Plans For RAW Staying 3 Hours, Jericho On Nerdist Podcast, Miz Interview

– At this time, there are no immediate plans for WWE to shorten RAW back to 2 hours. While WWE officials acknowledge the dangers of producing too much content each week, no changes will be made until after WrestleMania 29 at the earliest.

tweeted that he recently joined the popular Nerdist podcast. No word on when the episode will air, but Jericho jokingly noted that topics discussed included #dinosaurs and #TheThingWithTwoHeads.

– WWE Superstar was recently interviewed by Jim Varsallone of The Miami Herald. Here’s video the interview:

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  • Andrew Campbell

    I’m used to the 3-hour RAWs now so this news doesn’t really bother me much. Just as long as it’s not 3-hours filled with some of the garbage we’ve been getting lately (Cena mexican wave *cough cough*).

    • Dey_See_Me_Trollin

      The three hour Raw is pretty much the two hour Raw stretched out.

      • dae

        Three hour Raw has been an hour and a half of watchable content and an hour and a half of fastforwarded material

    • Craig DeBoard

      Dude that was hilarious. Probably the best promo Cena has done in the last 6 months.

  • SavageBomber

    Apparently, he confused Miz for pwnez.

  • Dey_See_Me_Trollin

    Blame the Miz

  • The Guest

    Are you gay for pwnez or something? You dislike the guy so much you actually had to make a post dedicated to him, how funny.

  • Stephen Wadelin

    I’ll pass on both.

  • SavageBomber

    *sigh* Well, I tried =

  • Penwiz

    Fuck you pwnez