Plans For WM29 World Heavyweight Title Match, Triple H’s Role At NXT & More

– With Triple H taking over WWE’s developmental system earlier this year, it’s almost unanimous that talent development has been strong than it has been in a long time. A few of Triple H’s pet projects (Kharma, Sin Cara) have been busts so far, but time will and it will take more talents getting called up before a fair assessment can be made.

– WWE’s current plans for the World Heavyweight title match at WrestleMania 29 is for Sheamus to wrestle Randy Orton for the gold This would obviously require one of them winning the belt in early 2013 and Randy Orton will probably get his wish of turning heel again soon.

– WWE Intercontinental champion Kofi Kingston is featured on the latest episode of WWE’s Outside The Ring Youtube series.

Will Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston be the next Regis? Go “Outside the Ring” with the high-flying Superstar as he co-hosts the entertainment and lifetime show, “Daytime.” Watch this webisode

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(Partial Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Brad Davis

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  • pwnez

    This makes me wonder if Ziggler will lose the MITB case to Cena or Ziggler will have a short reign as champion. I really don’t want to see Sheamus as WHC again.

    • Pozessed

      I wonder if the Heavyweight championship match will be before Cena & Ziggler… If Ziggler cashed in the briefcase before his match and won the championship. Could then cause a huge problem with the Cena and Ziggler match and cause it to just be a normal ladder match or a ladder match for the world championship that Ziggler wins to put him over more as the world champion.

      Would also give them a reason to have the WHC matches last with the WWE championship matches.

    • tiran66

      I think the logical thing to do here is to do the old switcheroo with Ziggler and Orton. Have Orton cost Ziggler his cash-in with an incredible beatdown. The crowd wants to cheer Ziggler anyway. Ziggler goes face, Orton goes heel. Would be a nice little fued. And Ziggler wouldn’t be hurt by losing his cash-in since Cena already broke that cherry.

  • Eli


  • TheOneandOnlyRedHawk

    Randy wins as heel. Ziggler cashes in as face. JMO

  • Jacob Barr

    Happy that Orton is finally getting back in the title picture at WrestleMania, although I’d rather it be someone other than Sheamus. Wonder where this leaves Ziggler though, they better not have him drop his brief case to Cena. Last thing we need to see is Dolph getting depushed again…

  • RespectTheSwag

    I really wanted it to be Ziggler vs Y2J

  • essinodub

    I wouldn’t consider Kharma a bust…. before she left she was one of the best parts of the show

    • Backstreet Bungalow

      A bust no, but you don’t go and get pregnant as soon as you get called to the main roster. I’m sure they had plans for her to dominate but she brought the release on herself

      • Josh Foley

        very true, if she really wanted to be on the roster she would of had an abortion

        • Dan Kincaid

          Wow dude, just wow

  • JamieEvsxx

    Sheamus vs Orton?…noooooooo…='(…BUT, if this means a heel Orton and Ziggler cashing in and becoming the World Heavyweight Champion…then that’s pretty freakin’ sweet…if not then…NOOOOOOOO!…='(

  • Stranger

    I think Ziggler should face Y2J at Wrestlemania, where Ziggler wins. Then Sheamus retains on the same night against Orton where Ziggler cashes in after the match. Maybe Orton RKO’s Sheamus onto the belt or something.

  • L@NCE

    damn on early stuff on mania is making it sound like a complete disaster. do they really have no better ideas, bloody lazy writers. it shud be called rematchamania. sum new faces n the picture please.

  • Reality

    I don’t care about the WHC title match as long as somehow Dolph gets the title in the end.

  • GodsLoyalSon

    Sin Cara isn’t a bust, he came in without any clue on the WWE style and he’s greatly improved since then. Kharma wasn’t a bust, just an unfortunate circumstance on both parties.

    In my eyes, Triple H has failed yet

  • Brian Clark

    Dolph Ziggler cashes in on Sheamus at Wrestlemania thus embarrassing Sheamus and giving every WWE fan that was hurt by that debacle of an 18 second match a chance at truly smiling.

    • Name Goes Here

      Wouldn’t Daniel Bryan beating Sheamus at WM29 be better vindication?

      • Brian Clark

        It would be. But I will take seeing Sheamus getting beat in 50 secs over that.

  • morph_3

    Since when did WWE ever give a wrestler what THEY wanted?!

    Perhaps it is Sheamus that turns heel and Ziggler beats him.

    Or by then, Ziggler could be on RAW challenging for the belt.

    Ziggler vs Punk.

    If they leave the belt on Punk then WWE would have 2 streaks up for the challenge – Punk and Undertaker.

    Wrestlemania cards
    Ziggler vs Punk
    Rock vs Cena
    Undertaker vs Lesnar (or HHH vs Lesnar)

  • Ares

    Orton and Sheamus would be good. Not amazing or great or anything, but good. They are both good workers. I’d rather have Ziggler in their.. but ya.

  • Suck it IWC


  • D-Nycee

    Randy Orton bores the hell out of me. His style is WHACK! That dude has no rythym, and his swagger is dull. He’s more boring in the ring than John Cena.. The last time Orton was any good was when he was teaming up with Edge back in ’06 and before that. Being a heel is not going to save his boring ass, as his heel run in 2008-2009 was still boring. Orton lost his edge and his attitude. They shouldn’t give Orton any more titles whether it be the WWE or the WHC.

  • Late Train

    Have Sheamus regain the title at TLC (the sooner the title’s off Big Show the better) than we can have this Sheamus vs Orton match at Wrestlemania where Ziggler cashes in on the winner. This is very wishful thinking but it would be great if it would actually happen.

  • Jerichoholic4ever

    WHAT ABOUT ZIGGLER!!!!!!??????????

  • BrooklynBrawler01

    come on WWE heel Orton vs face Ziggler