Possible 2014 WWE HOF Inductee, Update On WWE Releasing Son Of Famous Actor

-As noted, WWE recently released developmental wrestler Jody Kristofferson, the real-life son of actor Kris Kristofferson.

Kristofferson, who performed under the ring name “Garrett Dylan”, was said to be a nice guy with a ton of passion for pro wrestling, but unfortunately came up short in terms of actual in-ring skills and the ability to portray a wrestling character, or gimmick.

It was said that if he could portray himself, as opposed to a character, he would be able to do well. WWE also felt he didn’t do much to stand out, and didn’t have the body-type they look for in a wrestler.

-According to reports, one big name that is up for consideration as a 2014 WWE Hall Of Fame inductee is former WWE Superstar “Dr. Death” Steve Williams.

Williams, a legitimate tough guy, was at one point during his WWE career considered for a run as champion until he was knocked out by Bart Gunn in the infamous “Brawl For All” series, which mixed amateur wrestling and boxing in “shoot” style matches.


[Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter]

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