President Obama Campaigns Against Linda McMahon (VIDEO)

U.S. President Barrack Obama appeared at a fundraiser for Linda McMahon’s opponent Richard Blumenthal on Thursday, speaking out against the former WWE CEO and saying she’s not fit for the United States Senate. Obama calls the decision to vote for Blumenthal a “no brainer.”

“This is the kind of leader you want representing you, somebody you know,” Obama said of Blumenthal. “Somebody who doesn’t just show up and try to get a victory by writing a big check and flooding the airwaves with negative ads.”

“I understand [Linda McMahon] has promised a ‘smackdown,'” Obama continued. “That is what she said. And, look, there’s no doubt, I can see how somebody who’s been in professional wrestling would think that they’re right at home in the United States Senate — if they were watching some of the behavior that’s been going on.

“But the truth is — and Dick understands this — public service is not a game. At this moment, we are facing challenges we haven’t seen since the Great Depression. And facing serious challenges requires serious leaders -– leaders who are willing to take on the status quo; leaders who are willing to take on special interests; leaders who are willing to fight for our people and our future. And Dick Blumenthal is that leader. And that’s why I need all of you to make him your next United States senator, That’s the choice in this election.”

Earlier this week, McMahon was asked about President Obama’s performance in office thus far, and said, “I think President Obama, in my view, has fallen far short of what the expectation was when he became President. We are further in debt, our deficit has grown, unemployment has grown. From a leadership perspective, I think he has fallen short.”

Here is video of President Obama campaigning against Linda McMahon:

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Uzah Mark

    Didn’t Obama come out on Smackdown? Hmm? Oh no he didn’t! lol

  • ad9esr716

    Do you smell what Barrack is cookin’?

  • dean hydra

    linda:show me your moves senate!
    Obama runs in really fast: “falcon punch!” yes!
    obama:you’re used to it on wwe tv so we might as well do it here in the senate! thats what will happen to her if she becomes senator linda for the love of God stay in the “e” and outta the politics it’s not you’re forte you’d suck balls as a senator. i’m just sayin

  • stylepoints

    First time in my life that I’m saying this but….THANK YOU OBAMA!

  • gcmissouri

    Obama probably gave Linda more votes by making this appearance. Here in MO, the Republican Roy Blunt had been calling his Democrat opponent Robin Carnahan “Rubberstamp Robin” because she’ll just “rubberstamp” what Obama & Pelosi want. And what Obama do? Completely validates that stance by showng up at a fundraiser for Carnahan and saying “I need another vote.” “I’d already had X done if I had Robin Carnahan there.” All that his statements at the Blumenthal fundraiser does is piss over wrestling fans who didn’t even have this election on their radar and get them to go vote for Linda. I’m not exactly a Linda-backer, as I’ve stated before on here her primary opponent should have won, but if I lived in CT I’d have to vote for her because I can’t vote for Democrats in this day in age who now believe in European Socialism. But this was a piss poor decision by Blumenthal to have Obama come in and campaign for him. With the exception of fans like stylepoints who obviously just hate Linda that much, all it does it get out wrestling fans who never would have even voted out to the polls to vote for Linda!

  • BrahmaBullRKO

    @ad9esr716 That was very clever lmao

  • hyeroc

    I never saw where he said that some one involved in wrestling doesn’t belong in the senate. I watched it twice. Also Linda is already in trouble as far as fans go. I saw in a poll that one of the top 3 sports watched by democrats was pro wrestling!

  • Skulhead2a

    This was great….

  • jake

    thank u OBAMA

  • Timmer82

    okay, so people involved in wrestling don’t belong in politics. what about the fans. do fans not belong in politics. maybe wrestling fans shouldn’t be allowed to vote. what about television networks, are they not allowed to be a part of the process either? what about all those tv spots politicians run on usa and spike. what about all of the companies and vendors who adveritise during wrestling. should their millions of dollars go elsewhere. this all coming from the president who made having a beer on the whitehouse lawn such a spectacal and went on espn and was plastered on sportcenter, espn classics, espnnews, espn2, espnU, espnRadio, espn the ocho. yeah mr. president, go win another election without the support of wrestling and sports fan.

  • Pyropaul6

    Thank you Obama!

  • y2mike71

    @Timmer82: Obama will Probably win another election with out wrestling fans seeing as a whole lot of them are kids :-P

  • Kid Fisto

    hmm, reading these comments here and seeing the vid– I actually side with Obama Binladin on this one. ;) IMO, Linda McMahon has no clue what she’s doing and therefore has no business being involved politics. She’s basically the Dixie Carter of Politics (and that’s pretty f’n bad IMO).

    And as to the wrestling fans voting; just because wrestling fans vote, doesn’t mean they’re all automatically going to vote for Linda because she was one of the key figures behind the scenes in WWE. Believe it or not, they’re actually are some wrestling fans out there that don’t believe she belongs in politics at any compacity.

    And the real head spinner for some here would probably be that fact that most that are against her are so because they feel she’s too inexperienced and too navie to benefit them as oppose to being against her out of some misplaced sense of ingorant animosity for the woman. Personally I’ve been a wrestling fan for longer than I want to admit to being, but I’m 110% against Linda, not because I hate her and wish ill will towards (and I don’t) or even dislike her, but because I don’t think she knows enough about politics or the real issues facing the country to be beneficial to anyone as Connecticut’s State Senator.

    Course, that’s not to say Blumethal is much better, but at least he’s not going out spending more money than most Americans make in a year on Compaign advertisements, giving off the impression to some (namely the un-educated) that a Senate Seat can just be bought off if ya spend enough money on it.

  • TotalNonstopAddict

    calling him Dick will ot make potentia bvoters take him more seriously. sad but true.

  • coopiero

    @BrahmaBullRKO you are easily amused

  • JohnyH

    @BrahmaBullRKO Barack said this himself when he appeared on RAW.

    As for him saying this I’d have to disagree, I think that some wrestling figures would make good congressmen, but Linda? Big fat NO.

  • young1

    yo this is why i didnt want him to be president in the first place he has forgoton what and who made him did he forget that befor he was president and during his campain he made an apperance yea it was in a video message but did he forget who he was talking to he was talking to wrestling fans and many wrestlers have gone on in to polictics my own state had voted in a wreslter to be govenor yea im talking abolut “the body” but point remains dont talk to me about wrestlers dont belong in politics because many wrestling fans and wrestlers are in politics

  • menoats

    Lets just get real for a minute. Pretend you don’t care about politics like I’m sure most of you don’t and lets look at how Linda running for senator has impacted us wrestling fans. Lets look past the terrible script writers, how the wwe development team fails miserably at building stars by pushing the wrong wrestlers or pushing a wrestler for about 2 weeks then having them become a jobber again lets look past all these horrible things that are making WWE such a terrible product right now…and focus on how Linda has found a way to make it just a bit worse.

    Due to Linda McMahon running for senate the WWE has now become a PG-13 show. Yes that is why there is a blood ban, that is why matches are stopped to clean wrestlers up, and that is why WWE is treated like a complete cartoon right now with simple face and heel characters. We’re witnessing the worst era of WWE and Linda is to thank. I look back to matches in 2006 that I thought were garbage and now think are excellent. The product is so predictable the writers put no effort into it all its just one week to another they take no pride in their work they fail to see or are not given the opportunity to create historic wrestling moments.

    We can’t blame the wrestlers because they’re just as much of victims as we the fans are by WWE politics and management. How can you impress people with the average match being 5 minutes for up and coming wrestlers? Plus not to mention its the same people hogging the TV time always. So most wrestlers are just happy to be seen on TV even if its for 3 or 5 minutes. Wrestling is dying or some may say already dead. The wrestling we are watching now is not the wrestling we grew up on. The thing that made the attitude era so awesome is the fans knew wrestling was fake but the WWE still treated it real by having unpredictable things happen every week. Now WWE expects us to watch as if it was any other TV show.

    Sorry I really went off rant on my point I have one last thing to add. I’m not going to get as detailed as I did above but I will just say this. Most people that watch wrestling are middle class and democrats and its insulting of Linda McMahon to take the money these people gave her and use it against them while at the same time hurting their product at the same time. Screw Linda McMahon I hope she loses for wrestling’s sake or expect to see more of this PG-13 garbage.