Poll: Will WWE Really Unify The Titles At TLC?

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At the conclusion of Sunday’s WWE Survivor Series, World Heavyweight champion John Cena confronted WWE Champion Randy Orton after his match and teased a champion vs. champion showdown. On RAW, Triple H announced that the upcoming Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view will feature John Cena vs. Randy Orton in a TLC match – with both of their titles on the line. WWE stated that one man will walk out of TLC as the definitive champion – but stopped short of saying the WWE Championship & the World Heavyweight championship would be merged once again into a Unified Champion.

During his weekly sit-down interview with Michael Cole at WWE.com, Triple H said he “wants” there to be an Undisputed champion crowned at TLC – but WWE still has not formally announced or “gaura-damn-teed” that one of the belts (the World Heavyweight title) is going away.

This has led to many fans speculating that we’re in for yet another screwy finish at TLC. Will John Cena and Randy Orton each grab a belt and swap titles? Why hang 2 belts above the ring in the first place if the y want to crown one winner?

We want to know what you think – will there really be an Undisputed WWE Champion crowned at TLC? Vote in the poll above and comment below with your theories of who will be holding championship gold after TLC.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Bro88

    I do not believe they will do it for one second. World title unification is a major event and should only happen on one of the big 4 ppvs, if not Wrestlemania alone. The only reason I could seem them doing it is to swerve everyone that thinks they won’t do it, which I imagine is an insanely large majority

  • Bobby Vincent Jones

    I think they will swap titles. I don’t like the idea, but that is how I feel in my heart. Like you, I think it seems a waste of time to have two winners. There are so many other ways that this could have went, and any one of them would have been better.

  • http://www.sescoops.com/ Mr 561

    I think there’s “no chance in hell” that WWE crowns an Undisputed champion at TLC .. There’s countless reasons:

    1) They’re dancing around the issue without *officially announcing* that 1 man will be crowned the Undisputed champion

    2) WWE’s track record of “f*ck finishes” (trademark: Solomonster) at PPV’s since SummerSlam

    3) It’s an off-brand pay-per-view

    4) Unifying the WWE Championship & the World Heavyweight title is an angle that’s been simmering for years – WWE is not going to give it away with 4 weeks of buildup

    I think this is the start of a storyline that will run through April – with Daniel Bryan winning the Undisputed title at WrestleMania

    • Jordan

      There’s a 5th reason there’s ‘no chance in hell’ that it’ll happen, 5) The PPV is TLC not Hell in a Cell.

    • Stephen

      You can cross #3 off your list. Remember that Chris Jericho won the Undisputed championship at Vengence, which was also in December. And WWE Champion vs. WCW Champion was bigger than this.

    • Cujo999

      Those are all fair points, but I think there’s a decent amount of points leading towards the unification of the titles. They had Sandow job to Cena, which cleared the way for unification right after HitC. HHH is also has an old school mentality when in comes to titles, and is a firm believer in the philosophy that it’s up to the talent to make the title, not the title to make the talent. The WHC has essentially been a title that WWE has used to “make” new stars, and it hasn’t really worked out too well, as many of the guys who have had it have seen their relevancy implode after dropping the strap. It will also make the IC and US titles actually mean something again, as the WHC was essentially being used as the new IC title. Also, I don’t think they will pull yet another screw job finish after all the refund demands they’ve gotten for exactly that the past few PPV’s. Also, I just simply believe that Cena’s ego dictates that he becomes undisputed champion at least once in his career.

    • JudtAFan

      All good expect for the last one give it up Daniel is not gonna win at wrestlemania they just blamed him for low PPV ratings and Vince does not think he has the IT factor Cena Bryan Punk one of those 3 and sadly the odds are against Punk and he’s clearly still most popular guy there today if there’s any wild card its Roman Reigns the push they are building him is for a championship run Vince is desperate for a new Power house and Daniel is not that he won’t get Zigglered but din’t ecpect him to be main eventing WM30

      • Adam-Michael

        Actually I think it is a pretty safe bet to say Bryan is the most popular guy there today… yet as always Vince can’t see the writting on the wall. last week on RAW and this week on RAW whenever Orton was in the ring the crowed were chanting for Bryan, and we arn’t talking little, easy to edit out chanting the arena was roaring, so much so that ena even had to mention it because they were chanting louder than they could talk… it’s rediculous and even though we all know Survivor Series buyrates are going to be the worst ever do you think they will stop pushing big men? NOPE.
        People these days don’t give a crap about guys nearly 7 feet, it was a sight to be seen in the 80’s but now we get it, some people are tall, that doesn’t mean we want to see them be the champion, we want athletes, guys that can put on the best matches every week and without question that guy is Daniel Bryan, he is amazing in the ring and the crowed love him. Enough said.

      • Mark

        I want Big E. To be the next big powerhouse guy.

    • Punk2k14

      If it was unified what would happen to the Money In The Bank PPV as only 1 match for the contract won’t make sense

  • Johrdann Miller

    Orton will grab the WHC and Cena will grab the WWE championship.

    • fatneal

      yep everyone knows this

    • brad

      See I don’t think that is going to happen just for the simple fact of everyone thinks that is going to happen, but you never know with the wwe these days.

      • Mark

        Well the WWE has been known to be pretty predictable lately so to possible they will do exactly what everyone thinks.

        • brad

          True but I hope not I would rather see it become undisputed again.

  • MohammadAbulawi

    Guys i read “premium news” and found out dolph Ziggler has more heat for wearing zack Ryder tshirt

    • fatneal

      no way

      • MohammadAbulawi

        I since sarcasm but i dont believe sescoops post anything on it


    i fell a feeling were in for a shitload of ppv matches between these two all culminating at wm 30 with a title unification

  • VIN

    The objective is supposed to be grabbing both belts together. At what point does one grab one, and not the other… unless they want to make it predictable and have both Cena and Orton climb at the same time and put their hands on both separate titles, then yank em down individually which is stupid and beats the point of the match.
    That would be another shiit ending for another shiiit PPV WWE has done this year. And you all know it too.
    Might as well have one guy grab em both. In fact both belts should be snapped on to each other. Unify them already. The Two “world” champions has always been stupid. It’s just that nobody talked against it because they got used to it or under the impression that without it that way they can’t create more stars which is horseshiit.

  • scott

    I really hope it doesn’t happen. They’ve buried enough wrestlers this past year and had enough bad storylines. I’m just tired of all these bad stories. This would be the topping on the cake. I’m almost done watching. Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Sandow and to a degree Punk. I’m just sick of it less titles means less opportunities for young more unknown wrestlers

  • fatneal

    everyone knows its not happening at tlc…wwe will continue to coast until the rumble

  • Louis Salera

    Big show comes to the ring and knocks them both out..show ends

    • fatneal

      actually wouldnt be surprised by that

    • SOBI

      Yeah thats a very Big possibility

  • AVPredator4985

    No, if they do it’ll be at ‘Mania. No way TLC is getting something that big.

  • Progressed_Now

    lol more PPV refunds incoming

  • The Dude Guy Thing
  • Rodriquez Antonio

    Unifying the titles will prevent any other superstar from becoming a main eventer…No one wants to see Orton or Cena as champions continuously. Them grabbing each others titles at TLC is quite dumb…Just have Cena grab both with the assist of the Authority, thus giving Cena being the “face” and have him drop the titles by Mania to face the “original face” of the WWE hogan! Duh….there WWE creative i just gave you something to use!

  • Robert R. Rhodes Jr.

    Since HHH has been how he has been I do think there will be one undisputed champion at TLC and I don’t think it will be John Cena Randy has done a lot of work on his character and I believe this adds to it .I fore see Randy walking away from TLC as the NEW WWE champion. Even though over the years Randy has had his problems he’s admitted he made some mistakes and WWE seems to have agree and pushing Orton .. New Champ.!

  • Punk2k14

    Daniel Bryan/ Punk if not both will interfere and demand to be face of the company, maybe even Big Show because they’ve had enough of Orton and Cena getting the titles handed to them all the time

  • Dixie Carter

    Don’t worry. TNA has no world champion. The loser of TLC can join TNA and become the TNA WORLD CHAMPION of the world! John Cena you belong in TNA. We are wrestling.

  • Sycotic Illusion

    i call bullshit

  • Kev Miller

    The Lights Will Go Out And When They Come Back On
    Y2J Will Be At The Top Of The Ladder Holding Up Both Championships

    • Name

      Break the walls down. That would be awesome.

  • Umair

    Well after this past monday night, Stephanie clearly spoke that there will be only one champion, they guarantee it.