Major Chagnes To TNA: Impact Returning To Orlando, Creative Changes & More



Coming off the heels of one of TNA’s highest-attended “Bound For Glory” Pay-Per-View events to date, TNA Wrestling announces a 24/7 cross-platform programming initiative, “Where Action Never Ends,” beginning today. Marking an evolution in the way fans experience professional wrestling, through this initiative, cameras will be rolling on the TNA superstars at live events, on the road and in their homes, giving viewers the chance to experience IMPACT Wrestling 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

How this will work: Fans will see compelling, “cameras everywhere” content infused into IMPACT Live on Spike TV every Thursday from 9-11 p.m. ET. For the remaining 166 hours of the week until the next show, they will also have the chance to see many of the wrestlers they love and storylines they follow unfold as this exclusive content filmed during the week will be presented online at, on social channels including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as well as a variety of new distribution channels in the coming months.

A longtime valued partner, Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla, will serve as the hub for TNA’s revolutionized programming strategy with shows primarily taping at their location, along with some IMPACT shows that will be filmed on the road from different markets. The first IMPACT show scheduled from Orlando will air live on November 21.

“The way that people view television has dramatically shifted, and it is incumbent upon us to deliver a modern, revolutionized way of watching professional wrestling to our fans,” said President Dixie Carter. “Our reality is that we only have 82 minutes of programming each week and a large roster of talented professionals that deserve more exposure. With our new ‘Where Action Never Ends’ creative direction, we will deliver just that for both them and the fans.”

Carter continued, “Bringing live events to our fans across the globe will remain a vital element of TNA’s business; however, our renewed focus, as it relates to our television programming, will shift from live event touring to 24/7 show content, so that fans can really get to know our talent. And, in making Orlando’s Universal Studios our programming hub, we have the powerful combination of state-of-the art production facilities and incredible soundstages that will make it easier for us to launch this new production-intensive initiative. We will also be working with Universal to develop new and creative ways for park guests and fans from around the world to experience a unique TNA attraction.”

“Universal Studios Florida Production Group is pleased to be TNA Wrestling’s partner as it launches its 24/7 cross-platform initiative ‘Where Action Never Ends’,” said Pamela Tuscany, Vice President and General Manager, Universal Studios Florida Production Group. “We look forward to the successful launch of ‘Where Action Never Ends’ giving viewers the chance to experience IMPACT Wrestling 24 hours a day/7 days a week.”

Along with a refreshed creative approach, several new characters will be announced in the coming months. In recent weeks, fans have already seen Ethan Carter III (EC3) and Lei’D Tapa, TNA’s newest Knockout. Universal Studios will also serve as the primary training facility for TNA talent moving forward, providing the opportunity to train and develop talent on an ongoing basis.

The strength and success of TNA’s programming worldwide is at an all-time high. TNA Wrestling ratings around the world are seeing significant increases particularly in important international television markets such as the UK and Germany where the show is the number one wrestling program on television. Additionally, TNA recently inked new deals with distribution partners in Portugal and New Zealand, renewed a multi-year deal in France, and recently-launched programming in India is performing beyond expectation.

“A decade ago, TNA started as a Pay-Per-View only company only and has grown into a global success. I am more excited than ever about our ‘Where Action Never Ends’ creative direction and what will become the next evolution of professional wrestling,” said Carter.

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  • ashes

    “Coming off the heels of one of TNA’s highest-attended “Bound For Glory” Pay-Per-View events to date”. WTF are they smoking? Pretty much all of what they said here is just more Dixie bullshit :(

  • ddawg

    this will be such a flop. I personally don’t even like wwes version of this with the app and the youtube shows and total divas but atleast they have the money to do it and make the product look good. tna cant even fill up there biggest event of the year wich is smaller than a normal raw and now they want to expand even more? Dixie is setting this company up for a disaster

  • 8 year old boy

    Way too long and boring to read. I just want to see some TNA’s Doom comments :P

    • Mr 561

      We’ve updated the article with a summary for those at the 8-year-old reading level ;)

      • 8 year old boy

        Awww thanks you’re so sweet <3

  • ADementedJim

    TNA’s “Death Watch: Where it Never Ends.”

  • ADementedJim

    TNA’s “Death Watch: Where it Never Ends.”

  • JustSayingWhatYouAlreadyKnow

    You people can’t even get a 2 hour show right….yea 24/7 coverage is the way to go! &ROFL @ “one of the highest attended BFG to date”

  • Lobo

    Should have hired Heyman when you had the chance. Oh well you’re ****ed now.

    • SomeInternetGuy

      You know what else is disappointing about that? Paul Heyman could’ve brought in Brock Lesnar along with him. Brock left UFC and was going back to wrestling but he wont do anything without Heyman. Imagine if Heyman took over in 2010, got rid of anyone over 40 like he said he would, and brought in Brock Lesnar to be the face of the company.

      • Derringer Duo

        Paul Heyman would’ve made TNA a threat even without Brock Lesnar, but WITH Brock Lesnar and a return to the guys who made TNA great watching years ago, that would’ve made them the biggest threat the WWE had faced since WCW.

        One of the greatest tragedies of our generation will be the fact that Paul Heyman will have lived and died without full creative control of a company that had millions in the bank to back him up.

      • Randy James Crawford

        CM Punk would have jumped ship to TNA.

        • Callum

          cm punk said he wouldnt go back to TNA

          • Andrew Campbell

            He would if Heyman was running things. Punk is extremely loyal to Heyman. TNA is a slightly different place now than it was when Punk was there.

            Plus I’m sure he’d love to work with Joe again.

  • pwnez

    TNA always has either “big announcements” or “major changes” and nothing evers comes from either one of them.

    • SomeInternetGuy

      In their current situation they should be using words like “overhaul” and “restructuring.”

  • Ninjastar

    Im taken this as good news’ TNA needs to start all over and learn from their mistakes , fresh new start, new writers , new wrestlers , Lets all admit it, none of us wanna see this company fail. With Hogan going to WWE now, TNA can run it their way. I have faith in TNA that this is a good move for them .

  • bri

    I’m trying to reserve judgement till I see how they go a bout all this, but I never understand why promotions always try to reinvent the wheel instead of just using the ones they got.

  • Derringer Duo

    It looks like TNA may survive, afterall…dang.

    But if they cut the bloated contracts, go back to the six sides and the hungry young guns, and stop bleeding money all over the road, they’ll get back to where they were in Orlando.

  • Johnson

    Here are some changes and realizations that the people at TNA need to think of:
    1) Get rid of those blue ropes and the blue theme. It will never be SmackDown!
    2) Change the X division title design again. It will never be the Intercontinental Title!
    3) Bully Ray and the Aces n eights will never be Hollywood Hogan and the NWO. Get rid of it
    4) Dixie Carter will never be Stephanie McMahon… so stop it!
    5) AJ Styles is not Sting 1997.
    6) Manik is not Spiderman.
    7) Hire more women or throw that knockout belt out.

  • superturbo

    “Hulk Hogan Will NOT Be Part Of The New Era of TNA”

    ^Good, as he’s way too expensive and was obviously costing TNA way too much for doing very little. And agreed with Johnson, the Knockouts Division need more women by a dozen or 2 dozen as 3 or 4 women don’t make a division at all. All fans will be pleased if the 6-sided ring returns, as action used to be far more faster paced when they had a larger ring to work in and it gave TNA a unique look of its own.

    Once the roster is filled with more wrestlers within 6 months or so, they should try and re-activate the TNA World Television title. and maybe push Samoa Joe behind it and give him something worthwhile to do. Lastly they shouldn’t be saying; “Where Action Never Ends” until they’re more financially secure and they have a future to look forward to. Hope the money they usually pay Hogan with, goes to putting more young and talented wrestlers out there who’d return the company back to the ‘MUST SEE’ WWE alternative it use to be back then it was a weekly PPV affair, as TNA’s TV deal clearly made them all slack over the years. I wish to see that chance and TNA become more stable over the next few months.

    Hopefully we’ll all see way more improvements in the product, before wanting more from TNA. Which is in a necessary recovery phase at the moment!

  • Rick Yuhnke

    They need to be different than the WWE. Simple, but they take the WWE rejects, make them important in their company, and never develop their own people. They need to use the X-Division and make a guy similar to Dean Malenko win that title. Change things up.

  • Andrew Campbell

    “Coming off the heels of one of TNA’s highest-attended “Bound for Glory” pay-per-view events to-date” That’s not exactly saying much. I’ve never seen an arena more empty lmao

  • Anonymous

    What was the whole point of hiring Rockstar Spud if they’re not going to work him and have only hired him as a jobber? Do the right thing, TNA- releas whoever you’re not working- TNA should fire Spud and All developmental except for Jessie Godderz- he’s the only one who has given TNA any profit!

  • Anonymous

    TNA will go under- this is only the start of it- heard 2 rumors- TNA up for sale; Smashing Pumpkins frontman to buy it! He’ll release all them jobbers!

  • Evelyn L. Ford

    OVW is nothing but a damn pile of stinky bullshit; I hope both TNA and OVW both go out of business; goddamn them all to hell!

  • Evelyn L. Ford

    I don’t see why TNA chose OVW in the first place? OVW people were just so rude to me today; TPT FRANK MILLER, RIP ROGERS, ROCKSTAR SPUD; all rude and mean! Spud is also TNA; good riddance to you rubbish!

  • Evelyn L. Ford

    TNA needs to especially get rid of that idiot Rockstar Spud; he’s a mean rude and total jerk!

  • Evelyn L. Ford

    And for doing me dirty, TNA should pack up all of their talents, even developmental, and leave OVW and go buy the TEAM 3D ACADEMY down in Florida and they should turn it into the new sole developmental territory of TNA IMPACT WRESTLING, and turn it into FUTURE IMPACT WRESTLING ASYLUM; TNA FUTURESHOCK -IMPACT STARS OF TOMORROW; they should leave OVW and go away to Florida; FUTURE IMPACT sounds better than OVW, right? Direct competition with WWE NXT; TEAM 3D ACADEMY is not far from Universal; it’s a great cost-cutting measure; fire all of the jobbers such as Rockstar Spud, and anyone else who just so happens to not be on IMPACT much- they are a waste of time and money and Spud is an idiot; and he’s so mean that he don’t know which is up or down; if TNA wants to save itself, get rid of Spud- he’s also been making fun of me and also of Dixie Carter; he follows Mr. Extortion, RIP ROGERS; he’s in his class at OVW and it’s better to have Spud fired than to have poor Dixie embarrassed by such old fashioned teachings; go to TEAM 3D ACADEMY, TNA, for that’s where the REAL FUTURE TALENT LIES!!!!!!!!!!! BETTER THAN OVW; MUCH BETTER!

  • Evelyn L. Ford

    I am a firm supporter in Team 3D Academy becoming the sole developmental territory of TNA IMPACT WRESTLING; much better school than OVW, that’s for sure; what’s Dixie waiting for? Closer to UNIVERSAL ORLANDO, as it’s located in Kissimmee; come on! DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!! Tell OVW where to go and do it! Team 3D Academy is pumping out more stars than OVW ever will!!!!!! OVW is irrelevant and now too far away from TNA’s now-once-again-main-hub! Better cost cutting measure is to take all developmental to Team 3D Academy, where the talents will be trained by TNA Superstar Bully Ray! Oh, yeah! Much better than OVW garbage!