News On This Week’s TNA Tapings, Possible Returns, Jarrett Update

Here are a few news items concerning this week’s Impact Wrestling tapings from Orlando, FL:

– Don’t expect to see any major creative changes, despite the new ownership. The word going around is that Anthem is looking to keep things running “business as usual” until the next set of tapings, which are scheduled for March.

– In recent weeks it’s been widely reported that Anthem has been talking with Jeff Jarrett in an effort to get a wider perspective of TNA’s history. For those expecting a possible return from Double J, he’s on vacation with his family in Florida this week, which has some speculating about his involvement.

– There are rumors of Davey Richards and Angelina Love returning soon. Angelina gave birth to their first child together last year around the same time Richards suffered an ACL injury. Richards announced last year that 2017 will be his last year wrestling.