Plans For The Rock vs. John Cena Rematch, More Celebs At Summerslam & More

– The Antonio Cesaro vs. Santino Marella US Title match that took place prior to SummerSlam was considered for the main card, but WWE decided the match would help viewership for the pre-show and went with that plan instead. WWE remains high on Antonio Cesaro and he is in line for a solid push this fall.

– Former WWE women’s wrestler Jazz has joined Twitter and can be followed at @Phenom_Jazz.

– Other celebrities in attendance for SummerSlam were LA Angels pitcher CJ Wilson and actor Eric Stonestreet (“Modern Family”).

– Another match between The Rock and John Cena will almost certainly take place, with Vince McMahon pushing for the re-match to take place at WrestleMania 29 next year. Despite last year’s marketing that the match was “Once In a Lifetime,” it made WrestleMania 28 the most profitable show in WWE history and there is likely a lot more money to be made with that feud.

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Brad Davis

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  • pwnez

    So much for Rock vs Punk at ‘Mania 29. That’s pretty disappointing news. I guess we’re gonna have to settle for Rock vs Cena II.

    • Bill

      shutup motherfucker

    • WhiteHope

      Yes.. that is what the article said.. thanks for the recap.

    • jccox01

      Rock vs Punk will happen at Royal Rumble then, why are you guys getting your jimmies rustled

      • pwnez

        The keyword in my statement was WrestleMania. Most fans wanted it to happen at WrestleMania. It’s not happening now so that’s why people are disappointed. Simple enough.

  • newgeneration

    If Vince’s plans go through, then Rock will beat CM Punk at the Royal Rumble. Which kind of sucks, but makes CM Punk vs. Steve Austin a much more realistic possibility at WM 29, and gives Punk an over 1-year title reign.

    • heterosexual

      also makes cena winning the rumble a probability ;)

      • newgeneration

        I’d rather have someone from Smackdown win the Rumble, like Jericho. He was going to win the Rumble last year and face Punk, but Triple H wanted Sheamus to win.

    • Trevor Carnage Clark

      There’s no confirmation on whether Austin is appearing at Mania. If Austin gives the Go on him fighting,than I wouldn’t mind a Punk/Austin. But until Austin himself announces he’s fighting at Wrestlemania,I’m rooting for Rock/Punk.

  • Andrew Campbell

    I want to see Rock vs Punk! They can have a much better match together and the promos would be awesome.

    • scott

      you will se that match at the rumble

      • Andrew Campbell

        I know, but I think a match between the two would mean alot more if it took place at WrestleMania.

  • newgeneration

    If Vince’s plans go through, then Rock will beat Punk at Royal Rumble. Which sucks, but that makes Punk vs. Austin at WM 29 a much more realistic possibility, and it will also give Punk an over 1-year title reign.

  • Joseph Ivan Cotton

    oh no the rock is a good wrestler but come on not another rock and cena if rock is going to wrestle again put someone else not cena

  • VJGraziano

    For this to work, Cena NEEDS to be heel. He needs to be a total asshole and demand the rematch. If he’s a face, this match is worth nothing. I could be wrong, but Injonestly dont see this working any other way. Good vs Evil always sells.

    • VJGraziano

      *I honestly.

    • MisterE

      I totally agree @d061a6af2e2717a259f86841c42c871f:disqus Cena needs to be a heel if this match is to happen and he’ll have to be an epic diabolical heel to pull it off, changing his appearance and entire demeanor. Something to the effect Orton was when he first became a heel. Cena must do things that will shock and that will push people into a state of disbelief. But with all that said….does the WWE have the balls to let this happen to Cena?….probably not.

      • VJGraziano

        You’re totally right. Whatever they do, if they decide to go with Rock vs Cena II, how about a little better damn build up than just promos? Rock’s were great for the most part, but Cena’s were dull and repetitive (he attacked the rock a million times for doing the tooth fairy, but Tooth fairy probably grossed more than any of Cena’s movies) and his raps were just horrendous (he used to be good). A little more in ring action, hell just the rock doing a run in and costing Cena his match is better build up than another promo, adds intensity. I’m a huge Rock fan, but I can’t bare to see another match if the build up is gonna kill it. Although ordering WM28 was worth it just to see the rock jump off the top rope, even if it backfired.

        • MisterE

          right on the money!….I just wanna see him do an epic heel turn that would rival Hogan’s turn….I mean hell is say your prayers and eat your vitamins can turn into one of the greatest heels of all time, why can’t Cena? People are sick and tired of the corn ball shit from Cena, it’s time he got dirty, then at WM29 have him destroy The Rock to the point of shocking…..or have him turn AT WM29 against the Rock and shock the world! But whatever they do it has to be an epic unexpected diabolical heel turn.

    • Mubashwer Salman Khurshid

      Maybe CM Punk’s tweener turn is a harbinger of a heel Cena…

    • InfiniteRTG

      Good thinking! Totally agree!

    • FoleytheLegend

      I love Cena a lot, and every time I see people put how he needs to be heel, it annoys me big time. But you are absolutely right!

  • Bodacious Bob

    Everyone who is complaining about Rock/Cena 2 just relax. If we get either Punk/Austin or Punk/Bryan at mania I’ll be a happy camper.

  • indywrestler22

    Then what’s the point (money)of all this promotion hype for the “Once in a Lifetime”dvd? There doesn’t need to be a rematch unless they show people something new,like Cena going heel.

  • MegaSpawn

    I’m okay with this. This opens up for a possible 60 minute Iron Man match between Punk and Bryan for the WWE Title. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.



  • Steve Williams

    Vince must be high on cena’s poop to book that match. Its not shawn vs taker who can make a feud so interesting to go for another WM

  • John Enuch Heaney

    Absolute waste of The Rock. I don’t get the appeal to a rematch, it’s not like Rock cheated or anything. He pinned Cena, fair and square, proving he is the better man. Will people really pay to see a rematch between these two when the first match fell short of a lot of people’s expectations?

  • Robert Castille

    Here’s an idea… assuming Austin is healthy and willing to wrestle again by the time Mania comes around… if we must have this Cena vs Rock rematch (which I disagree with)… make the theme of Wrestlemania “Attitude Era vs Modern Era”… the card could look like this Cena vs Rock II… Punk vs Austin… and maybe add others like Bryan vs HHH and/or Sheamus vs Undertaker… but you’d probably have to do away with one of those to give Brock a suitable opponent

    • mooner

      mark henry vs brock

    • MisterE

      I like the idea of Brock vs The Undertaker at WM29, under the guise that Taker views Lesnar as a man who feels he’s unstoppable and sets out to prove to Lesnar that he (Taker) is the ultimate terror of the wwe…..’The Gates Of Hell vs The Kimura’

      • 20-0

        * Hell’s Gates

        • MisterE

          LOL…you’re bad ;)

    • MegaAgent69

      Yo I really like that idea.

  • Bigbadguns02

    Punk v Cena rematch for WWE Championship at Night of Champions in Cena’s hometown. Cena wins, fights Rock at the Royal Rumble. Rock wins. Rock v Punk at WM29

  • Strike

    What a pathetic attempt at making cash. This is completely garbage. Makes me glad that I dont pay for WWE PPV’s

  • duxinfabula

    if Dwayne loses at the Rumble and then wins the Royal Rumble, with Cena winning at EC against Punk, they could build a great Triple Threat, otherwise it would be a replay of WM 28 match, they can’t to better.

  • Pozessed

    I think they should leave this be… Atleast for a few years, WWE seem to try to ruin something good by repeating it. I would like most people though rather see Punk Vs Rock.

  • Shannon Harris


  • Reality

    No there won’t be a lot of money to be made with that feud… I mean this time. There is money to make with Punk and Rock, or even Punk and Cena. Rock and Cena can’t innovate, with their respective gimmicks. If Cena was in Thuganomics mode, or Rock in Hollywood mode, it’d be interresting. But we know it won’t happen, thus the feud will be shitty, repetitive as hell.

  • Subayer Got Swaggi

    fuckin stupid wwe do they not know that it only did so good cause it was a dream match that no one thought would ever happen but now its not so they should not waste the rock one cena but instead do other big matches at mania like rock vs lesner or undertaker and let him vs punk at royal rumble not wrestlemania because i still want to see punk vs austin at mana

  • Michael Smith

    I will never watch wwe again if rock vs cena happens again at wrestle mania…

  • Junaid Casim


  • Trevor Carnage Clark

    What meaning of “Once in a Lifetime” does Vince NOT GET!!!!! I’d rather much have Punk vs. Rock at Wrestlemania,than the same thing from last year. Rock/Cena was a match to prove who was the better man,and Rock came on top,THAT’S HOW IT SHOULD END,PERIOD!!! If Vince had a freakin’ clue at all, He’d know these “Once in a Lifetime” matches lose their hype a 2nd time around(look at Hogan/Rock II,I mean does anyone remember that?). I hope they choose Punk/Rock,and save Cena for an I-Quit match between him and Undertaker.

  • scott

    if people want punk vs austin how in the hell is wwe gonna do that if punk goes against the rock?
    i would say punk will fight austin if not then taker
    brock will fight matt morgan if he returns in time
    maybe HHH vs HBK IDK HHH will most likely have a big match
    HHH vs Randy and RKO being the HEEL?

    • duxinfabula

      maybe Austin just can’t handle one more match.

      • scott

        ea he just had knee surgery

    • scott

      Kane vs Taker
      Brock vs Morgan
      Rock vs cena
      Punk vs Daniel
      Orton vs HHH or Orton vs Sheamus
      HHH vs??? HBK? RKO?
      my WM29 Prediction matches

  • Nightmare

    It’s been done! It’s like a bad sequel in Movie’s Don’t FUCK with the original! I’d rather see Rock V.s Punk! Just because repeating work’s with Taker’s opponent’s doesn’t mean it will work with Cena Dumb asses!

  • Patrick Pumphrey

    Wow another Re-match REALLY Cena. lol

  • Rich Jack

    If this happens Cena will win and then we’ll have another push for a third match in a row at WrestleMania30 because then that match will determine which is the better superstar!
    …BRILLIANT! …lol!

  • Jerichoholic

    WWE’s gotta stop making wrestlemania rematches AT wrestlemania

  • Rush27

    I like Cena and think Punk is the one that had been getting stale.

  • Rush27

    This Punk love is starting to make me sick. He doesn’t have the charisma that Cena has nor will he ever. Cena and Rock will make a great rematch. I could even see a third one.