Poll: Will WWE Really Unify The Titles At TLC?

WWE TLC 2013 Results

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At the conclusion of Sunday’s WWE Survivor Series, World Heavyweight champion John Cena confronted WWE Champion Randy Orton after his match and teased a champion vs. champion showdown. On RAW, Triple H announced that the upcoming Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view will feature John Cena vs. Randy Orton in a TLC match – with both of their titles on the line. WWE stated that one man will walk out of TLC as the definitive champion – but stopped short of saying the WWE Championship & the World Heavyweight championship would be merged once again into a Unified Champion.

During his weekly sit-down interview with Michael Cole at WWE.com, Triple H said he “wants” there to be an Undisputed champion crowned at TLC – but WWE still has not formally announced or “gaura-damn-teed” that one of the belts (the World Heavyweight title) is going away.

This has led to many fans speculating that we’re in for yet another screwy finish at TLC. Will John Cena and Randy Orton each grab a belt and swap titles? Why hang 2 belts above the ring in the first place if the y want to crown one winner?

We want to know what you think – will there really be an Undisputed WWE Champion crowned at TLC? Vote in the poll above and comment below with your theories of who will be holding championship gold after TLC.