TNA Genesis Preliminary Buyrate, WWE Employees Enjoying Tandem, Garett Bischoff Note

– Jeff Hardy continues to prove that he is a drawing card for TNA Wrestling as preliminary estimates for the Genesis pay-per-view event he headlined on January 13 have the show drawing between 12,000 and 13,000 buys.

By comparison, many of last year’s shows drew between 7,000 and 10,000 buys, with the upswing kicking off after Hardy become TNA World Heavyweight Champion in October.

At Genesis, Hardy beat Austin Aries and Bobby Roode in a Triple Threat Elimination match to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

– There are several people behind-the-scenes in WWE who have been greatly entertained by the comedic exploits of the recently united tandem of Bobby Roode and Austin Aries on Impact Wrestling.

– On Tuesday’s episode of TNA Xplosion on the UK’s Challenge TV, Garett Bischoff beat Jessie Godderz with The Numbskull.


Daniel Pena

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  • Backstreet Bungalow

    WWE doing some serious scouting with the lawsuit no longer going on

  • Late Train

    Love how Garrett Bischoff named his finisher after himself.

  • Really?91

    Tune in next week on WWE, they debut their new tag team of Bobby Aries & Austin Roode…totally not copying TNA.

    • Not a cop


    • Adam Michael

      Nah TNA are the ones who steal from WWE on a constant basis The Kurt Angle “SCREW JOB” the Sting return promo that was done in the style of Undertakers just the name a couple…

      • Really?91

        This is true.

    • Stephen

      Funny you say that when that tag team is basically copying Team Hell No. Two heels teaming up at first because they were forced and now are doing arguing comedy. Next They’ll go to counciling and become tag champs.

      • Max Da Boss Patterson

        But they dont have a goat face

  • GodsLoyalSon

    Maybe the reason why they have such high buys is because those were awesome matches to watch. Austin and Roode deserve some credit too.

    • Seth Bob

      Keep trying. It’s Hardy.

      • morrisonfanone

        Pretty sure it’s always been Hardy.

  • Adam Michael

    Strange how the product has easily gotten worse and more people are buying the ppvs, genesis was an awful ppv, very boring, very safe, very cheap and eventless, you could have of missed the ppv and not even known it has been on when you tuned in to watch the impact after it….the ppv was that lackluster

  • morrisonfanone

    People behind the scenes at WWE like the Roode/Aries thing? Glad they do, because I don’t.

  • Max Da Boss Patterson

    I dont know who’s the most annoying, Garrett Bischoff or his wwe twin Brad Maddox