POLL: Who Will Win At Extreme Rules – CENA vs. LESNAR

Extreme Rules 2012: Lesnar vs. Cena

WWE Extreme Rules 2012 and Brock Lesnar’s first WWE match in 8 years are just days away. John Cena came up short against The Rock and WrestleMania and less than a month later, awaits an entirely different challenge. Many questions will be answered at Extreme Rules:

– How will Brock Lesnar look? Will he bring his “A-Game” ?
– Can WWE build around Brock Lesnar for the next year?
– Can John Cena afford to lose another high profile match so soon?

Vote below and tell us who you think will have their hand raised at Extreme Rules:

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Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias


    we all know Cena is going to win. Even though i don’t want him to win

  • bud369



    as i suspected..Brock Is winnin This Poll….YES! YES! yES!

  • Babutiger38

    Brock is not in wwe again for lose

  • Rohit

    Brock Lesnar for sure.. Hes a true genuine wrestler with beast nature. WWE cant efford to let him lose his first match after 8 years…

  • Grammar

    If Cena wins…Batista need return and attack Cena.

    • fatneal

       if that happened i would literally feel sorry for cena….that would make me care about what happens to him…interesting idea bro

      • m8h3r

        Rock, Brock and Batista. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone lol

    • pwnez

      One thing I wish to never see again is Cena vs Batista again. 

    • England554

      more like goldberg

  • BrahmaBullRKO

    I think Brock will win based on the simple fact that building him up as a monster badass and then having him lose his first match back would make no sense whatsoever. Besides, Cena losing another match could easily lead to a character change. Maybe not a heel turn, but a character change, nonetheless.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/TKLJRAGXT7JDM3ECCSPJP2L3RQ Myself

      The best way for them to get the fans to like cena. Its for him to turn heel and team with Lesnar.

      • Drumluvr2002

        THAT! or him turning back into the chaingang leader and randomly assaulting brock and everyone else who stands in his way, like the chaingang leader used to do.

  • Enigma

      cena has to win or his charecter will look weak but i cant see lesnars ppv debut being a loss

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/6HUK2MKOTFDWEW5CSFYDFEIIAI Michael

    It looks like Cena will have to turn heel just to win, it’s getting old…

  • Crawfordsherron

    Cena lose then starts to feel like he needs à change after losing to both rock and lesnar

  • pwnez

    Lesnar is going to win but he won’t do it cleanly. He’ll have help from Otunga and Laurinaitis.

    • BrahmaBullRKO

      It’s a sad day when Brock Lesnar needs someone else’s help to win a match.

    • Sachintha1111

       we all know brock is a b****. So he’ll be getting the help of the other b****es as well! Well who else than the biggest b**** lauranaitis and his right hand b**** otunga.

      • wwetnadudez

         Dawg chill..it’s scripted tv xD

  • w4rm4chine

    Since April first, every Raw (and WM) has ended with Cena laid out (well, not so much at WM, but he did lose…).  Add to that the fact that all plans are in place for a Brock v Rock main event at wrestlemania next year; assuming Brock doesn’t fall apart before then.  and I don’t see any way that the guy doesn’t go over Cena at his ‘debut’ match.

    Looks to me like Cena might be riding out a bit of a slump before getting getting repackaged, somehow.

    • Kenard12

      There will never be a rock and cena team up or rematch so i wish people stop saying that. Survivor series was deemed never before and never again. Wrestlemania was Once In A LIfetime meaninf we are only going to see them fight just that one time. Thats why it was so big. So people stop with the cena vs rock 2 crap because its never gonna happen

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/TKLJRAGXT7JDM3ECCSPJP2L3RQ Myself

        I hope there will never be one again.

        • Drumluvr2002

          I agree. I didn’t care for their performance at Wrestlemania and survivor series.

  • Coochie

    Lesnar will win, Cena will get another match next PPV and will win…happy ending typical WWE yawn

  • Emiliok2wwe

    i want lesner but i think cena will win

  • G6effect

    i think someone will interfere with brock and cena’s match. hopefully someone in the locker room who deserves a push. if cena doesn’t turn heel after this next ppv then ill be more sick of tired of the same old character cena been doing for all these years. The reason why i don’t think he will never turn heel is because of his loyalty with make a wish foundation. 

    Also I do believe brock will “injure” cena giving him a long awaited vacation and hopefully come back as a heel just in time for WrestleMania. 

    wwe should consider brock vs undertaker because i do follow UFC and i do remember undertaker calling out brock after his fight with frank mir. I’m not sure if it was promotion or personal.

  • Shashy626

    Oooohh i wonder how the IWC will vote. Feck my life lol

  • wwetnadudez

    Cena needs to lose if Rock Vs. Cena 2 is in the making, he needs to go on a losing streak and blame it on the Rock.
    Brock will win, you honestly think WWE will let Lesner lose, especially if it’s his first WWE match in years?

    • meh

      he is facing cena, so you never know, never expect cena to lose… at all. he is wwe’s golden boy.

      • Sachintha1111

         very true! if u keep rock, brock and cena together i’ll surely vote cena.

      • wwetnadudez

        I feel like they’re playing this like Cena Vs. Batista, they show Batista beat him each time and then in the final match, the most important match Cena ends up winning.

    • BrahmaBullRKO

      He should go on a losing streak, but blaming it on The Rock is sooooooo out of character. He should go on a losing streak and then have a revelation that he needs to start taking his matches more seriously.

  • Bfabrizi


  • Dusty_Chodes

    I kinda want a stalemate so it can continue

  • mike

    I think brock will win and this defeat for Cena will make him turn him heel but I dont think this will be the final match between these two. I think there will be another match for sure before this rivalry is over but what do i know.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YDTWIXKRQ6L3ZKHPUW23MQO2YM Patrick Pumphrey


  • Cenafan100%

    I hope Cena wins though. The reason I voted Brock Lesnar, is the fact that Laurinaitis and Otunga will interfere, just when Cena is about to win.

  • Jamie

    go be a drew

  • Sachintha1111

    what is wrong with u people? cena is a good guy. wat d fuck is brock lesnar thinking? wat does cena has to do with his retirement? cena didnt take anyone’s place! if there’s any place that cena has gone to, cena has earned it. brock lesnar’s not a tough guy just because he has those show-off muscles! i mean look at the world’s strongest man-mark henry even he was defeated by other weaker wrestlers! so i support cena ust like i did in wrestlemania.

    • Shambo

      ooh will shut up
      … you relise a… its scrippted and they are gonna make brock win… b… in a real fight … lesnar would tear cena aprat…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Harshana-Madusanka/100003668207967 Harshana Madusanka

     after the match batista returns and kick lesners and cenas ass. it will be awesome 

  • Abazaba75

    Anyone who thinks WWE is going to job out Lesnar in his first match back is a moron or has never watched WWE before! They r going to put the WWE title on him soon and he’ll dominate with it until he fights The Rock for it at WrestleMania 29. Brock won’t lose before then. Mark my words.

  • Odin

    Brock will win because it’s his first match in years. And Cena will never change. Ever.

  • Spartacus111

    Well, it will not make sense to bring back lesnar to lose this firt matc, would it? Unless Cena turns somehow. It will be a DQ in this match.

  • Alex_garza1992

    Since the WWE keeps mentioning Brock’s UFC career, this match BETTER be under 3 minutes with Brock going over.

  • Albert678

    This is why I hate wrestling, in real life Brock would Kill Cena in 30 seconds. But wrestling makes it look like Cena has a change. This is why i don’t watch. 

  • Hd107a

    Cena will win when one of Brock’s entourage turn on him and cause him to lose the match, thus setting up a return on a huge PPV

  • Jamesgarcia1995

    cena vs goldberg

  • LILRIZ1987

    there giving punks role to cena now having cena vs john L.Just to get him over because they know ppl hate johnny boy

  • Beverley

    I find it fascinating that a current wrestler who does this for a living and wrestles weekly cannot seem to beat retired wrestlers who probably haven’t been in a ring for ages. Go figure WWE!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001700548189 James Al

    lesnar needs to bring the pain at extreme rules!

  • Vijaykanth2012

    goldberg will return to fight both cena and brock

  • http://www.facebook.com/gregory.p.wall Gregory P. Wall

    If Cena wins we riot.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TKLJRAGXT7JDM3ECCSPJP2L3RQ Myself

    I am tired of people matching Cena to these powerful legends. Cena is already beaten now the spot light needs to come off of him.. Lets see Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley at the next wrestlemania. C’mon man

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TKLJRAGXT7JDM3ECCSPJP2L3RQ Myself

    I am tired of people matching Cena to these powerful legends. Cena is already beaten now the spot light needs to come off of him.. Lets see Lesnar vs Bobby Lashley at the next wrestlemania. C’mon man both of these Guys are Beast, get lashley out of the UFC too. Or Maybe Brock vs Lashley on UFC…..Rocky whopped Cena’s Candy ass.Lesnar will kill him and then who’s next? Bill Goldberg?? Hell no, Bill Goldberg Deserves a better fight.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TKLJRAGXT7JDM3ECCSPJP2L3RQ Myself

    Here is a new Story line,  Tripple H and Sean Michaels interupt and attack Lesnar, ending in Cena winning the match, then handing him a DX  Tshirt, Teach cena some more moves and have him become heel in the heel version of D-Generation X.

  • G6effect

    I’m rooting for john cena to give brock lesnar a low blow, chair shot, or anything that could DQ him making john cena wins and ending his baby face era. triple h goes out yelling at john cena saying this isn’t how the match should go and john cena gives triple h the AA leading to raw why he turns heel … wishful thinking

    • WWFAttitude01

      Wow this is good bro , I love for that to go down this Sunday but just like how everyone thought Cena was gonna turn heel at wrestlemania my hopes of that are very low

  • Really?

    Common, the stuff borebehindus agreed to when Lesnar demanded it……anyone see Vince coming in at the last second of people pissed off and just pull the plug on the whole heel takeover thing?

  • Aakash Chavali

    If brock wins ,he will kick CENA’s ASS

  • Asghar Masih

    i will go with Brock Lesnar He is killing machine (Animal) you ask me i tell you but i am big fan of STONECOLD I Love Him
    Asghar from Pakistan im Christian

  • Joseph_Afundar

    i wish the attitude era would come back…

  • Boringatmobile

    cena is going to beat the sh*t out of brock lesnar. He lost to 2 people in ufc. Cena has a better chance if he bring those 2 guys who put the smack down on brock.

  • Reality

    I’m tired to see people still liking Goldberg and hoping for his comeback… How can people like crap? Damn

  • Naresh Kharwa

    i like John Cena  but i hate him   ……………he is biggggest loser

  • G6effect

    wwe made brock lesnar much as wcw made goldberg. brock lesnar gain more of a popularity is because wwe forced their superstar to allow brock to inflict more torture to them, better physic, and an attitude most douche wish they can do in public. What people don’t see is that brock is all about brute strength and show like bastista but brock got better mic skills. if you follow ufc, ufc used him to get people to buy more tickets then “mma” skill. oh he beat randy couture but he wasn’t even close to his prime. shane carwin, he gased out via kicking brock’s ass in the 1st round. Brock lost to Cain who was only 235lbs vs brock’s 265lbs less and and he was 4 inch shorter. Don’t get me start on his last fight on ufc because he got destroyed but then again he recently got caught using illegal substance. 

    my point is never compare what he did to ufc to what his going to do on wwe.

  • mohammed

    john cena will win

  • mohammed

    john cena will fuck brock lesnar

  • mohammed

    east or west the rock and john cena is the best

  • mustafa shujai

    john cena will win
    i promiss cena will kick lesnars ass

  • Mustafa khan lodhi

    i hope cena will win
    he is a boy with unique courage and takes time of overcome
    brock is a war-machien but dont have a skill like cena..|
    i love cena he is unique in the history of wwe

  • ankit

    john cena

    chadi mein passena

    chadi mein undertaker

    fathi uski necker

  • aravind mohan

    cena will win

  • pavan

    john cena will win

  • Princeinzmamali

    john cena will win vs brock

  • pratap

    john cena iska cena super cena sexy hena

  • piyush

    brocklesnar will win by f5

  • yvette

    Me and my kids think john cana is going to win . Nyc

  • yvette

    I think danen brain is a loser.he could stick his yes up his ####

  • ayushraj

    cena will win and brocky will lose

  • syed ibrahim

    east or west cena i9s best

  • ibrahim

    east or west john is best i love john cena

  • Lim

    if cena lose,,dave batista will return

  • T

    if cena wins then he will be at the top but lesner would not make him do it

  • lordson

    cena cant afford to loose yet agn… he will defintly win coz he has gt a never give up attitude n he is the best wwe superstar!!!

  • Nilambar chatterjee

    I want Cena will win the match.

  • Sam

    I hate Lesnar due to nature of his fight, very rough and not interesting I wish Cena could beat him

  • Bradley350

    cena won

  • Bradley350

    a good one is goldberg vs rhyno