Major Chagnes To TNA: Impact Returning To Orlando, Creative Changes & More

TNA issued the following press release on Thursday, announcing several major changes to how the company operates. To summarize:

  • TNA’s weekly Impact Wrestling will be returning to Universal Studios Orlando, Florida. However, they won’t be taping in the former Impact Zone. Impact will take place from a different sound stage that is smaller in length but wider on the inside. The first set of Impact tapings from Universal Studios will take place on November 21st. Impact will also occasionally take place on the road.
  • TNA has launched a new “24/7” cross-platform initiative, where “cameras everywhere” programming will be incorporated into the Impact Wrestling show.
  • TNA will be undergoing a “refreshed creative approach.”
  • Several new characters will be coming to TNA soon.
  • TNA’s developmental system will be moving to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, which appears to be the end of their working relationship with Ohio Valley Wrestling.

UPDATE: TNA Holds Talent Meeting Backstage At The Site Of Tonight’s Impact Tapings

Hit up Page 2 for the full press release – we’ve added bolded-emphasis to several key parts of the announcement: