President Obama Campaigns Against Linda McMahon (VIDEO)

U.S. President Barrack Obama appeared at a fundraiser for Linda McMahon’s opponent Richard Blumenthal on Thursday, speaking out against the former WWE CEO and saying she’s not fit for the United States Senate. Obama calls the decision to vote for Blumenthal a “no brainer.”

“This is the kind of leader you want representing you, somebody you know,” Obama said of Blumenthal. “Somebody who doesn’t just show up and try to get a victory by writing a big check and flooding the airwaves with negative ads.”

“I understand [Linda McMahon] has promised a ‘smackdown,'” Obama continued. “That is what she said. And, look, there’s no doubt, I can see how somebody who’s been in professional wrestling would think that they’re right at home in the United States Senate — if they were watching some of the behavior that’s been going on.

“But the truth is — and Dick understands this — public service is not a game. At this moment, we are facing challenges we haven’t seen since the Great Depression. And facing serious challenges requires serious leaders -– leaders who are willing to take on the status quo; leaders who are willing to take on special interests; leaders who are willing to fight for our people and our future. And Dick Blumenthal is that leader. And that’s why I need all of you to make him your next United States senator, That’s the choice in this election.”

Earlier this week, McMahon was asked about President Obama’s performance in office thus far, and said, “I think President Obama, in my view, has fallen far short of what the expectation was when he became President. We are further in debt, our deficit has grown, unemployment has grown. From a leadership perspective, I think he has fallen short.”

Here is video of President Obama campaigning against Linda McMahon:

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