Major *SPOILER* For Old School RAW

According to sources backstage at the site of tonight’s WWE RAW from Buffalo, New York, The Undertaker is at the building and will be appearing on tonight’s show to begin his WrestleMania program with CM Punk.

In another sign that the Dead Man is returning tonight, the official WWE App currently features the following image under the WWE Active section:

Photo Mar 04, 12 39 24 PM




    It will make sense that The Undertaker returns tonight! I can’t wait!!

  • Funny

    The Undertaker ! YES ! YES ! YES !

  • Mark Cervera

    lol They are trolling us again.

  • Initializing….

    46% battery left, get that charged before RAW starts!

  • shooka4768

    Well they are trying to improve rating but I don’t get what their using the WWE Appear to do it cause I doubt many people really have the WWE App

    • shooka4768


  • Roger Penland

    Is it really all that bad that i’m beginning to not give a crap whether The Undertaker returns or not?
    I mean come on, they could go about it a better way and i’d be more interested.
    This Raw better’d be good, it’s the last Raw before my Birthday on Thursday, pretty cool Birthday present for me to have an “Old School” raw, i just hope one of the older sets come back. i’d love to see an attitude era set.
    on the whole, i just hope this show lives up to at least half of my expectations.

    • Randy James Crawford

      Wait your birthday is Thursday mine too so our birthday’s are both on March, 7th cool.

      • Roger Penland

        Yep. turning 24. I MIGHT just watch Impact! that night to see if it being on my birthday brings me more excitement. i doubt it. lol.

        • Pozessed

          Impact has been a better overall show than Raw since 2012 and I know for a fact that I am not the only one who believes that.

        • HBKENNEDY

          If it takes an episode of wrestling to make your birthday exciting,you suck my friend!!

    • Stratojacker
      • Roger Penland

        i know no one cares. and that’s fine. i was just saying. it’d be cool. no need to be a dick about anything.

  • Jaydon

    very interested to see how this Taker-Punk feud will play out if that’s who he’s going up against.

  • mr8truth

    cm-punk is a copycat wrestler wanted to be like y2j with the best in the word shit and then the knees to faces cmon dude be your self not some dick riding furit cake

    • raVen

      ur trolling-Jericho invented that

    • mrchopper

      So Y2J invented being the best in the world? Troll harder, little one.

    • Forceton Banfodder

      Wrestlemania 28 called, they want their storyline back.

      • Thomas Wing

        Lets give Jaydon credit where credit is due….he got hit in the head with a really big rock on March 31st, 2012. He just woke up today…..

  • raVen

    can’t wait to watch slaughter bury slater. flair elbow drop a coat. hacksaw blow up before he makes it down the ramp. and of course a 25minute promo from god-uh. another take of the rock promo we have been hearing for over 10years complete with some insult to cena being kid friendly while rock calls him my little pony. a cena promo that makes no sense and gets nothing across. wwe ignoring the heyman/sheild angle. sheild getting taken out by orton…and the continued push of a flop who can’t seem to not fuck up, jack swagger.
    then possibly a black out and gong to end the show.
    i just wrote a week worth of tv in 2minutes…..

  • ?????D???????

    We all know that picture is fake….you never have full service with AT&T

  • QuoteTheRaven

    as long as he doesnt start wrestling with a shirt on over his ring gear like sting

  • QuoteTheRaven

    as long as he doesnt start wrestling with a shirt on over his ring gear like sting

  • Brandon Sco??

    Trying to build ratings…

  • Sid joe

    Da bell lock or pedigree