler, who has had a kickstart in momentum in recent weeks, before the push.

  • Michael Gittins

    I’m just wondering about who will have the most cringe worthy entrance this year? John cena gangster vs triple h Conan!!!

  • Rashad Jackson

    so they basically just comfirmed that cena will indeed win at WM!….if so this sucks!!

    i hate cena!!!! he doesnt deserve the title no more he has had to many title shots n won he is what…11 time WWE champ?? come on thats good enough…he has had and won more titles then the undertaker for crying out loud…..give other ppl the title!!! cena is out played now….give ryback a title shot!!….give it to ziggler…RANDY ORTON!!!…CODY RHODES!!….any1 remember that match he had with del-rio 2 smackdowns ago?? that match was pretty good!!! not even the wwe title…give ppl shots at different titles….im just sick of seeing cena…punk..ryback…after the WWE championship its annoying!! does any1 else agree??

    • JamieEvsxx

      tbf it’s pretty obvious Cena’s going to win anyway because The Rock’s only part time and he’s out a lot promoting and filming movies and everything so the title will barely be defended and most feuds would be similar to his current feud with Cena so it’d be pretty shit…=/…plus I hate Cena too but for the sake of actually seeing the WWE title get defended and seeing an actual feud going on I think I’d rather see Cena as champ…and besides, it’s not like he’ll be champion forever, he’ll lose it to someone as some point (and if we’re lucky, it’ll be an up and coming Superstar instead of the same people) so I’m not gonna worry too much…=P

  • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

    So if Rock will be at Extreme Rules, what is he going to do? Punk is gone and Cena and Ryback are occupied. So Who’s left? Maybe Rock vs Orton?!

  • Adam-Michael

    Cena vs Ryback… god no, I wouldn’t care to see that at all as I am bored of Cena and his stale arsed goody goody character and like many others, I don’t really care for Rybcak or think he is anyway good enough to be near that title… To me this would be about as boring and uninteresting as that Batista vs Khali feud…

  • newgeneration

    If Ziggler, Big E, and AJ will get a big push after WM, I hope at some point in the push, all 3 members will hold a title. Ziggler holding the WHC, Big E holding a mid-card title, like the US or IC title, and AJ holding the Diva’s championship.

  • Reality

    Does that mean they really want to establish Ryback as the new face and turn Cena heel? Gosh that would be atrocious… Well, it won’t be worse than having both of them as faces.

    • Progress_Now

      your worses are nothing compared to a 3+ month of Cena with the title

      • Reality

        Surprisingly, a 3+ months reign of Cena doesn’t bother me :O It will depends on the feuds he gets I guess.

  • DigitalWWE

    An idea I had was Cena going heel and aligning himself with the Shield and having Ryback win the title from Cena finally avenging all the losses the Shield cost him

  • JamieEvsxx

    as interesting as a match where both the Tag Team titles and the Divas title sounds interesting, I’d rather have Kaitlyn vs AJ for the title because we haven’t actually had a title match with the Divas since Wrestlemania 23 so I think it’d be nice to see the Divas have the ring to themselves at Mania instead of just being added to some random match or being eye-candy at ringside…=/