Plans For The Undertaker’s Return, Rumored Matches For SummerSlam

With WWE Payback taking place this Sunday, planning is already underway for the WWE SummerSlam pay-per-view on 8/18.

Over the weekend, WWE was discussing the possibility of The Undertaker wrestling on the show, teaming up with Kane against WWE Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns of The Shield. If Undertaker does not commit to wrestle, the match will likely be Randy Orton & Sheamus vs. The Shield.

Other matches in the works for SummerSlam:

* WWE Champion John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan
* Big E Langston vs. Big Show or Mark Henry
* US Champion Dean Ambrose vs. Rey Mysterio

Aside from those SummerSlam matches, WWE is looking at Randy Orton vs. Ryback and Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger as feuds for this summer.

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  • SOBI

    Man I hope Taker returns for SummaerSlam or SurvivorSeries
    Shield VS B.O.D sounds a LOT A LOT better then
    Shield VS “CelticVipers” (what a stupid name)

    • Progress_Now

      Shield VS WaterBuffalos lol

  • Progress_Now

    lol seriously? Attitude-Era Sunday Night Heat was much more exciting than this boring card

    • Andrew Campbell

      The crowd used to be hot on Attitude Era Sunday Night Heat. I’ll never forget that match between a heel Rock and Jeff Jarrett on a episode of Heat.

      The crowd erupted during Rock’s entrance and the People’s Elbow and the building starting shaking when Austin and Rock stood went face-to-face after the match. It’s a moment I’ll never forget.

      • Progress_Now

        Jeff Jarrett hey? tell me where THIS one’s from:

        “Chiota, he hit me with the damn guitar!!”
        “I didn’t see it!!”
        “The helll you didn’t!!!”

  • Darth

    I think it’s pretty safe to say that CM Punk will be a no-show at Payback.

    • Andrew Campbell

      That’s what I was thinking initially, but wouldn’t that be false advertising?

      Some of the Chicago fans would’ve paid to see Punk and I’m sure many will be buying the PPV to see him aswell. If he’s advertised to appear, then he should appear otherwise WWE should give the fans their money back.

      • Darth

        Well I thought about that. If anything they could have him come in and tell everyone that he doesn’t want to wrestle right now and that it was all Heyman’s idea and not his.

      • Jason

        They advertised Punk’s return VERY heavily at the Smackdown taping last night. Multiple videos aired saying “The best in the world returns” at Payback with his picture in the background. I don’t think they would advertise him only to no show. He may not compete but he will be there. I’m calling a Jericho heel turn.

        • Corey

          I think he will be there and when the match starts he will refuse to lock up until Jericho shakes his hand. When Jericho finally shakes his hand Punk will tap out and leave.

  • pwnez

    Orton and Sheamus vs Shield at SummerSlam? This tells me Orton isn’t going to be making a heel turn for at least 3 more months.

    • Forceton Banfodder

      I never really thought he would after the no swerve at Wrestlemania.

  • Hershey Maxwell Barber

    Orton and Sheamus have been feuding with the Shield since last year. It’s time to move on.

    • Thomas

      maybe they should feud with each other then

      • RuthlessRaj

        Yeah I hate the team of ‘Celtic Vipers’ anyways…they don’t seem to go well together. Now Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton? That was good team!

        • PassingBy

          honestly ,when they teamed Orton and Sheamus the only thing I liked is the possibility of Orton turning heel on Sheamus anytime…….still waiting….

        • PassingBy

          honestly ,when they teamed Orton and Sheamus the only thing I liked is the possibility of Orton turning heel on Sheamus anytime…….still waiting….

  • SharinganIxU

    They really can’t do the whole Orton/Sheamus thing again. They wonder they don’t draw a lot of viewers. This has been done to death now, even if it’s not BoD, can they really not find other talent to feud the Shield with?

    I can kinda understand if they want to try and put them over, but I would much rather have a fresh, new, great match/feud, than them trying to make the crowd boo Shield more.

    • Randy James Crawford

      They put The Hardyz vs Edge and Christian alot back in the day and they did that to death and nobody complained so just leave it alone.

      • SharinganIxU

        Yes, but at least that was good…

        • Stranger

          Why wouldn’t Undertaker & Kane vs. The Shield be good? they had one of the best matches of the year not too long ago..

          I get what you’re saying, but I think having a fresh team defeat The Shield for the belts AFTER a big Summerslam win over two future Hall of Famers would be even better for them.

          • SharinganIxU

            I meant Orton and Sheamus vs The Shield. I like the BoD idea, but I’m completely against the alternative (O&S vs Shield).

  • Dicknology

    Yes! Swagger is staying in the main event. Although I’m a little worried Mysterio will win the feud over Swagger.

    • King of the Desert

      I honestly wouldn’t call a feud with Mysterio the main event and if they insist on staying with the “We the people” shtick then Swagger will never be taken seriously in the ring or out of it.

  • Louis Salera

    No punk?…wtf…those feuds suck…boring summer.

    • Randy James Crawford

      They could change things it’s not 100% yet ya know.

  • Scott Kinnard

    I get the WWE wants Cena to stay champ. But if they make Daniel Bryan look weak in this John Cena feud and bury him, there will be tons of pissed of fans.

    • Randy James Crawford

      Not if Kane or Randy Orton makes Daniel Bryan lose.

  • cappa37

    Dean Ambrose has not impressed me; his matches have been relatively boring. Roman Reigns stood out at first but now Seth Rollins is stealing the spotlight with his matches against Daniel Bryan.

    • King of the Desert

      Roman Reigns hasn’t done anything but slobber during promos and shake really hard while talking. He has no Charisma what so ever. Rollins and Ambrose know how to sell and make the other guy look good. Reigns doesn’t know how to do any of this. He is strictly the muscle in the group and will be the one that doesn’t end up staying around after the Shield angle is over.

      • DigitalWWE

        Roman Reigns doesn’t have charisma? Lol okay. Without Roman Reigns The Shield would be missing something. I’m not agreeing with him that Dean Ambrose is boring. He is great. But Roman Reigns is a future WHC without a doubt and brings a legit sense of danger to the shield.

        • King of the Desert

          That is fine, I just haven’t seen that “legit sense of danger” that you speak of. He hits a spear on people when there not looking, nothing very dangerous there. I would love to be proven wrong here, I don’t think I will be, but I would gladly be.

          • DigitalWWE

            Ok. When a big buff guy in bullet proof armor walks up to you tell me you don’t feel in danger.

      • Orestis

        Charisma is not just about mic skills.Get your facts straight!He defs has charisma !

  • Andrew Campbell

    No one wants to see Sheamus anymore. Keep him wrestling on PPV pre-shows where he belongs.

  • Pozessed

    I think Ambrose and Mysterio could work, the matches would be pretty good but I’m unsure about how the feud will be built etc. I reckon Big E should face Big Show… I always remember when people did suplexes to Big Show (Mainly Lesnar) and the whole crowd erupts with a good response, then maybe have Big E vs Henry.

  • JohnnyC

    So they’re gonna feed Bryan to Cena in a desperate attempt to keep Cena relevant. I see Bryan going the Ryback route. That is, being an unstoppable beast until a forced heel turn. Then inexplicably get owned by Cena at the end of every confrontation between them. Also expect Bryan to be the recipient of lame goat face jokes and to have all his momentum squashed by Cena.

  • frac203

    Undertaker must be fond of the younger talent coming up. a win over the Brothers of Destruction will be an even bigger push for the Shield.